Pork stew - tasty and healthy dish

Meat dishes are widespread both throughout the world and in our country. Pork stew is very popular because it does not take much time and effort to make it. In addition, there is a large assortment of meat of this type at a reasonable price. Depending on what dish you need to cook, choose one or another part of the carcass. Pork stew - a versatile dishpork stew, for its preparation, ham, spatula, neck are suitable, and since this is a long process, meat cooked in this way is soft and delicate in taste.


There are many recipes, they use a variety of ingredients. In the process of cooking vegetables and seasonings are added, less often - exotic fruits.

Traditional cooking method

Stewed pork, cooked in the traditional way, involves the use of the following products:

- 500-600 grams of meat;

- 2 onions;

- 100 grams of hard cheese;

- 200 grams of mayonnaise;

- salt, red and black pepper, herbs to taste;

- 1-2 pcs. bay leaf


stewed pork in a slow cooker

Cut the meat into small pieces, salt and pepper, fry in a pan with the addition of olive or sunflower oil. Next, mix with medium-sized chopped onion, chopped dill, bay leaf and a little more fry. Transfer the resulting mass to the meat pan, high heat-resistant pan or pan, rub the cheese on top, add mayonnaise and place in the oven, heated to +180 degrees, for 30 minutes. Stewed pork is ready. You can add a little garlic in the dish, and if there are fears that the meat may burn, then it makes sense to pour a small amount of water into it just before stewing.

Pork, stew in a slow cooker

If you are a happy owner of a miracle appliance called a slow cooker, then the process of cooking is greatly facilitated, releasing a lot of free time. Stewed pork in a slow cooker is prepared very easily: you just need to cut all the ingredients into pieces, pour a little vegetable oil into the bottom of the bowl of the device, lay the food into it and set the desired mode.If desired, this dish can be immediately made with a side dish by adding potatoes or other vegetables (tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini or eggplants). The cooking mode is selected depending on the functionality of your assistant - “Quenching” or “Baking”. The timer is set for at least 40 minutes, the main thing here is the readiness of vegetables.

Pork goulash

Braised pork with gravy is actually a well-known and familiar goulash.stewed pork with gravyIn order to cook it, you will need meat, onions, seasonings, tomato, tomato paste, broth (if not, you can substitute water), flour. The meat is cut into small pieces, fried with the addition of a small amount of vegetable oil, a tablespoon of tomato, salt and seasonings. Onion is cut into half rings, passeed. Next, you need to mix the onions with the meat, pour it with broth so that the pieces are completely covered with liquid, and leave to stew over low heat for an hour. At this time, the tomatoes are peeled, cut and added to our dish. After the meat becomes soft (you need to try), flour is added to the gravy, pre-mixed in a small amount of broth so that there are no lumps.This manipulation must be carried out by constantly stirring the dish. Gravy gradually thickens, then it should be brought to a boil - and goulash is ready.

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