Palm D'or Hotel 4 * (Turkey / Side): photos and reviews of tourists

One of the most famous and most visited resort regions in Turkey is Side. Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world, including our compatriots, stay here. This area attracts travelers not only excellent beaches, magnificent nature and a lot of cultural and historical monuments, but also the presence of hotels and entertainment for every taste. If you, following the example of tens of thousands of our compatriots, have decided to spend your vacation in Side, Palm D’or Hotel 4 * will be a good option for comfortable and budget accommodation. About what awaits the guests here, and let's talk further.palm d or hotel


This 4 **** hotel is located in the resort village of Kumkoy. The distance to the main city of the region - Side - is only two kilometers. You can get here either by taxi or by public transport (the stop is a couple of hundred meters from the hotel). In the vicinity of Palm D’or Hotel 4 * there are a lot of restaurants, cafes, bars, various shops and souvenir shops. In a word, you won't be bored here.As for the nearest air port, it is located in the city of Antalya, 65 kilometers from Kumkoy. Thus, the journey from the airport to the hotel will take you about 1 hour.

palm d or hotel 4

As for distance from the sea, the hotel under consideration is located on the third coastline. On a hiking path to the nearest beach will take about 10-15 minutes. Several times a day, guests are provided with transfer to the coast.

Palm D’or Hotel: photos and description

This hotel was built in 2002. In 2012, there was a large-scale reconstruction. Today it has everything you need for a comfortable stay of tourists. The total area of ​​the hotel is just over five thousand square meters. Here is the only four-storey building of the hotel, as well as swimming pools, sun terrace, bar, children's and sports grounds. The territory of the hotel is small, but it has everything you need. In general, according to the majority of travelers from different countries who have visited here, Palm D'or Hotel 4 * is great for unassuming tourists who do not plan to spend their entire holiday in the hotel, but wish to combine a beach holiday with a rich excursion program offered by Turkish Side region.With regard to the contingent of guests, then there will be very comfortable as a family with children, and fun young people.

Housing stock

The four-star Palm D’or Hotel offers everyone to stay in one of 92 comfortable rooms. They are located in a four-story building. So, you can choose a single, double, triple or family room. All apartments are very spacious, so their area is from 32 to 45 square meters. All rooms have recently been redecorated. It has everything you need for a comfortable stay for hotel guests: comfortable furniture, TV (there are channels in Russian), a refrigerator, air conditioning, a balcony, and a bathroom with a hairdryer. You can also use the safe for a fee (about two dollars per day). Apartments are cleaned every day and bed linen is updated twice a week.palm d or hotel reviews

Hotel Rules

In accordance with the rules adopted at the Palm D’or Hotel, the stay of guests stays after two in the afternoon. In this case, if you arrive at the hotel earlier, subject to availability of rooms of your category, you will be offered to enter the apartment without waiting for the checkout time. As for the date of departure, the number should be released before noon.At the same time, it is necessary to pay for accommodation (if you have not paid in advance for the ticket at the travel agency) and the use of additional services. This can be done both in cash and plastic cards ("Visa", "Mastercard", "American Express", "Maestro").

Since Palm D’or is also positioning itself as a family hotel, tourist accommodation with children of different ages is welcome. Each room can be fitted with either one child or one adult bed. The need for such a service is recommended to inform the hotel administration in advance. As for pets, then placing them on site, according to internal rules, is not allowed.


The four-star Palm D’or Hotel is an all-inclusive hotel. A buffet is served in the hotel’s restaurant several times a day. The hotel also has several bars where you can treat yourself to your favorite soft and strong drinks. If you want to diversify your diet, then there is always the opportunity to eat in one of the restaurants, of which there are many in the vicinity of the hotel in question.Here you will be offered perfectly cooked dishes of both Turkish and international cuisine.palm d or hotel 4 reviews

Entertainment and Infrastructure

On the territory of Palm D’or Hotel 4 * there are indoor and outdoor pools. There is also a water slide and a “splash pool” for the little ones. Near the pools there is a spacious sun terrace. There are always plenty of sun beds and umbrellas.

The hotel has no private beach. The nearest to the hotel is municipal. You can reach it in about 10 minutes. Here you can rent a sun lounger and parasol for an additional fee, or simply sit on the sand on a towel brought with you.

palm d or hotel 4 side

The hotel does not provide an animation program. Turkish evenings are held here a couple of times a week. Also every day in the bar playing nice music.

Those who want to relax and spend time with the use of their body and health can visit the local Hammam. Here you will be offered a massage and a number of other procedures.

Palm D’or Hotel 4 *: reviews of Russian tourists

Today, most people who are going to go on vacation abroad, no longer want to be content solely with information about a particular place or hotel offered by managers at travel agencies.A modern traveler tries to collect all the data himself in order to be completely confident in the correctness of his choice. In particular, he is studying the comments of other tourists who have visited a particular resort or stay in a particular hotel. In order to save you a lot of time searching and reading reviews, we suggest that you read this article with a generalized opinion of our compatriots, who this year had a chance to spend their holidays in Palm D’or Hotel 4 * (Side, Turkey). A little ahead, we note that the majority of guests were quite pleased with this hotel. According to them, living in this hotel is well worth the money spent. But first things first.

The hotel itself and its territory

As for the rooms of the Palm D’or Hotel 4 *, reviews of which we are considering, they are to the liking of almost all travelers. As our compatriots notice, the apartments here are largely drawn not only by four, but also by five stars. So, the rooms are quite spacious, with all the necessary furniture and appliances. It is noticeable that redecoration was recently made. As for plumbing, then, according to our compatriot, it literally shines with cleanliness. All in good condition.If there were any breakdowns, then after contacting the reception they were eliminated very quickly. Also, many guests were pleased by the fact that the rooms are carried out every day very high-quality cleaning. True, some guests indicated that there was a weak Wi-Fi signal in their rooms. As a rule, this applies to guests staying on the upper floors. But it didn’t spoil the rest for someone, since you could always use good internet in the lobby or by the pool.

The territory of the Palm D’or Hotel 4 * is small, but there is enough space for everyone here. According to the tourists, everything is clean and well maintained.hotel palm d or hotel

Guest comments about food

As in the case of other hotels in Turkey and other countries, the most heated disputes between tourists erupt when it comes to food. The Palm D’or Hotel 4 * (Side) was no exception. So, some guests claim that they were not satisfied with the food here. However, the majority of our compatriots says that if you wish, you can always find something to “cling to” even in a five-star hotel. In their opinion, the food here was quite good and tasty. Of course, a little lacked the variety of dishes. However, no one remained hungry here.Chicken dishes were served most often, but you could also try fish and meat. It was always possible to eat fresh fruit, as well as delicious sweets.palm d or hotel

Opinion of tourists about entertainment and infrastructure

Since the vast majority of travelers go to the coast of Turkey for a beach holiday, this item is especially interesting for those who are just planning a trip while studying information about a particular hotel. The Palm D’or Hotel, which we are reviewing today, does not have a private beach. To the coast from it, according to our compatriots, to walk at a leisurely pace for about ten minutes. The beach is municipal. For renting a lounger on it you will have to pay about two dollars. However, many hotel guests simply laid towels on the sand and placed on them completely free of charge. As for entering into the water, according to tourists, it is very pleasant. However, sometimes there are large stones, so care should be taken.

As for entertainment in the hotel itself, according to our compatriots, there are not so many of them. So, there are two swimming pools - adult and children. In addition, there are water slides, which include twice a day.Lovers of spending time by the pool were satisfied. Since the Palm D’or Hotel (Turkey, Side) is a relatively small hotel, animation is not provided here. So, until ten in the evening music is played, and anyone can dance. But there is no special entertainment program for adults or children. In general, this circumstance pleased rather than disappointed our compatriots.

Many guests also spoke positively about the local Hammam. According to them, very skilled masseurs work there. Most visitors were very pleased with their services.

Experienced travelers also warn people planning to come to this hotel that beach towels are not issued here. Therefore, you will have to either buy them on site or bring them with you from home. In addition, please note that there is a shop on the territory of the Palm D’or Hotel 4 *. However, experienced tourists do not recommend buying anything unnecessary in it. The fact is that prices here are much higher than in retail outlets outside the hotel.

Staff Impressions

Relevant reviews of staff at the Palm D’or Hotel are generally generally positive.So, according to most tourists, all the staff here are very friendly and helpful. Residents claim that none of their requests remained unfulfilled. In addition, many were pleased with the attitude in this hotel to cleanliness. So, according to our compatriots, everything is just shining here! And this applies not only to rooms, but also to all other hotel rooms.

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