Radeon HD 4870: Specs and Reviews

For a gaming computer, a good video card plays an exceptional role. However, this component of the computer is important for an ordinary PC. It is this part of the system unit that is responsible for displaying the image on the monitor screen. The quality of the image directly depends on the quality of the video card. And this fact is not going anywhere. Therefore, the choice of video card is a very important stage of computer assembly. In the category of budget video adapters, a product called the Radeon HD 4870 is of interest. This product is interesting, first of all, at a low price. Now it is worth considering the parameters of this video card in order to understand whether it is worth the money spent.

radeon hd 4870

It should be noted that the AMD company (the developer of this video card) has long been pleasing users with its productive and moderately expensive solutions. Now, many people know this company as the sworn enemy of Intel. But this was not always the case. There was a time when Intel could not keep up with AMD. And now the manufacturer with might and main is trying to regain the leader’s jersey.But to do it every year more and more difficult. Nevertheless, AMD looks at things optimistically and simply delights their loyal fans with new “buns”. And the video card in question is one of them.


Chip 4870 has been released by AMD for quite some time. After that, who just did not modify this video card. Virtually no one has achieved outstanding success in this field. Only ASUS got at least something adequate. ATI Radeon HD 4870 at the time of release was positioned as an inexpensive graphics card for gamers. However, since that time a lot of water has flowed under the bridge and now this map is not particularly powerful. There is nothing interesting in it. Therefore, it is worth a penny.

ati radeon hd 4870

Potential buyers of this video card are those users who absolutely do not need modern games. For all other tasks, the Radeon HD 4870 will fit perfectly. You do not have to pay too much. For reasonable money, the user gets a good graphics card and several branded "buns" in the kit. The accessories included with the accelerator may differ depending on the company that released the video card. Some modified models were produced by such giants as ASUS, Palit and Gigabyte.

Contents of delivery

It all depends on the specific manufacturer.But there are some components that remain unchanged. This is an indispensable condition for AMD. So, the presence of a CrossFire connector and a full set of adapters for various interfaces is strictly regulated. Completeness of these components must provide any manufacturer. Radeon HD 4870 comes in a mandatory brand package. But the contents of the kit may vary. However, the manufacturers still did not dare to upset the fans of the brand, so they put in the kit almost the same as in the original package of the video card.

radeon hd 4870 Specifications

For example, ASUS supplies its video card with a 2GB flash drive with a branded leather rug and a full set of instructions (including electronic). Package delivery from Palit is similar to Taiwanese, but there is a lack of USB-key fob. Included are various adapters and connectors. So there will be no connection problems. Some manufacturers supply their cards with special connectors HDMI, DVI and so on. Naturally, in this case the number of adapters in the kit increases.

Main characteristics

The main characteristics of the Radeon HD 4870 video card almost do not change from modification to modification.It is just that some manufacturers supply it with several other components that change its insignificant characteristics in one direction or another. Therefore, the characteristics of the original ATI Radeon HD 4870 can be considered as reference. The original accelerator has on its board 512 megabytes of GDDR5 video memory, a 256-bit bus and an operating core frequency of 750 MHz.

amd radeon hd 4870

Modifications from ASUS and Palit are similar to the original. Only memory in them 1028 megabytes. Also, they are equipped with chips from Hinyx, which have a large memory capacity and better performance. The cooling system is also slightly modified. Third-party products also provide the possibility of overclocking a video card, which is not in the original. However, in both versions, it is possible to implement a version of the Radeon HD 4870 X2 using the SLI CrossFire, which comes bundled with the video card.

An important factor is the fact that the processor of the video card is made according to the 55 micron process technology. This means that performance has been improved with fewer cores. Such video cards are usually many times more powerful than the usual ones, which may have much more “tasty” characteristics. In addition, this video accelerator has support for Shaders Model 4.1 and easily cope with almost any games. Though not with the highest graphics settings.

Modifications from ASUS

ASUS Radeon HD 4870 1GB differs from the original in increased memory, a slightly different chipset and a completely different cooling system. If laptops from this manufacturer are heated like frying pans, then it is impossible to say the same about video cards. Thanks to the powerful cooling system, the ASUS accelerator differs in huge sizes. But the security of the chip is worth it. The cooling system does its job.

ati radeon hd 4870 driver

Also in this product is the possibility of overclocking. Unlike standard ATIThe Radeon HD 4870 driver is deprived of this very nice feature. A special utility is responsible for overclocking, which comes bundled with the programs for the video card. You should not be afraid of overheating, since the accelerator cannot overclock above certain frequencies anyway. And with those overloads that are "programmed" the cooling system will cope without problems.

The manufacturer from Taiwan artificially limited the overclocking capabilities of this video card, but this in no way could stop the enthusiasts. With the help of specialized programs, they have achieved a good performance boost. However, some "ineffective" completely forgot about the cooling system.And in the end got a "fried" video card. Do not repeat their mistakes. And remember that the video card works stably only at the frequencies provided by the manufacturer. Everything else you do at your own peril and risk. And yes. Overclocking is a non-guaranteed case.

Modifications from Palit

This company is well known for its video cards. They are always productive and beautiful. Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 from Palit is different from the Hinyx chipset, increased memory and updated cooling system. In this case, a set of connectors for connecting to monitors and TVs has also been slightly modified. Now there is a whole kit, including an outdated VGA connector. However, this did not affect the performance of the chip.

radeon hd 4870 x2

The overclocking options are not as wide as those of the ASUS accelerator, but there is a special mode switch: turbo and normal. It is located in the same place as the connectors to the monitor. In turbo mode, the frequency of memory and the core increases dramatically. This fruitfully affects the performance of the graphics subsystem as a whole. Video card Radeon HD 4870 performed by Palit received a "second wind".

Now a few words about the "Turbo" mode. Although it increases the frequency of the core and memory, you will not wait for a special performance boost from it.But to reduce the lifespan of a video card with constantly enabled turbo mode can be very easy. And if you can not see the difference, then why kill a video accelerator ahead of time. When watching movies, this mode is recommended to be disabled. And in games, it is not particularly useful.

Modifications from Gigabyte

This manufacturer is also well known for its high-quality computer accessories. There is nothing surprising in the fact that this company decided to release a modification of the successful AMD Radeon HD 4870 graphics card. True, it turned out to be a tandem of two such accelerators combined with CrossFire. This made it possible to double the memory and performance of the graphics subsystem.

radeon hd 4870 1gb

The advantage of the product from Gigabyte is that it looks much more elegant than the brainchild of ASUS and Palit. Immediately felt the hand of the master, because all the components of this manufacturer draw attention to the catchy and beautiful appearance. And it does not affect the performance. For example, the prototype of the Radeon HD 4870 from this company is several times more powerful than its "colleagues" based on the same chip.

The graphic accelerator from this manufacturer based on ATI "Radeon" is by far the most adequate on the market.He has everything he needs: performance, quality, adequate price. However, it is completely devoid of overclocking options. And this is good, because the "crazy hands" of some particularly curious users will have less opportunity to break this video accelerator. And the acquisition of this particular video card looks like the most acceptable solution, if we proceed from the respectable price-performance ratio.

Features of use

Almost all modifications of the Radeon HD 4870, the characteristics of which are described just above, require almost no special approach to use. However, some features will be useful to know. For example, if you have an accelerator from Palit, then do not abuse the turbo mode. The video card, of course, will not burn. However, such overloads adversely affect its service life. Therefore, if you want your accelerator to "live happily ever after," you should not load it unnecessarily.

In the case of ASUS video cards, do not experiment much with overclocking. The cooling system in these accelerators is, of course, good, but it can also fail. And higher frequencies significantly increase the temperature. If the cooling system fails, the video card will burn in a split second.Risk is not worth it. Moreover, the Radeon HD 4870, the characteristics of which were analyzed in this material, can work quite well at standard frequencies.

If you use a tandem of video cards using the CrossFire connector, then you should download the appropriate drivers from the manufacturer's website, which will fully support this technology. Otherwise, only one video card can work. The power of the second will not be involved. Therefore, always update the hardware software. So it will be much better.

Operating rules

Even the most reliable technology has certain rules of operation that must be followed in order not to kill your equipment ahead of time. This also applies to graphics cards from Radeon. First, carefully monitor the condition of the cooling system cooler. Since the video card is quite powerful, it constantly needs high-quality heat dissipation. The minimum delay - and you get a burning video card. Regularly clean the cooler from dust and dirt. Secondly, in the case of the Radeon HD 4870, the driver must be the most recent version, because it is in them that all the flaws are fixed. the slightest failure can destroy the accelerator. And no one here will be to blame.

Third, never use this video card in old computers equipped with outdated components. Since the accelerator is quite powerful, you risk losing all the other components. It does not help even the power supply of high power. This video card needs appropriate conditions for normal operation. Fourthly, the Radeon HD 4870 512MB is not designed to work with constant overloads. This is fraught with the loss of not only the video accelerator, but also many other components of the system.


Product reviews are always very important. They always help to make a decision on the purchase of a gadget. And they allow you to make a thoughtful and informed decision. As for the Radeon HD 4870 video card, there is no clear distribution to the negative and positive reviews. Each of them describes both the advantages of the accelerator and its disadvantages. And this is good, since such reviews can be considered the most thoughtful and adequate.

Users unanimously note the good performance of the video accelerator in games. And despite the fact that it does not shine with particularly powerful characteristics. However, many Palit card holders note that they did not see any difference between the turbo mode and the usual one.This, in principle, was to be expected, since the frequencies are increased by scanty values. The owners of the X2 modification from Gigabyte are generally very satisfied. These video cards performed well both in terms of performance and in terms of reliability.

Negative moments in the reviews of this video accelerator are not so frequent. Some complain that the cooling system is not powerful enough. But then they talk about how they dispersed the map to unimaginable limits. What did they expect, I ask? Everything has its limits. And the cooling system, too. In general, all owners of Radeon HD 4870 video cards note the excellent quality and good performance of the product. And almost everyone who has written reviews likes the price of this video card.

The fact that almost all reviews of this video accelerator do not have pronounced positive or negative colors speaks volumes. This means that the video card is reliable, reasonably powerful and well-made. For if at least one of these points had been broken, a cry about insufficient quality, poor performance, an abominable cooling system, or the fragility of the structure would have erupted long ago in the network. So such neutral ratings are only a plus for the product. Especially if this product is a video card.


ATI Radeon HD 4870 video card, which driver is constantly updated, and its modifications are perfect for home use. It is equally well with both Full HD-video, and almost all games (except for the most demanding). In this case, the video accelerator has excellent build quality, exceptional reliability and an attractive price. The company AMD has turned out really massive and "popular" product. Today, more and more users are paying attention to this video card. For this makes sense.

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