Rabbit Island of St. Petersburg

Rabbit Island is one of the most famous places in St. Petersburg. It is believed that it was from here that the new Russian city began to grow. The location of the island at the mouth of the Neva was of great strategic importance. This circumstance influenced the decision to build a fortress. Most of the buildings erected here at different times were executed in order to defend the city and strengthen its military positions.

origin of name

Rabbit Island is the name everyone is used to today. But you need to know that not always this place was called that way.

hare island in st. petersburg

Swedes called the island a cheerful land. Then it was renamed, and he became the Devil's Island. This happened after a severe flood, when the rapid flows of water destroyed not only the buildings of the settlers, but also the inhabitants themselves.
In some official documents for some time the island was listed as Serf. But this name did not stick.
Modern sound came from the Finnish language. But why island Rabbit?
A plausible explanation for the origin of the name is difficult to find. However, there is a legend that may be associated with this. Once the king was very angry with the builders of the fortress, they were waiting for severe punishment. During an unpleasant conversation, suddenly a hare jumped out unexpectedly for everyone from somewhere. He was scared by the presence of people. Not remembering himself from fear, the animal rushed to Peter's feet. This amused the king and all those present. Workers escaped punishment, and the island was named Rabbit.

History of settlement

The first who paid attention to the successful geographical position of the island, was Tsar Peter I. It was on his initiative that the fortress was built here, known today as Peter and Paul.

why island hare

Rabbit Island in St. Petersburg was quickly built up with bastions. True, for this it was necessary to increase its area due to bulk structures. The first canal was laid across the island, through which water, food, construction materials were delivered. The channel could be used in case of a siege.
Historical events have developed so that the fortress has never been used for its intended purpose - no enemy has attacked its bastions. But the casemates of the fortress keep many secrets associated with its prisoners.
It is known that among them there were a lot of political prisoners. People were placed here at the personal order of the ruling person. This did not require a court decision.


From the first days of the construction of the new city to this day, Rabbit Island is a populous place. The reasons that attract visitors here are very different.

rabbit Island

The cathedral, built on the island in honor of Saints Peter and Paul, today is known not only far beyond the city, but also the country. This is one of the most visited places in the city. Guests of St. Petersburg consider it necessary to visit the temple.
Its bell tower is a unique architectural structure, being the highest in the world among Orthodox churches. The decoration of the church is striking in its magnificence. After the construction of the cathedral, the fortress became known as Petropavlovsk.

Shrine of the Kings

The hare island of St. Petersburg is also famous for the fact that in the Peter and Paul Cathedral there is a unique place called the tomb of the Russian tsars of the Romanov dynasty. The first burial was in the summer of 1708. Then the church was not yet completed.
By the end of the XIX century there were forty-six graves.It was decided to build near the Cathedral of the Grand-Ducal Shrine.
The remains of the last Russian tsar, his wife and children also rest in the cathedral. The rite of their funeral and burial was performed in 1998, eight decades after the execution of the royal family and servants.

The ashes of the founder of St. Petersburg - Peter the Great also rest in the temple.

Other sights

Rabbit Island keeps the memory of the founder of St. Petersburg. There are many exhibits associated with the name of Peter. Boat, on which the young king studied the marine business, was carefully brought to the island. The safety of the vessel is taken care of by the museum staff. Boat is located in a specially built pavilion.

hare island spb

The Mint is one of the few buildings of the island, which has always been used for its intended purpose. The minting of coins and medals in Russia for a long time was carried out only here. Only later in Moscow did the sister enterprise work.
Rabbit Island in St. Petersburg in 2000 added another attraction. A hare figure was installed on a wooden pile. The height of the monument is only fifty eight centimeters, it is not distinguished by architectural merit. But the hare was so fond of everything that they began to consider him a happy talisman of the island.There are comic rituals that, when performed, visitors to the island will attract good luck, happiness and well-being into their lives.

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