Optimization of the computer using the program

Surely, many users noticed that over time, Windows starts to behave somewhat strangely - it “slows down”, does not perceive some processes or opening applications, and in general, there is no agility that was after installing the “OS” from scratch. The reasons for this behavior of the entire system can be quite a lot. Now, perhaps, let us dwell on what constitutes computer optimization by software methods.

Computer slowdown: reasons

The situation with the slowdown sooner or later manifests itself in almost every user. Therefore, the optimization of the computer is impossible without an understanding of the main reasons affecting the reduction in speed and stability of the entire system.

computer optimization

The most important reasons are the following:

  • excessive load on the CPU, as a result of which its temperature rises;
  • lack of RAM or virtual memory;
  • the presence of "garbage" in the system (unused files and programs, residual files after deleting applications, duplicate files, incorrect or obsolete entries in the registry);
  • the presence of fragmented data in the system;
  • constant work of heavyweight background services and running processes, unused drivers or dynamic libraries, etc.

Windows tools for system optimization

Now we will not go into the details of upgrading the hardware, but let's talk about what computer cleaning and optimization is used for using software.

The fact is that at the software level, in most cases, there are many problems with speed. Any computer optimization program can easily identify these causes. Unfortunately, the "OSes" of the Windows family of own means, which allow to improve the parameters of the functioning of the entire system, are not particularly relevant. Well, unless change of parameters of the paging file or control of elements of autoload.

computer optimization program

For inexperienced users, it’s better not to joke with the swap file - this is what is called “ditching” the entire system. But you can experiment with autoloading.By the way, this is the first way to shut off unnecessary elements that can very heavily load system resources. For example, such optimization of a computer (Windows 7 on board or another family system) can be done using the Run menu (Win + R keys), where the msconfig command is entered in the field.

computer performance optimization

There are several tabs in the window. We are interested in the "General", "Startup" and "Processes" tabs. In the first tab, you can specify options for downloading basic common elements, where you can optionally enable or disable the specified options. But it is better to start using the “Startup” tab, where it is desirable to remove checkmarks from all elements, except, say, antivirus and ctfmon service (indicator of the language bar in the system tray).

In the "Processes" tab, you can disable unnecessary services, but here you need to know exactly how disabling a particular component will affect the entire system. At the same time, it is advisable not to touch Microsoft services. Ordinary user enough and disable the startup items.

Optimization of the computer operation also implies the use of standard disk cleaning and defragmentation.Disk cleaning (as well as defragmentation) can be triggered by pressing the right mouse button (mouse) on the disk or partition icon in the same explorer, then going to the “Properties” line, and then (if necessary) to the “Service” tab.

program to optimize the computer

Defragmentation, as a program to optimize the computer, can be called from the list of standard utilities. The same applies to the applet, which is responsible for cleaning the disk.

computer optimization windows 7

But, as practice shows, Windows’s own tools are quite impractical. It is better to use third-party utilities, which have much more opportunities.

Basic optimization parameters

As for the main aspects, optimization of a computer (depending on the type of application) can include quite a lot of modules. The basis of the functional set of almost all applications of this type can be found cleaning and repairing registry entries, cleaning the hard disk, checking labels, optimizing CPU and RAM usage, defragmentation, etc.

This, so to speak, is a basic set. Less common is defragmenting the registry, fixing security vulnerabilities, deleting suspicious or malicious files and codes like antivirus, speeding up Internet connections and much more.It all depends on what program is used to optimize the computer in each case.

Types of programs for optimization

Among the applications of this type, two main types can be distinguished: specialized programs that are responsible for a specific function (for example, cleaning a hard disk) and universal software packages that combine many standard and additional modules.

Disk Cleanup

As a rule, any program for optimizing a computer has such a function in the basic set. Interestingly, in this case, the capabilities of third-party applications significantly exceed the Windows tools, since I can not only remove the standard “garbage” from the system, but also offer, for example, unused programs for uninstallation. Among other things, some applications automatically find files that take up a lot of space on the hard drive, but do not affect the system components.

computer optimization windows 7 program

Another interesting property is the search for duplicate files in the system. Computer optimization here is based on the fact that the program scans files for duplication, matching the name, size, initial creation date, attributes,content and even checksums. So do not be surprised if a system of identical files is found in the system.


The registry is a special system. She is responsible for the functioning of the entire "OSes" and installed programs. For example, when you start the system or call any application, the corresponding key or entry in the registry is accessed. It is clear that the system scans the entire registry for the search for a given parameter. If there are too many entries in the registry (especially obsolete or incorrect), the download will take a very long time. Correcting or deleting keys or entries shortens the search time.

computer cleaning and optimization

Registry defragmentation is akin to defragmenting a hard disk, when the most frequently used entries are moved to the fastest areas to speed up access.

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As for defragmentation, this is a very useful thing. First of all, it is designed to accelerate access to applications that the user uses most often. Optimization of the computer in this case is due to the movement of clusters and sectors in the fastest areas of the hard disk.

computer optimization

What is most interesting, in different programs defragmentation is done in different ways. In any case, the time spent on this process using third-party utilities is much less than waiting for the work of the “native” Windows defragmenter to finish.

Computer optimization. Windows 7: Programs

If we talk about applications that are commonly called optimizers, now you can find not only that a lot, but a lot. However, among the most famous can be distinguished Advanced System Care, Ashampoo WinOptimizer, CCleaner, PC Optimizer, Glary Utilities, Windows 7 Manager and many others, the latest versions of which are compatible with Windows 7, and with Windows 8, and even with a "raw" system Windows 10.

computer optimization windows 7

These are completely autonomous packages that include the maximum number of modules for all occasions. Almost all programs have a standard one-click quick clean feature. In principle, the user does not even need to call each module separately. It is enough to use the standard settings or select the necessary components to run.

We are no longer talking about uninstallers like iObit Unnistaller, which remove programs from the system completely and completely, without leaving any “garbage” after them in the form of files on disk or registry entries. In this regard, the standard Windows uninstaller loses in all respects.

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