Papilloma - what is it? Causes and methods of removing papillomas

Have a doctor diagnosed this and how to get rid of the disease? Do not be afraid of going to the doctor. Treatment depends on the nature and type of virus. This can be either the use of medication, or surgery or cauterization of papillomas. Modern medicine is able to remove any kind of neoplasm and help to avoid the recurrence of the disease in the future.

papilloma what is it

Causes of papillomas

Heard the diagnosis of "papilloma"? What is it and why did you have the problem? Microtrauma, contact, sexual intercourse and even childbirth - all this can be a factor in infection with viruses of the genus Papillomavirus. The incubation period, during which the disease will not declare itself, can be both a month and half a year. The virus causes the formation of benign tumors that look like warts.

Almost every person knows what papilloma looks like, since the disease is one of the most frequent skin problems that adults and children face. Over time, growths can increase in size and quantity. However, it happens that papillomas remain almost imperceptible, flat and few in number.

remedy for papillomas

The cause of this neoplasm is always the human papillomavirus. It is he who causes changes in the growth of tissues, affects the mucous membranes, causes considerable discomfort in everyday life. Doctors share more than a hundred varieties of the virus, which can only be determined by a specialist.

Risk zone

Human papillomavirus, which causes the appearance of tumors, most often attacks people with weak immunity. Often these are children and adolescents whose immune system weakens during active growth. Smoking, alcohol abuse, promiscuity - all these bad habits can also be a factor in the development of the disease. Considering that the virus is fairly easily transmitted from person to person, those people who occasionally use someone else's towels or shoes are at risk and do not follow hygiene rules.Women who take oral contraceptives for a long time also risk finding papillomas of various etiologies on their bodies or mucous membranes.

Diagnosis of the disease

The papillomavirus may not declare itself for quite a long time, new growths do not arise, and the question of whether to remove papillomas is not put before a person. In this case, the disease may already be harmful to health. For example, in women, it can affect the genitals, including causing cervical cancer. That is why in order to find out whether a virus is present in the body, it is necessary to regularly take a DNA test that accurately determines what kind of problems exist in the body.

Types of papillomavirus

Modern medicine distinguishes more than a hundred types of human papillomavirus, which, in turn, are divided into groups: non-oncogenic, viruses with low oncogenicity and types characterized by high oncogenicity. Papillomavirus, the symptoms of which are often hidden from the eyes, belonging to the latter group, can cause cancer of the rectum and genital organs in men, as well as lead to cervical cancer in women. The main role is played by timely diagnosis,which allows to recognize the virus in time and minimize such terrible consequences for health, in time prescribing the active remedy for papillomas.

what papilloma looks like

Viral papillomas

Often on the hands and other parts of the face and body, viral papilloma occurs. What is it and what harm to the health of the tumor? Looks like papilloma, which is often called vulgar, like a wart on the leg. Sometimes the base of a benign formation is rather wide, the surface is uneven, and looks like a cauliflower. Papillomas horny, merge with each other, forming a fairly extensive affected surface.

Viral cutaneous papillomas most often occur on the hands, under the arms, on the eyelids, under the breast, on the neck. The main feature of such tumors is that they can periodically disappear and reappear in the same place. Treatment prescribed by a dermatologist. This may be the removal of papillomas with nitrogen or drug treatment.

removal of papillomas with nitrogen

Genital warts

This type of papillomas is localized in areas that are usually injured during sexual contact. This is the anus, femoral-inguinal region, buttocks.The shape of the condyloma resembles the cockscomb on the leg. The localization feature makes neoplasms vulnerable. They are often injured, while they bleed and produce a bad-smelling liquid.

Genital warts cause pain and discomfort during sexual contact, can interfere with normal childbirth. In some cases, giant warts cause considerable discomfort when moving, limit the person’s habitual mobility, and the question of whether to remove the papillomas becomes unambiguously affirmative.

Flat warts

Regular examination by a gynecologist will help in time to identify flat warts - a type of papillomas, which are the main cause of cervical cancer. Neoplasms at an early stage can be diagnosed by biopsy and colposcopy, since it is almost impossible to visually detect the disease.

This type of papilloma occurs in children. Traditionally, the disease is accompanied by redness, itching and soreness of the affected skin. Smooth flat bumps merge with the skin in color, in shape can be both polygonal and rounded.

Filamentous papillomas

What looks like papillomas, called filamentous, knows 50% of the population over 50 years of age. There are formations in the groin, armpits, on the eyelids and neck. Small elongated yellowish bumps grow quite quickly, reaching a size of about 5 mm, are injured and inflamed. By themselves, filamentous neoplasms do not disappear. Medical intervention is required, for example, removal of papillomas with nitrogen.

whether to remove papillomas

Treatment methods

  • Cauterization of tumors by chemical means. When using this method, the papilloma dies, a crust forms in its place, which is replaced with healthy smooth skin within a week. To prevent abnormal development of skin cells after removal, the procedure should be performed by a qualified doctor who will accurately determine the nature of the problem and make a conclusion about the feasibility of this technique.
  • The surgical technique, which involves cutting the tumor with a scalpel, is performed under local anesthesia and requires the subsequent application of a pressure bandage at the site of the cut.
  • The safest and most modern remedy for papillomas is removal with a laser.The method is used on tumors of any size and at any depth, does not require long-term rehabilitation.
  • The cryodestruction (freezing) has also established itself well. Removal of papillomas with nitrogen is a painless and simple procedure performed on neoplasms with a fairly superficial foundation. Deep papillomas prefer to be removed in other ways, since during cryodestruction it is difficult to control tissues at depth, which can lead to incomplete removal of papillomas or the occurrence of a burn.

papilloma virus symptoms

  • Electrocoagulation, based on exposure to papilloma high-frequency current, allows you to remove sufficiently deep neoplasms. During the procedure, coagulation of protein tissues occurs, infection and bleeding are excluded. Pain relief is used only when removing large papillomas.
  • High-precision removal of papilloma occurs with radio wave therapy. This allows you to achieve almost perfect results, to avoid scars and burns. That is why this method is so popular when removing papillomas located on the face and other open areas of the body.You just forget what papilloma looks like.
  • When relapses, the above methods require a comprehensive antiviral treatment to prevent the recurrence of the disease.
  • Folk methods of treating papillomas, for example, celandine or apple juice, which our grandmothers recommend removing tumors, may be relevant only as an aid.

cauterization of papillomas

Preventive measures

Have you encountered such a problem as papilloma? What is it and what is the reason for its occurrence, you know for sure? It is necessary to protect yourself with the help of available preventive agents. These are refusal of bad habits, observance of elementary rules of hygiene, proper nutrition, allowing to keep immunity at a high level, absence of frequent stresses, regular medical examination.

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