Restaurants "Ginza Project" in St. Petersburg: photos, menus, addresses

The Ginza Project restaurant chain has long won the hearts of many representatives of the Russian population. As the visitors of the establishments of this group themselves note, they pay special attention to everything here: the kitchen, the service, the interior and, of course, the pleasant atmosphere. What institutions of this group, located in St. Petersburg, are the most popular among the local population and guests of the cultural capital of Russia? Consider this further.

General information about the restaurants "Ginza Project"

This group of catering establishments consists of more than hundreds of restaurants that delight their fans every day. Today it is the fastest growing network in Russia - every year more than a dozen new luxury establishments are added to its structure. The institutions of this network are located in the best cities of the world: Moscow, New York, London, Tula, Baku and, of course, in St. Petersburg.Their list is quite large - only in Moscow the list of Ginza Project restaurants consists of more than ten establishments, which, in the opinion of visitors, are significantly different from other competitors. Among the most famous Moscow restaurants of this group are such as Tinatin, Leps Bar, Tverbul, Balcony (formerly Bono), Marie Vanna, Manon, Kurabie, as well as some other .

2003 is considered the year of the beginning of the existence of the famous chain - it was then that the inconspicuous Ginza restaurant was opened in St. Petersburg, which immediately gained unreal popularity. Since then, their group began to grow.

As for the founders of the line of restaurants, they are Dmitry Sergeyev and Vadim Lapin - old friends who managed to create a strong business in different parts of the world.

So, consider which restaurants "Ginza Project" in St. Petersburg are the most popular.


This restaurant is very loved by the residents of St. Petersburg, who prefer to eat in the fresh air. The project of the restaurant "Lawn" is considered a summer option. Guests who get here, celebrate the incredible atmosphere of freshness, lightness and light warmth that soars here.Despite the fact that in the summer time there is a heat outside, the guests of the restaurant practically do not notice it, comfortably sitting between green areas on the grounds covered with light white fabrics.

Parents who came here about their children, note that the children here are especially reverent attitude, which is good news. For them, there is a separate playground for children, where kids can play with each other.

As for the cuisine, guests can be pampered with delicious dishes prepared in the best traditions of the Caucasus, Italy, Uzbekistan and, of course, Europe. The kitchen in the "Lawn" is managed by Evgeny Sanzhar - the famous chef of the Ginza Project restaurant chain in St. Petersburg.

Facility's address: Aptekarsky Avenue, 16.

Ginza Project restaurants


This institution is located in the building of a huge shopping center "Peter", which is located on Kosmonavtov Avenue, 14.

Guests who prefer to visit it, constantly leave their enthusiastic reviews on social networks regarding how delicious Caucasian dishes are offered there to visitors.In addition, they note a very bright interior, which is characteristic of the halls of the "Courtyard-Tomato". That is why the institution is adored by both children and adults.

While in this place, you can sit and watch the ordered tandoor food being prepared. Many regulars recommend guests to try the local turkey cooked in Georgian style - this dish is considered to be the crown in the whole menu of the Ginza Project restaurant.

"Spices & Joys"

This restaurant was the third in a row from all that were opened in St. Petersburg. Today, Spices & Joys is a place that both adults and children love to visit.

Guests who come here, in their reviews, write about how beautiful the interior is here, which creates a relaxed atmosphere. There is a large number of gray details. As for the situation, guests can choose the one that will be more to their liking: whether it will be a buffet, lined with bookshelves, or a huge bright room, where there is always a place near the panoramic window, which opens a stunning view of the streets of the northern capital of the vast country.

If we talk about the kitchen, then it is really unusual in this restaurant.The menu offers dishes prepared in a combination of Eastern and European traditions. Visitors especially like the local Caucasian Aveluk soup.

The restaurant is located at: Moscow Avenue, 191.

Addresses of Ginza Project restaurants

"Eat hands"

When considering the best restaurants "Ginza Project", opened in St. Petersburg, it is impossible not to pay attention to the institution with the saying name "Let's eat with our hands". As it is easy to guess, visitors use all food served without using any common cutlery - they do it with gloves.

As for the interior, it is quite simple. Guests who come here have the opportunity to sit at small tables that look very simple against the general background. Visitors sit on ordinary chairs. From the windows of the institution offers a beautiful view of the busy city streets.

As for the cuisine, this restaurant can offer very tasty meat dishes, original Vietnamese shrimps, mussels, Turkish kebabs, as well as many other goodies.

The address of the restaurant "Ginza Project" under the name "We eat with our hands": Sadovaya Street, 41.

"Meat on fire"

A great restaurant option for those people who are fans of fresh meat cooked on a real Texas grill is Meat on Fire. The restaurant is located at: Alexandrovsky Park, 4.

As already easy to guess, in an institution of this kind visitors can offer a huge variety of meat dishes prepared according to the most original original recipes from Mexico. Guests of the institution note that every piece of meat cooked here has a special taste and aroma, which you will not find anywhere else. The cost of meals here is also pleasantly surprising - the average bill on the menu per person is about 1000-1500 rubles.

Restaurants Ginza Project in St. Petersburg addresses


The large restaurant Ginza Project (Victory Park) is a metro station from which it can be reached) has attracted the attention of city residents since its opening. Visitors, having been here, talk about the extraordinary classical atmosphere that prevails in its halls. They pay special attention to what a luxurious veranda is here. Staying here, you can watch the live parrots that are in the cages, as well as green plants and natural stones that adorn the entire interior.If desired, guests can sit near the huge panoramic windows and enjoy the beautiful view of the beautiful nature that surrounds the restaurant's location.

As for the cuisine, the guests of the establishment are offered a huge selection of dishes prepared in the best traditions of Italian, Uzbek, European and Japanese cuisines. The bar menu offers a wide range of wines brought from various parts of the world.

As for the prices indicated in the menu, visitors note that it is quite high, but, nevertheless, the level of cooking is worth it. The average bill per person here is about 3,500 rubles.

The Ginza restaurant is located at 16, Aptekarsky Avenue.

Menu restaurants Ginza Project


The luxurious and strong restaurant "Attic", which also belongs to the network of institutions of the Ginza Project, is very popular not only with the residents of the northern capital of Russia, but also with its guests, who at the first opportunity try to visit it to enjoy the inner atmosphere of lightness and freshness. This restaurant does not belong to the category of cheap - the average bill for one person in it is about 2500 rubles, but because of this the institution does not become less popular.

As for the interior, the restaurant "Attic" is decorated in a classic style, in a combination of elegant bright colors. It has panoramic windows that offer views of the beautiful historic district of the city. In addition, the institution has a large number of plants that make the overall picture fresher.

Restaurant "Attic" is located at Pochtamptskaya Street, 3-5.

Restaurants Ginza Project in St. Petersburg


Staying in St. Petersburg, you can feel yourself a real aristocrat by visiting the institution with the loud name "Tsar". It is located at: Sadovaya street, 12.

As for the features of the institution, they, according to reviews of guests, are quite a few. The main one is the special interior, which is made in the old Russian style. It also has a special menu, which includes positions known since ancient times - each of them has its own interesting history. In the general list of dishes are presented only those that are prepared in the tradition of European and Russian cuisines. As for its pricing policy, it is average for establishments of a similar level: the average bill per person here is about 2-2.5 thousand rubles.

Restaurants Ginza Project Moscow list


This large restaurant, whose name is the same as the name of the Russian capital, has long won the hearts of residents and guests of St. Petersburg. In their comments, left to the address of this institution, they share their opinions about its bright and stylish interior, excellent cuisine, as well as excellent service. As for the menu, it is represented by a bright combination of dishes cooked in the best traditions of pan-Asian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Russian cuisines, and also in fusion style. The pricing policy in the institution is quite acceptable - the average bill per person here ranges from 1,000 to 1,500 rubles, which is relatively little for a restaurant in a given city.

Restaurants Ginza Project Victory Park

Located "Moscow" on the sixth floor of the building of the shopping center "Nevsky Center", which is located at: Nevsky Prospect, 114-116.

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