Resorts of Georgia: description, photo. Holidays in Georgia

Recently, the resorts of Georgia are becoming more and more popular. Every year, not hundreds but thousands of travelers from all over the globe come here to rest at different times of the year.

What is the secret of such amazing places in the world as resorts in Georgia? Prices from $ 7 per night? The level of service provided? Hospitality of the locals? Experienced tourists claim that it is simply impossible to give preference to any one particular feature, and the combination of all the above becomes the guarantor of a successful holiday.

This article will describe in detail why the resorts of Georgia (at sea and in the mountains) deserve special attention.

Section 1. General Information

resorts in georgia

The territory of this republic is simultaneously located in several geographical areas: in Asia, in the Middle East, in the west of the Caucasus Mountains, and in Eastern Europe.

The country has an amazing feature. Its capital is considered the city of Tbilisi, but the headquarters of the parliament is located in Kutaisi.

Georgia covers an area of ​​about 70 thousand km2. A large number of rivers of both the Black Sea and the Caspian basins flow through its territory.

The unique location of the Republic contributed to the development of a diverse landscape. In the north of the country is the Greater Caucasus Range (this is why the ski resorts of Georgia are considered among the most popular in Europe), there are volcanic formations in the east, and in the south of the country are the Colchis and Iveriya lowlands.

The diverse climate of Georgia is determined by the subtropical and Mediterranean belts. Winter temperature does not fall below +5aboutC, and thanks to the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range there are no strong northern winds in the country.

Section 2. What is interesting Batumi?

Georgia resorts on the sea

The city of Batumi, located in a subtropical climate zone, has recently become a very famous tourist destination. Many travelers, recalling the seaside resorts of Georgia, mean this place in mind. And there are a lot of reasons for this. To date, it offers a huge range of various kinds of boarding houses, resorts, hotels and hostels. For a relatively small fee, you can also rent an apartment or room. In general, the choice, as they say, for every taste and wallet.

Almost all travelers celebrate excellent local cuisine. Who will refuse mtsdavi, chashashuli, khachapuri and khinkali?

Also, while relaxing in Batumi, you should definitely visit the dolphinarium, palm grove in the seaside park, the Summer Theater, the Tamara Fortress, the Singing Fountains and the National Botanical Garden.

Section 3. Beauty of Adjara

ski resorts in Georgia

If you talk about the resorts of Georgia at sea, then bypassing this settlement is simply impossible.

This beautiful corner is located in the south of the country, near the Georgian-Turkish border. The administrative center in Adjara, the seaport and the main sea gate of Georgia is the city of Batumi.

This land has an amazing history. Here are the ruins of the 6th century fortress, the ancient fortress "Gonio" of the Roman period, the bridges of the 12th century and many other equally interesting sights.

The Black Sea is washed by the west and northwest of the region. The region consists of seaside and mountainous parts. The coastal area is characterized by a subtropical humid climate, and in the upland part the climate is much drier.

In a relatively short period of time, Adjara managed to turn into an excellent tourist region.Holidaymakers are attracted by the beautiful nature, rich culture, history, proximity to the sea and mountains.

By the way, it should be noted that from the coast to the foot of the mountains can be reached in just half an hour. The mountainous part already will please fans of rest by the wild nature and bathing in the local rivers and falls. Ski resorts in Georgia, located in this part of the country, can boast the presence of modern infrastructure, so there is no end of tourists here even in relatively cold winter months.

It should be noted that the favorable air temperature is maintained almost all year round in Adjara. Organic and high-quality agricultural products, fruits and citrus fruits are grown here.

Section 4. Attractive resorts of Georgia. Kobuleti

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This balneological seaside settlement from the rest of Georgia’s resorts is distinguished by a special microclimate. And this is far from accidental. The fact of the matter is that the settlement is located in the Colchis lowland with amazing properties.

An important feature of Kobuleti is a warm, humid maritime climate, mineral water and the sea.This whole complex is suitable for the treatment of heart and chronic patients. It also built the Seaside Park, which includes sports stadiums, restaurants, summer cafes, bungalows and numerous bars.

The resort has almost everywhere a variety of water rides and eye-catching beaches, with showers, umbrellas, deck chairs and beach cafes and bars, are pleasing to the eye.

The most outstanding monument of Kobuleti is Pichvnari, occupying 100 hectares. This is an archaeological site, built in the II-І thousand BC. e., keeps in itself the cultural memory of the preantique and early feudal periods.

Section 5. Borjomi is not only water

seaside resorts in Georgia

Borjomi gorge is a protected untouchable area, which is part of the Borjom-Kharagaul National Park.

Telling about the resorts of Georgia, to bypass this place would be a real crime. Why? The fact of the matter is that Borjomi possesses tremendous health opportunities due to its clean, almost crystal air and the world famous mineral water of the same name.

Travelers have the opportunity to stroll through the amazing Borjomithe gorge. By the way, the locals are always happy to help arrange a one-day or even weekly walk. You can go on an adventure along the mountain slopes either on foot or on horseback. And in your free time you should have a picnic in the lap of nature.

Section 6. 10 important things that must be done in Georgia

resorts in georgia

• Try as many varieties of wonderful homemade Georgian wine as possible.

• Learn the art of telling toasts correctly. Agree, it can be useful at any feast.

• Learn at least a few steps from the famous lezginka.

• Bring home at least one picture in the style of Pirosmani.

• Taste amazing kebabs called Mivadi. No wonder that Georgian resorts are famous for their kebabs.

• View the ancient architecture in the monasteries on the rocks.

• Treat health.

• Visit the ski resorts.

• Walk along the palm avenue of blooming Batumi.

• Search dinosaur footprints in the vicinity of Kutaisi.

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