Portrait of a man: how to draw lips

Began to create a portrait, but do not know how to draw lips with a pencil? Read the instructions, follow the instructions. Get the result beautiful correct image.

Portrait of a man

The most difficult task is drawing a figure and a face. To do this, you need to know the anatomical structure of bones, muscles, and also have a high level of professional skills of the artist. However, often even a newcomer would like to perform a self-portrait, a drawing of a friend or a relative. In fact, there are ways to work for the inexperienced. The most important thing - you need to understand that a person is a system of volumetric forms that are in close relationship. To make a portrait, you must first learn how to draw lips, eyes, nose separately, and then combine all the skills obtained into a single whole.

Step by step

how to draw lips in stages

If you don’t know how to draw lips, it’s best to start with a phased creation of an image. The meaning of this process is to decompose a complex object into simple lines, the sequential creation of which allows you to get the finished picture. Methods of step drawing can be different.Choose the one that matches your level of training.

Practical work: how to draw lips in stages

Consider the job, available on the complexity of even a beginner. The shape of the object is done with the help of auxiliary circles. They can be drawn with a compass or stencil. All other rounds are made by hand. So, the sequence of steps is as follows:

1. In the selected location of a sheet of paper, make three circles of the desired size, as shown in the picture.how to draw lips2. Using auxiliary constructions, draw the upper and lower lip lines. If you do not know how to draw the lips with a pencil so that the right and left sides are equal in size, it is worthwhile to additionally construct the axes of symmetry. They will pass through the center of the system of circles. So it will be easier to measure the same distance in both directions. So, by any available method you create something like a leaf of a tree, setting the general shape of the lips. The proportions of this figure will vary depending on the appearance of the object.

how to draw lips with a pencil3. Make a rounding of the dimples of the upper tubercles, draw the central part of the midline tangential to the upper circumference.

how to draw lips4. Refine the guides of the corners of the lips.

how to draw lips in stages5. Remove auxiliary constructions. The image is ready.

how to draw lips6. You can color the picture in any color, add volume using glare on the lower lip and shadows located along the centerline.

how to draw lips

Now you know how to draw lips by yourself. By performing a simple system of steps, you can get a beautiful symmetrical image. This option is suitable for drawing portraits of schoolchildren and young children.

However, if you are applying for a professional level of skill, this method is not suitable. Here is the frontal image of the object. So the easiest way to draw a portrait of a person, when all elements are symmetrical and do not have promising cuts. However, already at the initial stage of training in a children's art school, people are taught to draw parts of the face from different angles and according to another method.

How to draw lips

how to draw lips

First of all, you need to understand that any element of the human body is not a flat object, but a volume one. It is on this basis that a professional approach implies the transfer of a form, and not just visible lines.

If you want to learn how to paint lips correctly, take a look at the illustration, which shows several options for the image. The central column shows the main stage of the work.

how to draw lips

With a professional method of building an object, the system of steps will be as follows:

1. Mark the borders of the lips: right, left, upper, lower. You get a rectangle.

2. Draw a vertical axis of symmetry through the center.

3. Show in the form of a straight middle line of the lips. Its position depends on the proportions of the parts of the face of a particular person. It can be shifted higher or lower.

4. Outline contours.

5. Round lines, delete auxiliary constructions.

6. Fill the finished form with color.

How to draw lips in volume

You can choose any way to create a linear image. The most difficult thing is to show the volume with light and shade. Here, too, you can use two options for work: shading and feathering. The illustration of the first method is presented at the beginning of the previous section of the article. Here is an example of the second method.

how to draw lips with a pencil

In both cases, you use a simple pencil. Shading involves rubbing the completed strokes with a napkin, piece of paper or finger. It is not allowed to do this in art school classes, but this method will work better for a beginner. He allows to receive more realistic image due to smooth transitions of one tone in another. It will be difficult for an inexperienced person to make high-quality even shading.There will be visible stripes on the object, spaces between them, which will violate the perception of the overall shape. With a professional approach to drawing a portrait, they move only when the level of preparation corresponds to the complexity of the task.

So, you learned how to paint lips, got acquainted with the sequence of actions and methods of creating an image. Choose what is right for you, exactly what you can handle. This is the only way to get a good result.

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