Party in the style of Gatsby: costumes, makeup, competitions

Anyone who has ever watched the new production of the film “The Great Gatsby” was clearly conquered by the fun that was constantly arranged on the estate of the main character. After the premiere of this picture, many nightclubs began to organize similar programs, attracting customers, but not every institution has succeeded in this venture. Why? Perhaps some nuance was missed in the organization. The party in the style of Gatsby requires careful study of details, images, all the nuances. Now we will gradually consider how to prepare for such a celebration, and what we should warn guests about.

Atmosphere and mood

Before we start working on every single detail, let's say a few words about what the spirit of this event should be. The Great Gatsby Party is a celebration where absolutely everyone has fun. Any trifle here is presented as something enchanting and very bright, everything is accompanied by laughter, applause and joyful exclamations.Therefore, all the guests who come to you should be set up as positively as possible, with the desire to relax and have fun in the first place. The second thing to consider when organizing is the difference in eras. The party in the style of Gatsby should pass without smartphones and other modern devices (besides audio equipment). They do not establish business relations, do not sign contracts and do not agree on further cooperation. Because it is desirable that all guests at the entrance, together with outerwear handed over their phones.gatsby party

How to get to the party of the 20s?

Based on the lines of the Fitzgerald story, every resident of New York and its environs could get on the estate of Jay Gatsby, both the rich and the notorious poor. Here champagne was poured free of charge, snacks and tropical fruits were served. If you are able to maintain such a scale, you can simply use the Internet and place there the corresponding announcement of a free party. If the celebration is arranged only for a narrow circle of people (friends, their families, their friends, etc.), then it is worth sending out invitations. As a design, you can use the template attached below, or develop something different.But it is worth remembering that the party in the style of Gatsby is a kind of excursion into the past. Because you do not need to laminate and particularly excel in Photoshop. The leaflet should correspond to the era described in the story.Party Invitation

How exactly should a Gatsby party be?

The scenario, built for a particular holiday, taking into account all the nuances - the key to success. Of course, such a party can not be customized to the time frame, paint by the hour, as a working day, and force guests to follow these settings. In this case, the script includes the following steps: music, menu, poker, entertaining games, photo session. All stages take place at the same time, because at any moment each of the guests can, so to speak, change the profile. That is, you can play poker, then go to a photo session, taking with him something from the appetizers, and all this to the music. Well, now let's move on to a more detailed consideration of each stage of our scenario. great gatsby party

Musical accompaniment

Modern hits and club remixes for such a party are not the place. You have to fill the music library with those songs that you listened to in the 20s. You can also add music that was written recently,but in style it fits our holiday. Roughly a party in the style of Gatsby should sound like this:

  • A few hits from the new production of the film. This is Crazy in love - Emeli Sande & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra; All we got - Fergie, Q-Tip & GoonRock; Love is the drug - Bryan Ferry & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra and others.
  • Ideally for such a celebration are suitable tracks from the musical "Moulin Rouge". Choose from Tango Roxanes to Lady Marmalade - Christina Aguilera Lil Kim Mya Pink.
  • For small halls (where the photo session takes place or where the poker table is located) slower tracks will do. These are originals of old songs of the 20s. Most atmospheric they will sound if you run them from real vinyl records.gatsby party photo

Treats for guests

At such parties there can be no question of a long feast with potatoes and salads. You have to organize a buffet table, which will satisfy all the guests. So, the main task is to prepare a variety of dishes, each of which is universal. Conventionally, the buffet can be divided into three parts: salty snacks, sweet and fruit. Among the first may include rolls, rolls of salmon and cheese, various variations of canapes (with oysters, bacon, grapes, anchovies, oranges, and many others).As a salty snack, which can be eaten on a festive night, you can cook mini-burgers, pizza, and even simple sandwiches. Sweet snacks should be more varied and bright. This is a riot of whipped cream, melted chocolate for fondue, a variety of cookies, pastries, and most importantly, you need to serve at a party at Gatsby - this is ice cream of all sorts. With fruit, everything is more or less clear. We buy all kinds that are in the supermarket and cut them nicely.gatsby party contests

Drink and cool drinks

Of course, in order for a holiday to take place, it is necessary to organize an enviable bar. If you know in advance what preferences guests will have, follow this information. Otherwise - more champagne, green absinthe, tequila and martini. Also do not forget about juices, syrups and milk. These ingredients are indispensable in the production of cocktails.

Have fun as we can

Now consider what fun the Gatsby-style party includes. Competitions are the best cure for boredom, and we offer a parade of the most interesting ones.

  • Who is faster. We need two corsets with lacing and a timer. Two guys and two girls take part in the game.For speed, you need to unseat a corset on the body of your partner.
  • Cancan in male performance. Requirements for cabaret dancers - caps, corsets, feathers, etc. All this is worn by men and perform cancan. In the jury there are girls who, with their applause and emotions, evaluate the performance of each participant. Who won - he is awarded kisses of each member of the jury.
  • Find your pair. All participants wear eye patches, and the light is muffled in the room. Dancing, people stumble upon each other. The one who caught you first remains your pair.
  • In the theater of shadows. We will need a screen, a bright lamp, a hat, sheets of tasks and many participants. Each, having stretched his task, goes with a hat behind the screen, and only with the help of this prop and his body does he show what is indicated on the leaflet.gatsby party script

Card games and photo shoots

These events are held for lovers of secluded atmosphere, in other rooms with other musical accompaniment. For a poker tournament, you only need new decks of cards and a suitable table with chairs. After we dealt with the cards, we proceed to the design of the studio.And you want all the guests to remember your party in the style of Gatsby - the photos taken here will be the best gift. Pick the appropriate backgrounds. It should not be plain canvas, but retro-style textures. You can dilute them with accessories (chair, wrought iron elements, umbrellas, hats), and for greater atmospheric conditions you can light candles. Hire a good photographer in advance, whose work all your guests will be happy afterwards.gatsby party costumes

Ladies stuff

Another very important point that should be specified in your invitation is the dress code. Every guest's attire should correspond to the era when, according to the story, a Gatsby-style party was held. Suits are found in the old fashion collections. This is the first model of Coco Chanel - then her work was at the peak of popularity. By the way, it is the little black dress here that will be very much in topic. Pleated skirts just below the knee, loose blouses, and T-shirts with straps are also suitable. Perfectly complement the image of a fur boa or capes with sequins. An important accent here are accessories. Mini-hats (from the same Chanel), pearls, feronnieres, diamond bracelets, large rings and necklaces.Shoes should be low-heeled, the best option - shoes for professional dances.gatsby makeup

How to make up

The 20s are considered to be the most liberated era of the past century, and therefore the makeup in the style of Gatsby, which we will now consider, as a result looks very scandalous and bright. As a tone, you need to use light shades - then tan was not in vogue. Emphasis must be placed on the eyes and on the lips. First, we paint the eyes with gray or brown shades, draw thin arrows and select the eyelashes. It is not necessary to make the lips swollen, but to choose red or brown lipstick for them is the most it. In addition, the gloss should be matte or completely absent. Apply pink blush on your cheeks to keep your face fresh. Logically complete the make-up in the style of Gatsby will help the front sight.

Dress code for men

There will be much less work than in the case of women. The "Great Gatsby" style seemed to have been copied from the pages of a modern fashion magazine. Therefore, we take on the classics and expensive natural fabrics. On such a holiday, a man should dress in a three-piece suit, or wear flat trousers and a tuxedo on one button.A watch, a tie or a butterfly and expensive cologne will be indispensable accessories. The image can be complemented by a hat in the style of "American gangsters", which today can be obtained from any store.

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