Pump pump: models and recommendations

Pumping equipment in modern modificationsis able to perform a wide range of functions. Manufacturers are developing units to maintain pressure in communication circuits, to maintain sewage systems, and also produce devices designed to manage entire sets of water supply installations. But also traditional segments are developing. Perhaps, the pump for a pond with which help it is possible to carry out watering of a site is most demanded from ordinary gardeners and gardeners. Virtually all major manufacturers of this technology contain in their lines several models of this type - it remains only to choose the best option.

pond pump

The main characteristics of pumps for the pond

To organize irrigation from a remote sourcepressure is especially important. So, self-priming surface models are capable of feeding to a height of about 50-70 m. In the initial segment, you can find a less productive pond pump, which works on a 25-30 m rise. Such models are inexpensive and quite suitable for servicing small areas near the pond .

The performance is affected by the power of the units. Garden modifications have a potential in the range of 400-1200 watts. If we translate this indicator into the delivery volumes by time, then the productivity will be represented in the average corridor of 50-100 l / min. Here it is necessary to understand that high power is not necessary if a pump is selected for irrigation from a pond of a small garden or a garden. For such needs, you can limit the potential to 500-600 watts. It is another matter if, in addition to irrigating measures, the unit will also fulfill the functions of water supply at home. Then you should turn to models whose performance is supported by a power of at least 1000 watts.

pump for pond watering

Model FTP-10000 from Jebao

Jebao offers several familiespumping equipment intended for household and household needs. The FTP series, in particular, contains ecological models with energy-saving properties. That is, with minimal electricity consumption, the user can rely on a stable watering function. This combination of performance asynchronous motor in a modern modification is provided. In addition, the FTP-10000 is a filter pump for the pond, which allows it to be used even in highly contaminated environments. The cleaning system delays elements of the order of 6 mm. To minimize mechanical wear from working with dirty water from the pond, the developers made shafts using high-strength ceramics, which extended the life of the plant.

filter pump for pond

Model P 2000 G from Metabo

In this case, thea multifunctional garden pump that can help both in watering and in pumping water from basements and pools. The design is also designed for maintenance of dirty household fluids. However, due to its high productivity, this model can also be used for production purposes. As for the suction capacity, the pump for the pond in this version can work with a depth of up to 8 m. The condenser-type engine relieves the user of unnecessary hassle during maintenance, so the installation can be left for a long time at the work site. In general, for small gardens, this option may be too productive, but if you plan to operate as a universal assistant in a large private farm, the reliability of the pump from Metabo makes it the best option for such tasks.

pumps for watering a garden from a pond

Model PF0410 from Makita

Japanese manufacturer offers a drainageAn aggregate that is immersed in a place of water intake. The system of regulation of operating parameters is provided by a float type switch, so the device can be used in the pumping format without the risk of "dry running". Usually pumps for watering a garden from a pond have a simple device designed for operation in one-time events with a certain periodicity. The same model thanks to automation allows organizing watering procedures in an autonomous mode. Structural features at the same time exclude the risk of breakdowns. For example, to extend the working resource, the creators provided a double seal system with an oil chamber. That is, even idling is allowed in the pump, although time intervals are limited.

submersible pond pump

Model Master DW from Sicce

Another modification of the submersible pump,It is intended for maintenance of unclean environments from ponds and reservoirs. The unit is also provided with electrical control and a whole set of protective devices and mechanisms. The equipment can cope with the filtration of particles up to 8 mm, and the passing elements are not allowed by the impeller, which starts to rotate back in strong clogs. Otherwise, the Sicce submersible pump for the pond corresponds to the standard representatives of this group, except for the special possibility of connection to external filtration stations.

Recommendations for installation of equipment

When installing submersible and surface pumpsdifferent approaches are used. The most difficult to install is the first variety. This unit can not be installed directly on the bottom. Most often, a pump for a pond of this type is placed on a special site, laid out of bricks. Also, manufacturers offer special shells to prevent the silting of the shell. In advance it is necessary to provide for the connection of the unit to the power grid. The length of the standard cable is 10 m, but you can also use adapters if necessary.

Much easier to install surfaceself-priming models. It is enough to place them in the workplace and fix them with special devices that are usually included in the kit. It is best to choose an area protected from external influences in which a pond pump will be placed. With your own hands, for example, you can form a structure from a metal frame or high-strength plastic.

pond pump


When choosing pumping equipment for wateringmeasures, two parameters are necessarily taken into account: the pressure head and the reliability of the element base. To ensure that the design characteristics do not disappoint during operation, the possibility of regular cleaning of the unit should be provided in advance. In particular, the pump for the pond must be dismantled and cleaned from contamination every fall. From the raids get rid of nipples and protective nets. In some models self-cleaning systems are provided, but in conditions of intensive operation on them it is not necessary to rely. In winter, the unit should be left in a technical room and stored until the spring in dry conditions.

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