Now I know everything about carpets

Photo on the background of the carpet, remember?
But this is also art. Modern.
You can not even imagine in what interpretations it is possible to imagine the most ordinary carpet.
The day before yesterday I visited the exhibition of contemporary art, where the main "heroes" were carpets and everything related to them. What I just didn’t see enough there ... And the feminine, embroidered panties, and woven threads under the skin of the palms, and the carpet that our grandmothers have been weaved according to a clever mathematical formula for 11 years and are not even going to finish this carpet.
Work never ends
2. I came to this beautiful exhibition quite by accident: I flew to Tyumen for business with my friends and they dragged me to the opening of the 4th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art.
I don’t really have an exhibition walker in Moscow, but there are only two days in the city, time is running out and they tell me: "Let's get away, it should be unusual."
I did not regret at all. And talked perfectly, and with pleasure looked at the carpets in different guises.
Work never ends
3. Before showing photographs of unusual exhibits, there will be this snapshot of huge coils with carpets wound around them at the entrance to the exposition.
This is supposedly a traditional Tyumen carpet.When I heard this phrase, a little podvis. Traditional Tyumen carpet. So is there still a traditional Ryazan, Perm and maybe even a Moscow carpet? I always thought it was a trick of the Caucasian, Central Asian and Middle Eastern peoples, and here a traditional Tyumen carpet ...
It turns out that this black background and flowers on it are the very traditional Tyumen carpet.
By the way, at the request of the "traditional Moscow carpet" Google offered Armenian and Iranian carpets ...
Work never ends
4. Okay, back to the show.
“Work never ends” - Tyumen special project within the framework of the 4th Biennale. And his main idea is hand-made carpet weaving as a long, complicated and laborious process.
To be honest, before this I had never really thought about it about the complexity and laboriousness of the process, although I had been to the carpet factories in Isfahan and Yerevan. And in general, for me, a carpet is always just a carpet. And so, the first steps to the exhibitions and ... on the left is that very ordinary carpet, and even in the installation with the very same pictures "on the background of the carpet", on which everyone who is not lazy, but on the contrary, is in our time ... A completely different his interpretation.
Work never ends
5. This is the installation of Alice Gorshenina "We are with you of the same blood."
In her idea, she pushed off the hides hanging on the walls, like ancestral heritage.In her works "skins" are created from the usual things of their mother and grandmothers.
Work never ends

6. Incredibly bold installation of Roman Mokrov "Photo on the background of the carpet."
He simply offered everyone to take a photo on the background of the carpet and upload these pictures as avatars on the social network.
Scoring on the opinions and banter of others.
Well, I collected part of the photo for my installation ...
Work never ends

7. Scribbled by Michele Jangrande from Italy.
The annotation says that the author turns a traditional oriental carpet into material for his own artistic statement, first of all depriving the carpet of its main function: in such a meaningless form it can no longer be the subject of the interior.
Well, I will allow myself to disagree with the author, and I would love to buy such a carpet home and even make a photo on its background ..
Work never ends
8. Series of Olga Subbotina and Mikhail Pavlyukevich "Bear for sale".
Bear according to the authors of the cast iron, as befits a Ural bear. And this does not prevent him from riding a scooter, fighting with a man and having a lower part surprisingly similar to human
Work never ends

9. "The Route" by Yevgeny Machnev.
The work is devoted to the cult 36 tram route for St. Petersburg people, which connected Peter with Strelna and stretched as much as 66 kilometers.
On a long, multi-meter carpet, the author shows a panorama from a window through the eyes of a passenger of this tram.
Work never ends

10. "Cloto" by Tatiana Akhmetgalieva.
The idea of ​​the installation is based on the ancient myth of the Greek goddess - Moira Cloto. She was represented in the form of a spinner, which strings together one event in life after another on the thread of fate.
Here, too, you can see a multidimensional picture, where semi-transparent, unfinished portraits are connected to each other by almost invisible threads in light, wound on large heavy coils.
Work never ends
Work never ends
11. One of the most impressive works is “The Work Never Finishes,” by Eliza Bennett from the UK.
She creates pictures on her own palms, weaving colored threads under the top layer of leather.
From the side, the patterns look like rubbed calluses, which the artist wants to show. They say that cleaning, ironing, cooking and sewing are not so easy things to do and they also leave the calluses on the hands of a woman.
Work never ends

12. "With the holiday of all rights!" from the creative association "Nadya"
A chronology of the development of women's rights has been embroidered on the women's clothing.
In the description of the work, it is said that the artists wanted to show how ambiguous the female "purpose" was and what difficulties the woman still had to face while fulfilling it.
Mmmmm ..... Okay!
Work never ends
Work never ends
Work never ends
Work never ends
13.The work of Leonid Tishkov "Nameless".
In it he depicts the nameless grave of his grandfather, who was shot in 1937, which he could not find.
The black background of the carpet is the Tyumen land, on which flowers are not planted on the grave of his grandfather ...
Work never ends
14. Another "Work never ends."
This endless carpet has been woven since 2006, moving from exhibition to exhibition.
As long as the exposure lasts, one of the grandmothers crochets loops of one color or another to the carpet - each exhibition is different.
Work never ends

15. "Knitman" by Leonid Tishkov.
The author tied up a spacesuit from various items of old, useless clothing that his relatives were about to throw away. "I turned the folk Ural craft of knitting rugs into a magical ritual of returning the spirit of ancestors, interweaving of souls into a spiral of eternity, into a cocoon of memory," the author tells about his work.
Work never ends
16. Work without name Faig Ahmed from Azerbaijan.
By the way, a very cool carpet with a 3D ornament.
Work never ends
17. In fact, there are quite a few installations and single works at the exhibition, I showed only a part of them.
Work never ends
18. Among other things, the exhibition “Work never ends” at the 4th Ural Industrial Biennale opened a new museum complex to them.Slovtsov, which is also planned to be made a museum with permanent expositions, and an exhibition space for such traveling exhibitions and projects.

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