Perinatal center of Vladivostok: address, services, doctors, reviews. Primorsky regional perinatal center

The perinatal center of Vladivostok was opened in 2014. The equipment of the clinic and the level of training meet the best international standards. Here they help pregnant women with various risks, help plan the birth of babies and maintain the health of the mother and child.


Since 2015, the perinatal center of Vladivostok has become one of the leading specialized medical institutions in Russia. The clinic is equipped with modern high-tech equipment, the staff is staffed by specialists of the highest category. The institution provides advisory, diagnostic, therapeutic medical services.

Doctors of the perinatal center are constantly developing, raising the level of professionalism.The staff of the clinic regularly exchange experience with colleagues, adopt the best world technologies, methods of treatment and childbirth. The main objectives of the organization is to reduce child and maternal mortality, the birth of healthy babies and the preservation of productivity in women.

The clinic provides all types of perinatal care, the range of possibilities includes the provision of high-tech medical care, the diagnostic base allows you to conduct a maximum of research to identify diseases, the advisory center accepts women from the whole of Primorsky Krai. In addition to practical help on medical indicators, the perinatal center of Vladivostok conducts educational work among the population.

perinatal center of Vladivostok

Main functions

The Perinatal Center of Vladivostok is a multifunctional medical institution, where maximum attention is paid to maintaining the health of the mother and child in the most difficult cases.

The main activities of the clinic are:

  • Consultative, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation assistance to women with reproductive disorders, pregnant women with gestational pathologies, newborns with developmental disabilities, children up to three years.
  • Interaction with medical healthcare organizations, specialized clinics of different levels.
  • Providing exit care for pregnant women, distance profile counseling for women and young children.
  • Development and implementation of innovative methods of treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation in medical institutions of Primorsky Krai.
  • Prevention of pathologies of pregnancy and its long-term effects that have a negative impact on the development and health of the child.
  • Development and application of a system of rehabilitation measures, rehabilitation therapy, psychological and social assistance to women and children.
  • Organizing and conducting on-site training courses for medical workers, developing teaching aids for existing specialists to improve the quality of services provided, holding conferences and seminars, scientific and research activities.
  • Maintain statistics and monitoring of cases of maternal and infant mortality, miscarriage of pregnancy, development of measures to prevent such cases, monitoring the work of the service of protecting children and motherhood with the aim of improving it.
  • Conduct educational health work among the population.
  • Remote rendering of consultations, including medical evacuation.

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Diagnostic Center

The perinatal center of Vladivostok is designed for the simultaneous placement of 150 women in an inpatient unit with the possibility of round-the-clock observation by professionals at all levels. The center is equipped with 12 individual maternity wards, the total area of ​​the medical facility is thirty thousand square meters. Up to 90 patients with various illnesses, complaints and everyone can be given all the necessary help for one shift in the clinic.

Any treatment begins with a diagnosis. The examination in the perinatal center (Vladivostok) is carried out in several directions:

  • Laboratory diagnosis (complete blood count according to 30 indicators, diagnosis of anemia, hemostasis, hormonal status, etc.).
  • Biochemical blood test for 10 indicators.
  • Studies on the presence of infectious diseases (syphilis, hepatitis, HIV, toxoplasmosis, rubella, etc.).
  • Urine tests.
  • Ultrasound diagnosis (internal organs of the gastrointestinal tract, small pelvis, thyroid, pregnancy in certain trimesters, screening, etc.)
  • X-ray diagnostics (bones, joints, chest, etc.).
  • Functional diagnostics (EEG, fetal CTG, daily monitoring of pressure, spirography, etc.).

Examination in the perinatal center (Vladivostok) is carried out both under OMS programs and on a commercial basis.

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Center structure

The Perinatal Center of Vladivostok is the largest medical institution in Primorsky Krai, where they are purposefully engaged in the health of women and children, and provide maximum medical services to save the health of the next generations.

Structural units:

  • Center for remote provision of advisory assistance (including with the operational emergency response teams).
  • Consultative and diagnostic department, which includes centers for monitoring children and reproductive health.
  • Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory.
  • Inpatient unit with departments - pathologies of pregnancy, ancestral department, intensive care and intensive care, gynecological and obstetric departments, an intensive care unit and intensive care of newborns.

Modern center and qualified staff

The technical equipment of the clinic includes over 2000 units of modern high-tech equipment.Doctors of the perinatal center provide all types of medical care for the birth of healthy babies.

Thanks to the professionalism of employees, today they save life and release even premature babies born with a weight of 500 grams into the world at 22 weeks of age. Since the opening of the perinatal center, all women, without exception, have been preserved health, more than five thousand babies were born.

paid delivery in the perinatal center

Contingent special care

Seaside regional perinatal center with special attention and care covers pregnant women. For their service, a day hospital has been created, where the whole range of diagnostic and consulting services is provided. The center accompanies the course of pregnancy in the prenatal period, examinations of the fetus and the health of the woman.

The department of examination for pregnant women conducts:

  • ECG, ultrasound and CTG of the fetus, ultrasound of the internal organs.
  • Smad colposcopy.
  • Consultations of specialists - a neurologist, endocrinologist, urologist, cardiologist, etc.
  • Consultations with an obstetrician-gynecologist to determine the tactics of childbirth and childbirth.
  • Studies using the VMP.
  • Complex laboratory and clinical studies (blood, urine, diagnosis of infections, hormonal levels and status, hemostasis, etc.).

seaside regional perinatal center


Women of all Primorsky Krai are served by the perinatal center (Vladivostok). The polyclinic at the center is focused on serving the child population and monitoring premature babies until they reach the age of three. Specialists with extensive experience with perinatal and congenital abnormalities receive patients at the children's clinic. The branch is located in building B, on the first floor.

Doctors develop individual rehabilitation programs, developmental correction and medical procedures for each child. For parents, classes on social adaptation of special children are held, breastfeeding is promoted as a way to raise a healthy child and much more. Reception is conducted by specialists - an ophthalmologist, a pediatrician, a neurologist, a pediatric surgeon, a speech therapist, and others. The diagnostic base relies on all the resources of the perinatal center.

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Generic Department

Ancestral branch is the pride of the whole center. Here the best equipment is concentrated and all types of medical services for obstetric aid are provided, a powerful neonatal service works. The experience of obstetricians helps to take the most difficult childbirth, while maintaining the health of the woman and child.The staff monitors the comfort of the woman and provides timely assistance. Physicians of the clinic are committed to the natural course of the generic process and, exercising control, intervene only in critical situations.

At the request of the woman and an agreement with the doctor, an opportunity is given to carry out paid deliveries in the perinatal center. The cost depends on the number of services and starts from 63 thousand rubles. You can discuss the choice of a doctor, the number of services and accommodation at a personal meeting, having previously registered by phone.

Doctors welcome partner childbirth, noting that this has a positive effect on the health of the mother, child and the general atmosphere in the family. Most patients choose delivery according to the CHI system. For two years of work of the center, almost 5 thousand children have appeared. Excellent conditions have been created for women in labor - chambers with a sanitary unit, the possibility of joint residence with the child in the ward.

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Positive reviews

From seven to fifteen births per day takes the perinatal center (Vladivostok). Reviews with positive ratings tell about attentive staff, highly qualified doctors.Many note the technical equipment of the clinic, which some patients helped in the diagnosis and further treatment.

Testimonials, in most cases, were left by young mothers who gave birth to children in the perinatal center. According to them, the clinic staff was very friendly, everyone tried to alleviate the condition with affordable, but safe methods. I liked the chambers designed for double accommodation and the constant stay of mother and child, which helped to quickly adapt to the new role and responsibilities.

Negative reviews

Some patients did not receive care at the perinatal center of Vladivostok. Women noted the rudeness of some staff, poor cleaning and sometimes lack of attention from the doctor. Without exception, all noted a poor diet, which for pregnant women was one of the unpleasant moments; the presence of refrigerators in common in several chambers and the care of relatives helped.

It also indicates that there is clearly not enough medical staff, which entails creating a queue for some specialists, difficulties in making an appointment, etc. In general, there are more positive reviews.

Given the equipment of the center and the experience of the specialists working there, many patients wonder: how to get to the perinatal center for free (Vladivostok)? In order for the patient to be accepted at the center without any reservations, it is necessary to send the attending physician from the antenatal clinic where the woman was seen during the pregnancy.

Helpful information

The perinatal center is ready to receive future mothers, its address in Vladivostok is Mozhayskaya Street, Building 1B. You can travel by bus route number 31k or 79.

He also invites the Primorsky Regional Perinatal Center, the address of the antenatal clinic: Svetlanskaya Street, Building 105, to the scheduled inspection.

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