Polyclinic № 17 Krasnogvardeisky district in St. Petersburg: address, description, reviews

Polyclinic № 17 in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) is a large multi-disciplinary medical institution. Its patronage territory is Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg, patients are residents of urban neighborhoods, villages Polustrovo, Bolshaya Okhta, Malaya Okhta.

Location of therapeutic and prophylactic formation

Polyclinic number 17 Krasnogvardeisky district (address - St. Petersburg, etc. Metallistov, house 56) is located near the transport interchange. At a distance of 3-4 km are located the metro station "Ladoga", "Lenin Square", "Novocherkasskaya". From the metro to the main building of the polyclinic can be reached by municipal public transport: tram, bus or taxi.

The polyclinic building has convenient parking for patients' cars, which deserves positive feedback from people.polyclinic 17 Krasnogvardeisky district

Polyclinic № 17 Krasnogvardeisky district: appointment to the doctor

Thanks to the Electronic Registry, the residents of St. Petersburg have the opportunity to self-record to the specialists of the 17th polyclinic. After installing the necessary program on a computer, any user of the Network can find out the schedule of work of the required doctor, book a convenient time for a visit. The application provides an electronic service call a doctor at home.

The telephone service is more accessible to older people, so the 17th polyclinic of the Krasnogvardeisky district provided the registry office phone specifically for pre-registration. Patients can also receive a voucher for the next few days with a personal appeal.

For the convenience of the residents of the northern capital, attached to the medical institution, the telephone numbers of the referral service and the call of the doctor to the house work.

It is important that visitors can quickly resolve many issues related to the work of the dispensary. In Polyclinic No. 17 of the Krasnogvardeysky District, the head doctor, deputies regularly hold a personal reception, get acquainted with appeals to the Hotline telephone. According to patients, the feedback between the visitor and the administration of the medical facility allows you to quickly and productively solve problematic issues, disputes arising during the treatment process,visits to structural units.City Polyclinic 17

Mode of work, schedule of work of doctors polyclinic

For institutions of the health care system, to which Polyclinic No. 17 of the Krasnogvardeysky district belongs, a common 2-shift work schedule has been established, providing the opportunity for visits at a convenient time for patients.

From Monday to Friday, the outpatient department is open to the public from 8.00 to 20.00. On Saturday - from 9.00 to 15.00, on Sunday - a day off.

The schedule of work of doctors posted for review in the lobby of the clinic. It can be clarified by calling the help desk. The administration ensures that changes in the reception schedule without delay are reflected on the stand and in the Electronic Registry application.Red Guard District, St. Petersburg

Medical staff security

The staffing of highly qualified specialists, the rapid filling of vacancies allows the medical-preventive institution to ensure the fulfillment of its priority task - to make medical care available to the population accessible and effective. Each employee is required to display professionalism, experience in making a diagnosis and choosing the right treatment, and attentive and friendly attitude towards each visitor.High reputation and trust of patients - polyclinic № 17 of Krasnogvardeisky district values ​​these criteria. Doctors and medical staff are marked by numerous thank-you notes in the Book of Remarks of the medical institution, on electronic resources.

Appreciation of the work of medical workers of the clinic is not accidental All medical staff, regardless of titles and regalia, undergoes additional professional training and improves their qualifications. Obtaining qualification categories during the certification of medical personnel allows them to generalize their work experience, gain new knowledge and practical skills.

The structure of the medical institution

City Polyclinic № 17 as a multidisciplinary institution has an extensive infrastructure for the provision of medical services to the population:

  • 3 departments No. 17, 10 and 18 in which diagnostic, consulting and preventive work is organized, offices of narrow specialties, day hospitals are opened;
  • District Diabetes Center No. 3;
  • district endoscopy center;
  • regional glaucoma center;
  • District Cancer Center;
  • Women's consultation.

The clinic has administrative and business units that ensure its livelihoods. The main controls carefully monitor the daily activities of staff.polyclinic 17 Krasnogvardeisky district doctors

Consultative assistance to patients and the possibility of diagnosing diseases

Polyclinic № 17 of Krasnogvardeisky district provides specialized doctors for counseling, treatment of many diseases and further rehabilitation:

  • district therapists;
  • a neurologist;
  • a surgeon;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • otolaryngologist;
  • infectious diseases specialist;
  • proctologist;
  • cardiologist.

Experienced diagnosticians and radiologists work in the departments of radiation, functional diagnostics. In practice, equipment is used to conduct ultrasound of all human organs and systems.

City Polyclinic № 17 has in its structure a regional endoscopy center. There is a large program of diagnostic activities, including colonoscopy, video colonoscopy. These methods of hardware examination allow to identify changes in the intestinal mucosa that precede dangerous diseases, the presence of tumors in the colon.

Gastroscopy of the stomach is performed using special devices.The study helps to detect pathological processes occurring in the digestive tract.

In the medical institution work prevention departments.17 polyclinic Krasnogvardeisky area phone

Regional Glaucoma Center in the clinic

Polyclinic № 17 Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg provides the work of its structural unit - the regional glaucoma center.

Ophthalmologists perform a large program for the prevention and treatment of dangerous diseases of the organs of vision - glaucoma. The center is equipped with modern equipment that allows you to quickly conduct highly sensitive examinations, accurately determine the extent of the development of the disease, including in the early stages. The received information opens up to the attending physician a complete clinical picture for the purpose of effective treatment - medication or surgery.

The diagnostic procedure in the glaucoma center is available to a wide range of patients. Each patient is accompanied by dynamic medical observation, he is prescribed individual therapy, taking into account comorbidities and characteristics of the body. In many cases, patients are prescribed neuroprotective treatment.Successful eye operations are performed with further observation of the patient's health.

Regional Cancer Center in the clinic

Polyclinic № 17 Krasnogvardeisky district has a modern medical technology for the examination and diagnosis of cancer. Doctors of the oncology center are fluent in methods of early recognition of tumor formations.

For initial testing for oncological diseases, patients can undergo ultrasound, X-ray, endoscopic examinations at the medical center.

According to the patients, in the regional oncology center there is a well-equipped clinical laboratory in which the sampling and comprehensive research of biological samples is carried out. Works dressing room.

In the treatment and chemotherapy departments, patients receive effective medical care, improving their well-being and quality of life. Doctors have accumulated a large positive statistics confirming the possibility of a cure for a serious illness. polyclinic 17 Krasnogvardeisky district appointment to the doctor

Diabetic center of medical institutions

Another structural unit of the polyclinic 17 (Krasnogvardeisky district, St. Petersburg) is a diabetology center.It provides counseling and therapeutic types of medical care for patients from 6 municipal districts of St. Petersburg suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Doctors of the center monitor the course of the disease of each patient, make up individual treatment regimens. Since the imbalance of the sugar content in the blood affects many organs and systems of a person, in the core center, attention is paid to patients from narrow specialties:

  • ophthalmologist;
  • nephrologist;
  • endocrinologist.

A separate area of ​​work of the diabetic center is “diabetic foot”. This pathology often occurs in people with endocrine disorders. For the treatment of extremities, the specialists of the center have the opportunity to apply highly efficient medical installations, equipment and medicines. polyclinic 17 Krasnogvardeisky district address

Women's consultation clinic № 17

The Krasnogvardeisk treatment-and-prophylactic outpatient clinic includes women's consultation. This unit provides medical assistance for health insurance policies and paid services.

Women's consultation is equipped with equipment that allows you to be examined at the most advanced level for diseases of the reproductive organs, during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Highly qualified doctors: obstetrician-gynecologists and general practitioners receive patients in the women's consulting department.

In addition to the main consultative and medical work, support of pregnancy, educational and preventive measures are carried out for women of all age groups. The School of Maternity is organized here, physical therapy classes are conducted, a psychologist's office works to prepare young women for the birth of a baby and to adapt in the postpartum period.

Reviews of the clinic

Most patients of the clinic have no complaints about the quality of the services provided. Separate complaints are received about the long wait under the cabinets of specialists, as well as the often busy telephone line of the registry.

In general, the residents of Krasnogvardeysky district are satisfied with the work of the medical institution and speak positively about the employees of the polyclinic.

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