On the "Autocvet" of the Partners No

When choosing a brand-new car one of theThe most important parameters is, of course, its color. The specificity of Russian roads, and more correctly, off-road, has led to the fact that among domestic motorists white color is the least popular and in local auto markets, "dairy" cars are traditionally the cheapest. The most popular are gray, black, dark blue colors, as well as metallic shades.
However, according to internationalresearchers, the white color of cars abroad is very popular. Buy a snow-white Chevrolet Lacetti hatchback dreams of most car enthusiasts and the North American continent. But light gray and silver cars are steadily losing their fans, although they still have a fairly significant market share. According to DuPont, one of the world's leading manufacturers of car paint, all color variations of cars can be divided into four main groups: "night", "day", "evening" and "morning." The category "morning" is traditionally used for cars that have successfully passed all the tests for environmental friendliness. Today in the West, light, pastel colors prevail in almost all areas: in interiors, in clothing, in the design of packaging, and, of course, in cars. The task of "daylight" tones is to put emphasis on the means of transportation themselves. Such bright, catchy, saturated colors are used mainly for small-sized city cars. "Evening" group accents a few more quiet shades, but here it does not do without emotions. A deep, noble dark color is the "night" group.
However massively popular is not only sparkling whitethe color of modern lachettes and Aveo, but also all its shades and variations: pearl, caramel, melted milk and others. All of the above colors are in the lead in the preferences of car owners in North America and Asia.
Further in the rating of preferences - saturated blackand silver, but today the most common are their tinted variations. When applying the technique of three-layer paint application - base, main color, pigments and special effect - it is possible to get a rather complex color output, thanks to which luxurious color combinations appear on the wings and bonnet of the car. Current at the moment are also pure colors, among which red and blue are preferred. By the way, it is blue that has all the chances to get out in the number of leaders. However, in Russia and Eastern Europe, the favorite is still black, the people of Asia give primacy to white, and Hispanics buy cars of these flowers in equal parts.

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