President of Uruguay: biography, photos and interesting facts

José Alberto Mujica Cordano - the fortieth President of Uruguay, a well-known public figure who earned the respect is not far from his successful political activities. Compatriots gave the leader a nickname that translates from Spanish as "the poorest president in the world." And indeed it is. José Alberto Mujica Cordano gives about ninety percent of his salary to charity.

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In addition, the incumbent is an example of a true state leader. Jose Mujica lives in modest conditions, knows how to save money. The president refused all privileges corresponding to a high position. At all meetings of the state level, the leader flies in economy class, instead of representative cars he prefers his old car. And no, the president is not at all stingy and greedy. Most of the savings of Jose Mukhiki, as already mentioned, goes to help the needy.

Children and youth

In the capital of Uruguay (Montevideo) on May 20, 1935, the president of Uruguay, José Mujica, was born. His father, Dementrio Mujica, was a descendant of the Spanish Basques, and his ancestors, Lucy Cordano, were Spanish immigrants from Liguria. They lived poorly. The head of the family tried unsuccessfully to start his own business in agriculture. Father died when the future president was five years old.

In adolescence, the future president was actively interested in cycling. When he got older, he joined the ranks of the National Party.

Criminal past

The President of Uruguay in the past had some problems with the law and never hid it. It all began with the fact that at the age of twenty-five Muhika became one of the participants in the radical left insurgency. This national liberation movement was called Tupamaros. The idea of ​​equality of leaders was prompted by the Cuban revolution. Members of the community, believing themselves to be the successors of the revolution on Liberty Island, robbed banks, vans, and shops. All the money was distributed to the needy.

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Jose Mujica was arrested four times during his participation in the rebel movement.The first time he appeared before the law in the seventieth year. Two years later, the future leader was re-arrested. In 1973, an activist was sentenced by a military court for armed insurrection.

The future head of state was in prison for about a decade. For two years he was alone with himself in a special well. Later, Mujica confessed that in order not to move his mind, he talked with frogs and insects. But the spirit of the prisoner was not broken, he still found a way to keep in touch with his like-minded people.

Political career

Only in 1985, constitutional democracy was restored in Uruguay. The future president of Uruguay, José Mujica, was released under an amnesty. In all, he gave fourteen years of his life to prisons. After the amnesty, his comrades-in-arms, former members of the Tupamaros group, organized a political party, the Movement of Popular Participation. Four years later, the organization was recognized. The party exists and until today, only as an integral part of another political force - the “Broad Front”.

Ten years after being released from prison, Mukhik received the status of a deputy.In 1999 he was appointed as a senator. Career future leader rapidly went up. Success is due to the fact that the organized movement was popular among the people. A significant role was played by the bright personality of José Mujica.

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The next step on the career ladder became for the future president the post of Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. In 2009, Mujica decided to participate in the elections. He was nominated by the Wide Front. With a margin of only nine percent, he overtook his rival, and since March 1, 2010, José Mujica is officially President of Uruguay.

Mujica - the first rebel who was able to get such a high public office. The economic policy of the leader had a center-left character. During the reign, he was able to nationalize the enterprises of the key industries for the country, which mainly included energy and telecommunications companies. The state budget allocated huge funds for national projects. José Mujica forced his subordinates to establish strict control over the price level.The President of Uruguay considered it necessary to give a good education to every child, therefore schoolchildren were provided with inexpensive computers free of charge.

Progressive solutions

The president believed that it was possible to take advantage of every situation; it is only important to set priorities correctly. José Mujica did not consider marijuana use a hazardous occupation, but he recognized the drug trade as a major problem. For this reason, in 2012, Mujica and his associates began talking about the legalization of cannabis. Politicians substantiated such a decision by the desire to reduce crime in the country and replenish the treasury. The legalization of marijuana led to an outflow of drug dealers from Uruguay. Soon, other substances, such as cocaine and heroin, lost their popularity. And all because the drugs simply became accessible to everyone, and interest in them has disappeared.

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In contrast, Mucha advocated minimizing tobacco use. By taking antimery state took first place in the world.

Personal life

The president’s family of Uruguay is the wife of Lucia Topolanski, who is also an activist of the popular participation movement.The spouses lived in a civil marriage for a long time and only in 2005 they decided to officially tie themselves to the knot. Children have no couple.


The President of Uruguay, José Mujica, and his lifestyle are of genuine interest. The leader of the nation considered the senseless surplus of money, resources and time. Therefore, everything that surrounds it looks quite ascetic. The most expensive purchase of the leader of the country for a long period of time is the Volkswagen Beetle car.

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The rest of the president is guarded only by two guards. The leader is looking for joy in simple things - in communication with his wife and his old dog. Mucha has no bank accounts and no debt obligations.

Looking at this man, you never say that this is the president of Uruguay. Photo Flies are always ingenuous and warm. He was never an official, did not wear ties. The leader of Uruguay does not have a mobile phone and a credit card. But great pleasure to the president brings gardening.

The president of Uruguay himself, the biography of José Mujica, deserves due attention, because, despite all the difficulties, he managed to remain a kind person and become a charismatic politician.

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