Professional activities and personal life Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Dian Melissa Rutherford was born in 1968 in the US city of Elizabethtown. The actress celebrates her birthday on November 6th. Kelly Rutherford's mother is Ann Edwards - model and writer.

Family of Actress Rutherford

Kelly is the eldest child in the family. She has a brother named Anthony and two sisters: Lindsay and Courtney.

The actress has two children born in a marriage with Daniel Hirsch (second husband). The son, born in 2006 (October 18), is Hermes Gustaf Daniel, and the daughter who was born in 2009 is Helena Grace.

Kelly Rutherford Movies

The very first film starring Kelly Rutherford was the TV movie “Infinite Love”, the series of which was first shown on American television screens from 1983 to 1995.

It’s hard to count the number of Kelly Rutherford filmworks. Films with her participation are more than seventy art pictures and television series.

The series "Gossip Girl"

This is a story about an unknown blogger, each post of which is a summary of the latest gossip, rumors and incidents relating to the main characters of the film.

For example, the heroes of one of the series, students of a private Manhattan school for VIP-teenagers, after reading the next post of Gossip Girls, find out that a certain Serena Van Der Woodsen has returned to the city. Those who are not personally acquainted with Serena are judged by her, relying on the latest gossip published on the Gossip Girl blog.

Without a doubt, Gossip Girl affects the behavior and thinking of local adolescents, and this fact is extremely worried about their parents. However, the main question: who is hiding under the nickname "Gossip Girl" remains a mystery.

Kelly Rutherford

The plot of the series is taken from the novel of the same name by Cecilia von Ziegesar. Initially it was assumed that Lindsay Lohan will be assigned to the role of Blair, and Georgina will be played by Mischa Barton. As a result, Lindsay did not pass the screen test, Misha Barton abandoned her role, copyright holders of the texts began negotiations with screenwriter Josh Schwartz, and the film itself turned into a television series.

Other film works of the actress

Another film featuring Kelly Rutherford is Bones, a popular TV show in America, whose main characters are anthropologist Temperance Brennan and federal agent Seal Bout.Working in pairs, they reveal crimes, the victims of which are not identifiable - after all, only bones were left of them.

The premiere of the series "Bones" was held in 2005.

For the first time the series "Beyond the Possible" was shown in 1995. Each new series of the film is filmed as an independent fantastic story about traveling in time and life of ghosts, alien creatures and androids, unprecedented life forms and programs for improving humanity ...

The series "Detective Nash Bridges" was presented to the television viewers in 1996. The key character in the film is a police lieutenant (incarnated on the screen by Don Johnson) of the city of San Francisco, who heads a special department. Here they deal only with the most complicated events occurring on the beaches and hills of the city.

The “Base Quantico” film project, which premiered in 2015, is the story of six recruits who received an internship at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The place of their temporary deployment is the Quantico base in Virginia.

Acquaintance on the set

It is known that the set of the series united the fates of two actors.Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settl, who played the couple, soon made the decision to move the screen relationship to real life.

Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle

The actor brings up a daughter, Evan Angelica, whose mother is Israeli actress Naama Naive Settle. Despite the birth of a daughter (2009), this marriage was not lasting.

Kelly Rutherford, whose height is 173 centimeters slightly lower than his chosen one, but Matthew is a year younger than the actress. He was also raised in a large family. When it turned out that Matthew Settle’s youthful dream of a rock star’s career was not to come true (the young musician was expelled due to lack of talent), a nineteen-year-old guy decided to try himself as an actor.

Kelly Rutherford in the eyes of an astrologer

Astrologers are sure that people born in the Year of the Monkey are under the auspices of the most universal symbol of the Eastern calendar: creative personalities and nimble conspirators are born under the auspices of this animal.

Kelly Rutherford Growth

The monkey is smart and able to understand the nature of what is happening in order to align its actions with the events that will occur in the near future.The gift of foresight is another valuable quality that nature has bestowed on Monkey. It is among the representatives of this astrological symbol, according to experts, the greatest number of people who are credible.

Kelly Rutherford's birthday is November 6th. On this day, as astrologers say, hard in spirit and purposeful, but secretive people are born who have the ability to hide their true essence under the guise of sociability. The constellation Scorpio, through which the moon passed at the time of their birth, makes them secretive.

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