Picking bracken fern for winter at home: recipe

How is salting fern? This we will tell you in the article submitted.pickling fern

general information

Before you tell us about the way fern picking occurs at home, you should tell what the plant is.

Surely many people know that in the worldthere are about 10 thousand different kinds of fern. This amazing plant can be found in our country. Especially often it grows in dense and dark mixed forests.

Unfortunately, not all residents of Russia know that in addition to decorative function, ferns, or rather, their specific varieties (for example, eagles) are actively used in culinary business.

To your liking, this kind of plant can be compared only with fleshy mushrooms.

So how is the salting of the fern? For the preparation of such a plant, it is necessary to use only young shoots, whose leaves have not yet opened, and the cuttings have not become longer than 25 cm.

Simple recipe for fern pickling

In fact, there is no such snack in the preparationnothing complicated. To get the most delicious and aromatic billet for the winter, you only need to strictly follow all the requirements of the recipe, as well as use the right amount of ingredients.

So, to make the fern salty successful, you should prepare:fern pickling

  • young sprouts plants of the common eagle type - used at discretion;
  • salt of a large cookery - about 30 g (apply for marinade, for 1 liter of liquid);
  • white big sugar - about 80 g;
  • dining room 6% natural vinegar - about 50 ml;
  • drinking water - apply at your discretion.

Product Processing

Pickling fern is a very simple and fast process. After the young sprouts are torn down in the forest, they are soaked for two hours in cold water and thoroughly washed using a colander.

To ensure that the snack is as soft andgentle, the main product must be blanched. To do this, the eagle is laid out in a large enamel bowl and immediately poured with steep salted boiling water. In this form, the plant is kept for 4 minutes, then discarded in a colander and shaken violently, eliminating all excess moisture.

Preparation of brine

Salting bracken fern can be carried out in different ways. We decided to present you the simplest recipes, for the realization of which many ingredients are not required.

After a freshly grown plant will beproperly processed, begin to prepare marinade. To do this, the usual drinking water is boiled over a large fire, and then dissolved in it salt and sugar. Remove the dishes from the stove, add table vinegar to it and proceed to salting.salting fern

How is salting carried out?

The fern is laid out on half-liter or 750 g jars, which are previously sterilized in a double boiler. The plant is slightly tamped with a spoon, and then poured hot brine.

Filling all the tanks, they immediately roll up,Sterilized metal covers are used. Turning the jars upside down, they are wrapped in a thick old blanket and left in this position for a whole day.

After a lapse of time, the rolled snack is removedin any cool and dark place. This dish becomes usable after about 4-7 days. It is during this time that the fern fern will be saturated with the aromas of marinade, will become soft and very gentle.

How to present for dinner?

As you can see, picking fern at home does not require special skills and specialized equipment.

After the plant is salted, carefullyremoved from the marinade and put into the bowl. Having spiced a snack with chopped garlic and black pepper, it is seasoned with sunflower oil, as well as some ketchup or tomato paste.

Mixing the ingredients, they are served to the table along with a slice of rye bread.

Cooking a delicious and aromatic snack in oil

Fern picking for the winter can provide forapplication of completely different components. If you want to make a high-calorie snack for alcoholic beverages, then we suggest using this recipe. To implement it we will need:fern picking at home

  • young sprouts plants of the common eagle type - used at discretion;
  • salt, a large cookery - about 40 g (apply for marinade, for 1 liter of liquid);
  • white large sugar - about 100 g;
  • Lavrushki, pepper pot - to taste;
  • Sunflower oil without flavor - about 200 ml;
  • dining room 6% natural vinegar - about 60 ml;
  • drinking water - apply at your discretion.

Processing ingredients

Process ferns for cookingThe winter snack should be exactly the same as it was presented above. The plant is thoroughly washed, blanched, rinsed in cold water and shaken violently.

Preparation of filling

Fern pickling with fragrantmarinade and oil is very popular with cooks. This is due to the fact that this snack is very tasty and original. To make it, you need to make a marinade. For this, drinking water is boiled on high heat, and then salt and sugar are added. After dissolving the ingredients, the dishes are removed from the plate and immediately poured into the table vinegar.

As for sunflower oil, it is strongly heated in a bowl and immediately used for the intended purpose.picking fern for the winter

Process of snack formation

To form such a snack take a fewsterilized half-liter jars, and then spread them peppercorns, bay leaf and fern-treated bracken. After this, the plant is half poured with marinade, and then hot oil is added.

Filling the jars, they roll up and turn upside down. Having sustained a snack under a thick blanket (about a day), it is sent to a pantry or a cellar.

Present to the table

Serve an oil snack from the fern fern to the table only after the 1st month after the sunday. The plant is taken out of the jar along with the marinade and is served to a table with a slice of white bread.

Fast fern salting

If you do not want to harvest a fern for the winter, then we suggest using a simplified scheme of its salting. For this we need:

  • young sprouts plants of the common eagle type - used at discretion;
  • salt is a large cookery - apply at your discretion.

Cooking process

Bring fern in this way is easy and simple. Freshly cleaned plant thoroughly washed under strong pressure of water, and then strongly shaken in a colander. After the fern leaves all the excess moisture, it is spread into a bowl and flavored with plenty of salt.

Mixing the components with hands, they are coverednewspaper and left aside for ¼ hour. After that, the entire stock is distributed over glass jars. To fern gave his juice and salted well, it must be tamped with a crush.

Filling all the tanks, they are closed with ordinary onespolyethylene lids and immediately sent to a refrigerator. Keep this workpiece only in the cold. If you hold the fern at room temperature, it will quickly deteriorate.recipe for fern pickling

How and for what use?

A blank made according to the above-described recipe,they are rarely used as a snack, as it turns out to be very salty. In this regard, this product is used only for cooking other dishes. For example, a salty fern is often added to various goulash, second and first courses. Do this directly during the heat treatment of the main products.

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