Parallel parking

There are various ways to park a carin the conditions of the city. Recently, it is increasingly difficult to find a free place for the car. Often it is quite difficult to occupy this or that space. In these cases, parallel parking is indispensable. This driving element in many situations is the only possible option.

Of course, learn how to do it rightparallel parking and practice skills, best at the training area. This method is used in cases where it is necessary to put the machine between two others that are on the same line one after another. At the same time, the distance between them should be sufficient to accommodate at least 2 car lengths.

There is a certain sequence, following which the driver can safely put his car.

Parallel parking begins with trafficforward in the first gear. It is necessary to keep a small speed until the moment the machine is level with the second conventional machine, located on the right. Between cars there should be an interval of about 0,5-1 meters. Then stop.

Then you need to start moving backwards. You should move on until you see the back of the car (or the label that imitates it) looking at the rear right door glass, at the back of which parallel parking is planned. As a rule, in most machines this window consists of two parts: the window and the opening window. It is necessary to look in the window. After the rear of the other car appears, you should make two turns of the steering wheel to the right - towards the parking lot. At the same time it is necessary to keep the minimum speed of the car, adjusting it with the brake and clutch pedals.

Carrying out the turn, you need to move your eyes to the leftrearview mirror. The movement continues until the right part of the bumper of the car behind it (or a mark imitating it) appears in it. Next, align the wheels. To do this, the steering wheel should be turned to the left, squeeze the clutch, slightly slowing down (in case the car has gained a little speed). After you need to stop.

If all movements have been correctly made, the machine will stand at an angle of 45 degrees to the intended parking place.

Continues parking parallel trafficback in a straight line. You should look at the front of your car on the right wing area. The movement is carried out until the right part of the bumper, located at the front of your car, is aligned with the left side of the bumper (rear) of the other car. This will signal the beginning of the next move.

Next, you need to perform a maneuver that allowstake the parking space, that is, turn the car. To do this, turn the steering wheel all the way to the left, release the clutch and start driving. Attention is concentrated on the right mirror. Thus, it is necessary to control the approach of the rear of the machine in front. It should also be remembered about the car, standing behind (this is especially important if the original location was not chosen correctly and the distance for parking your car will be small).

After your car takesstanding in front, and the axis will be parallel to the curbstone (or line marked with labels or flags), you should align the wheels and stop. The machine must be put on a handbrake and muffle the engine.

If parallel parking has been performed witherrors, the machine will stand unevenly relative to the curbstone, and there will also be insufficient space to move backwards and so on. In this case, you should go to the starting position and start moving again.

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