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The scope of Internet trading is extremelycompetitive. There are dozens of large stores that constantly improve the quality of their services, increase the level of service and apply various marketing tricks that allow attracting more customers. All this, of course, creates additional difficulties for competitors, but at the same time increases the degree of customer satisfaction from classroom service in the store.

Today we will talk about one of the mostold online shops, which has been operating for over 18 years. It is called "OnLine Trade". The feedback left by the users who made the order here, note that the store every year only improves its service, offering various innovations for customers. And in general, taking into account such a serious age, this store can surely please everyone not only with the price, but also with the speed of delivery of the goods, because, as indicated on their official website, all products are located in their own warehouses, without involving outsiders with their warehouses.

Well, let's not for nothing praise the service, ohwhich has not yet been told enough information. Now we will carry out the description of the store, determine its advantages and disadvantages and, of course, turn to the left recommendations about "OnLine Trade". Feedback in this case can be a guide to how the store works, what it offers and so on.

online trade reviews

general characteristics

So, as we already noted above, this storealready more than 18 years (he began to work since 1998). Not surprisingly, the model by which it functions in the market was successful, as the service worked without interruptions and only expanded, increasing the range, increasing the base of customers.

A feature of the resource is access to its databasegoods that are stored in their warehouse. This (judging by the information on the company's website) allows you not to worry about the additional delivery of the ordered by the buyer things from someone else's warehouse. More specifically, we are talking about more than 10 thousand units of goods (which already indicates the possibility of choice).

By the way, as for the assortment, he is herealso at a sufficiently high level. So, the store has not only a section with electronics or food, there are some additional products, such as shoes and clothes, sports goods, books, pet products and so on. That is, the store really has a huge product base, in which you can search for items of interest to you.

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Real stores

In the model on which "OnLine Trade" works(feedback is confirmed), there is one huge difference, if you compare it with other online stores. It is a network of own real points of receipt of goods, which totals more than 120 points throughout the country. This is not just an online shop, represented by a single office, but a full-fledged network of real electronics stores. What does it mean?

First of all, the customer has the opportunityto familiarize with the goods. You simply do not need to buy a "cat in a sack", because here, at the "OnLine Trade" point (the reviews also draw attention to this), you can hold in your hands what you will buy. And this is important, because it's about expensive electronics .

In addition, as you understand, the levelservice in the store, which works through real offices, is much higher than in the office, whose office is unknown where. In any case, you can apply here, and you will be provided with all the necessary information and will provide qualified support.

online trade reviews

Buyer's Club

As the "OnLine Trade" reports showcustomers, this platform during all the years of its work kept a high level of loyalty to customers. In addition to quality service and constant support, the store can also offer participation in a special club called "ON-Bonus". Already by its name you can guess that this is a certain community of buyers who are offered access to permanent bonuses and discounts operating in the store. The whole system works not only in the discount mode, but also as a cumulative mechanism.

On the one hand, as evidenced by the ", this site sends out special offers to participants of its club in the form of lower prices for certain goods.On the other hand, the more purchases a customer makes, the more bonuses he has left on his account.In the future he can spend them, again, to purchase new products in this store.It turns out that in any case, the online store "OnLine Trade" (reviews of which we will introduce a little further) is an advantageous place for shopping!

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User comfort

Do not forget here and about such an important point in thework, as convenience and comfort of the buyer. In fact, this is a very important aspect in the activity of any store, since it determines how satisfied the customer will be after the order he has completed.

By "comfort" we mean every detail,every detail that is present in the company's work. For example, the reviews describing the work with "OnLine Trade" (Moscow) say that it is quite easy to order the goods that you are interested in. There is no need to fill a huge number of unnecessary fields and leave a lot of information about yourself. The customer can make a purchase very quickly and with minimal effort.

Information support

Next - an alert. Agree, when we made an order in an online shop, we would like to know everything about its condition: where our package is, at what stage of delivery it is, how soon we will be in our hands. And in this regard, as shown by the dedicated "OnLine Trade.Ru" reviews, the store can please us. After all, there operates its own SMS alert system, thanks to which the client remains aware of what is happening with his order. It is convenient and at the same time useful for the service itself, because the buyer realizes that they are showing some concern about him and are carefully informed about his purchase.

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So, we already reported that the store's website presents a huge assortment of goods. What comes in here, how do you know what you can order in this shop?

As shown on the official store page,There are many different categories of goods available for purchase. In particular, this is the mentioned electronics, clothing and footwear, pet products. We also did not mention office supplies, beauty and health products, car accessories, necessary things for construction and repair, musical instruments, children's products, gifts and so on. There are a lot of names of goods here. In addition to the fact that their list is listed on the page, there is also a figure indicating the number of units of a specific item. For example, under the heading "Hours and Gifts" there are more than 6700 items, and in the section "Tablets and laptops" - only 1705. The most numerous, of course, is the category with clothes and shoes, where about 18 thousand items are placed.

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However, a wide range of products isalways good. And what about the delivery? How can a customer receive his order? What do you need to do for this, and how much will it cost? We answer: on the site of the store there is a special information section with the appropriate name. It says that there are three types of delivery: standard, day-to-day and urgent. The first implies getting the goods on the next day at a shipping cost of 300 rubles and more. The price for the second starts at 400 rubles, while the goods are delivered between 16 and 22 hours on the same day that the order was placed. Therefore, the user must complete the purchase before 16:00. Urgent delivery in this store is performed for 1-2 hours, while its cost is from 890 rubles and above (depending on the size and weight of the goods).

The shops

With regard to the addresses of goods delivery points(representative offices of the company), they can also be found on the official website. Let's say that there are 54 of them in the capital and the Moscow region. In Tver and Kaluga there are 2 of them, in Nizhny Novgorod - 5, in Samara, Rostov-on-Don and Novosibirsk - 2, in Saratov, Orel - 1 and so on. A total of 120 shops operate throughout the country.


Learn how to contactrepresentatives of the company, is also easy. To do this, go to the appropriate tab on the site, where the phone, mail box and real, physical address of the representative office (central office) of the store are indicated. So, to get through to the sales department, you need to dial the number: +7 (495) 225-95-22 or +8 (800) 555-40-94. To communicate by e-mail, you need to use the address [email protected] Here you can find contacts for contacts with offices from other cities of Russia, as well as bank details for payment of goods by the buyer.

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Customer Testimonials

So, you learned a lot of information about thisstore. Now I would like to bring the recommendations of the buyers regarding "OnLine Trade". Reviews of employees will be published a little further (we also decided to pay attention to them).

Buyers in their comments most oftenevaluate the work of the store on "excellent". It can be seen that the users are really satisfied with the speed of order processing, the quality of personnel work and even the prices that are present in the store. We managed to find a lot of positive feedback and only a handful of negative ones. The latter referred to the work of some specific employees. Moreover, all comments of this kind were answered by the representative of the store, in which they asked to specify the information for further "investigation" of how the employee actually behaved.

This, in turn, creates an excellent impressionabout the store, which very quickly reacts to any violations by the staff and tries to please the client. With this approach, you want to buy again. And because of the 39,000 reviews we found on one site, the absolute majority is positive, we can state with confidence the high quality of the work of such a shop as "OnLine Trade".

Reviews about the employer

In addition to the recommendations left by clients,I would like to draw attention to the fact that sellers and managers write about their work in the company. To do this, we visit other sites on which comments of employees are left. From them it becomes clear that the bosses of the store are serious about their personnel. Here, judging by the responses, there is a system of monitoring personnel and working fines that can be applied in case of violations. Therefore, all employees are advised to act strictly according to the instructions.

The fact that there is a friendly team herealmost all the feedback on the work in "OnLine Trade." People write that colleagues often help, prompt, extend a helping hand, if necessary. At the same time, the heads of warehouses negatively characterize here.

As show characterizing the store "OnLineTrade "staff reviews (Moscow), some managers abuse their authority altogether, deceiving the higher leadership, but all comments with this message concerned only one warehouse. It is possible that its leaders have already been replaced.

And in general about the store they write quite the samepositively. For example, the positive moment is that the company "OnLine Trade" (employee feedback confirms this) cares about the career development of its employees. Here they help to get some new skills, to develop skills. All this will come in handy in the future, even if a person moves on to a new job.


As the "OnLine Trade" reports showabout the store, the latter has been operating for more than 18 years. During this time, millions of items were sold here. In the club of buyers (at the time of writing the article) involved more than 500 thousand people. Obviously, these figures are the best indicator, how well the entire service is organized, and how actively it continues to develop.

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