"Passport to Paris": actors and roles

Today we will talk about the film "Passport to Paris". Actors and roles will be presented further. It's about the American youth comedy of 1999. The picture was created by the director Alan Metter.


actors movie passport in parisFirst, we discuss the plot of the film, thenactors participating in it are represented. "Passport to Paris" is a picture that tells about thirteen-year-old sister-sisters Ellie and Melanie. They want to visit grandfather, who is an American ambassador to France. Parents sent the heroines to Paris to study the sights. However, once in place, the girls get into a kaleidoscope of events: they get acquainted with local guys, rummage on mopeds, shop in boutiques, organize dinner at the Eiffel Tower, help grandpa conclude an important contract between the two countries.

Key players

actors passport in parisFirst, the starring roles will be presentedactors. "Passport to Paris" is a film in which the main actors are Melanie and Ellison Porter. Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen performed these roles. Let's talk more about them.
Mary-Kate Olsen is an actress, and also a designerclothes and producer. Her debut on the screen took place in the series called "Full House". In it, the actress participated along with Ashley, a twin sister, and played Michel Tanner. After the success of the series, Mary managed to make a successful career. She and her sister played a number of main roles in the youth and children's TV movies. Their names have become known all over the world. The company Dualstar was created specifically to popularize the sisters - the production of TV shows, products and films with their participation. Thus, a very lucrative family business appeared. Mary joined the board of directors. This allowed her to enter the list of rich celebrities, compiled by the publication Forbes. She started acting career at the age of 9 months. Twins played together because of the strict labor law, which regulates the length of the presence of children at the site of actors at an early age. Inviting the twins, the creators of the painting "Full House" could increase the shooting day. Dualstar also produced special clothes and cosmetics. After the end of the series, Mary continued to star with Ashley. Together they released several successful videos and became popular. Their names were on everyone's lips. Their image was present in clothes, films, magazines, posters, spirits and books. Mattel also produced their dolls. The sisters received and were nominated for several awards. Mary-Kate and her sister Ashley starred in a film called "The Moments of New York." The actress sought to create independent images of herself and her sister. She asked the media and the public to treat them not as relatives, but as separate personalities.

Other heroes

passport in Paris actors and rolesNext, the roles of the secondplan actors. "Passport to Paris" is a film in which one of the memorable characters is the grandfather Edward. He was played by P. White. M. Winston and Broker Way are also actors in the film. "Passport to Paris" is a picture in which they played Jeremy Bluff and Jean. It should be said about two other characters. The actors of the film "Passport to Paris" Ethan Peck and Yvonne Szio played Michel and Brigitte.

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