Rating of vitamins: names, reviews. Vitamins for women, men and children

Currently, pharmaceutical companies provide us with a huge selection of vitamin-mineral or multivitamin complexes, taking into account the needs of each population group. In this article, a rating of vitamins will be presented, as well as a discussion of the most popular and sought-after multivitamin complexes intended for male, female and children's organisms. Calcium-containing drugs will be displayed separately.

How to take vitamins?

Before use, it is necessary to consult with a specialist. We must remember that the uncontrolled intake of vitamins is unacceptable. The body receives all the substances it needs from food. But in the offseason, when nutrition is inadequate (that is, there is little use in food), it makes sense to start taking vitamin complexes.

At reception it is necessary to follow the instruction for application.It indicates in what dosage and how often to take the drug. Do not exceed the permissible dose per day. It is fraught with allergies or side effects.

vitamin rating

In some periods of life, the body requires additional nutrients, micro-and macro. What can it be for periods? For example, women during pregnancy require additional vitamins. Children in the period of enhanced growth, as well as with high mental loads, they are also necessary. Athletes also spend a lot of energy during training, vitamin complexes in this case will not harm.

But do not take vitamins all the time. Otherwise, an overdose or severe allergic reaction may occur.

Some items should not be mixed together. Then they will be better absorbed. Allergy-prone people are prescribed vitamins with caution. At the slightest reaction (rash, redness, itching) you need to stop taking the drug and consult a doctor. You should not joke with allergies.

Now on sale are many vitamin preparations. They vary in composition and price. It can be very difficult to choose. After a certain time, vitamins need to be changed.

Let's first look at the top of vitamins for women.

Vitamins Lady’s Formula

Multivitamin complex is designed specifically for women in the age group of 30 years and above. In Lady’s Formula, vitamins and minerals are in a ready-to-digest (bioavailable) form. The drug contains extracts of various medicinal plants, which have a positive effect on the female body.

This vitamins rating is based on women's feedback. What other drugs are included in it?

"Complivit" for women

top vitamins for men

The composition of these multivitamins is represented by a complex of 11 vitamins and 8 minerals, and lipolic acid is also included in it. The preparation completely satisfies the daily need for vitamins and microelements, besides, perfectly is suitable for recovery of working capacity after physical and mental overloads.


The peculiarity of this vitamin-mineral complex is that it contains substances that normalize the work of the myocardium, as well as improve the metabolic processes occurring in the heart muscle. The magnesium and potassium contained in it form the normal balance of electrolytes,necessary for the full work of the heart, and medicinal plants in the form of extracts normalize arterial pressure and prevent the development of atherosclerosis.

This is not the entire rating of vitamins for women. What's next?


The two capsules contain a daily dosage of 23 vitamins and mineral components, as well as flavonoids, phytoestrogens and herbal extracts, the purpose of which is to improve the functioning of the reproductive system.

Below is a list of the best vitamins for men.

Men’s Formula "Potential Forte"

top vitamins for womenMen’s Formula is considered one of the best multivitamin complexes for men in a state of chronic stress, suffering from erectile dysfunction, reducing sexual desire. Contraindications to the drug are: arrhythmia, diabetes, kidney disease. These are good vitamins, reviews of which are always positive.


The drug is included in the ranking of vitamins for men. The uniqueness of the composition of the complex is that it is designed for those categories of people who are forced to eat various kinds of artificial food, for example: canned foods, dry rations, etc.This multivitamin complex allows you to completely solve the problems associated with malnutrition, providing the body with all the necessary substances, and the dose of B vitamins contained in it can provide a good response and coordination of movements by improving the excitation processes in the brain.

What other tools make up the top of vitamins for men?


In Duovit, the focus is on the following protector substances: vitamins A and E, zinc, manganese, iodine, selenium. There are also other, no less significant chemical compounds, whose main task is to strengthen and maintain the body's immune reactivity.

Next will be a rating of the best vitamins, intended for the child's body. Vitamins for children are on sale in large quantities.

name of vitamins


It is a liquid in the form of syrup, indispensable for children suffering from beriberi. The drug is prescribed to children from 2 years of age and contains all the vitamin complexes necessary for the growing child's body. With age, you can change only the dosage.

"Vitrum Baby"

For children, you need to choose the best. Cheap vitamins are not easy to find.But this drug is among them.

The reason for adding Vitrum Baby to the list of the best vitamins is the fact that it contains 11 microelements and 13 vitamins. Another feature is the pill release form. They are made in the form of animal figures, which will undoubtedly arouse children's interest and minimize persuasion to take this drug.


The name of these vitamins is known to many. In the sale of the drug is available for a long time.

The composition of vitamins contains all the most necessary components that need the body of a child aged 3 to 7 years. If you follow the instructions for admission, then soon there will be changes in the digestive process for the better, the appetite will normalize, the child’s activity will increase, and, as a result, school performance will increase.

General characteristics of drugs containing calcium

good vitamins reviews

Vitamins with calcium is now at the peak of popularity.

When choosing any drug containing calcium, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it must also include cholecalciferol, it allows the calcium to be absorbed in the intestine and then enter the bone tissue.

Vitamins with calcium are used to prevent the following conditions and pathologies:

  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Diseases of autoimmune and infectious etiology.
  • Heart and pulmonary insufficiency.
  • When violations of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Inflammatory processes in the pancreas.
  • Rickets (in children).
  • When osteomalacia in adults and adolescents.
  • With increased fragility of tubular bones (osteoporosis).
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland.
  • Climax, etc.

We give a list of the best calcium-containing drugs.


calcium vitamins

Its components are the following substances: citrate and calcium carbonate, cholecalciferol, etc. Recommended for adults and children, the dose is adjusted individually. It is recommended to accept during food or after it.

Calcium Nycomed

The release form of this product is chewable tablets, they can be chewed or swallowed, in both cases it is necessary to drink water. Dosages in children and adults are different. The mode is strictly individual.

Calcium Complite

inexpensive vitamins

It is a chewable tablet with a sweetish taste and smell. Active substances are calcium carbonate and cholecalciferol.It is recommended to accept from 3 years. Dosing regimen - individual.

Below are some more types of vitamins containing calcium.


These are also very good vitamins. Reviews confirm this. Dosage form - in the form of coated tablets. The drug is intended for use in women. The composition is represented by a complex of tricalcium phosphate, vitamin D and herbal extract. Dosing regimen - strictly individual.

Pharmaceutical companies offer various calcium supplements. Almost all of them are quite effective, and it does not matter what name of vitamins to choose, especially if they are taken by children and pregnant women. So that calcium is well absorbed, vitamin D is needed. Which vitamins with calcium will be better absorbed?

These are drugs that contain calcium citrate, it is this salt that helps it to be absorbed. Modern drugs contain calcium citrate in the form of calcium citrate tetrahydrate, they also contain calcium carbonate (chalk), vitamin D3(colecalciferol), manganese. The presence of manganese and vitamin D3increases calcium absorption.

We reviewed the vitamin rating for adults and children. Prevent avitaminosis and stay healthy!

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