Notebook HP Probook 4530s: characteristics, comparison with peers and reviews of performance

If there is a company that believes business notebooks should look as good as they work, it’s HP. Just look at the ProBook 4530s with a brushed metal case, clean and beautiful, which at the same time is more powerful than a regular consumer laptop. Sold at a price of $ 729, the 15-inch machine has sufficient performance thanks to a 2.3-GHz Intel Core І5-2410M processor and a fast 500 GB hard drive with a rotational speed of 7200 rpm. HP has installed a fingerprint reader and applied face recognition technology to protect data. If you add the presence of QuickWeb to go online regardless of Windows, then you end up with one of the most versatile business notebooks.


At home in the living room, conference room or cafe, the HP ProBook 4530s will be the most attractive notebook in its class everywhere.And all this thanks to a sturdy lid and brushed aluminum finish with metallic gray accents, which HP calls "deeply anodized." The screen is framed with dark black plastic and mounted on silver droplets. Above the black keyboard extends a long perforated metal grill of the speakers. The bottom is made of plain black plastic. The overall look is elegant, but the ProBook 4530s notebook lacks some additional enhancements to its HP EliteBook 8460p corporate counterpart, such as a rubber ring around the screen and a magnesium base. Nevertheless, he has the same waterproof keyboard.

The wide rectangular frame resting on rubber ledges weighs 2,531 kg and has dimensions of 28.7х374х256 mm. On long trips with him will not be easy, but from room to room to transfer it is easy.

According to user feedback, the quality of workmanship leaves a holistic impression; it’s not possible to detect any flaws when viewed in detail. On the other hand, the body mainly consists of simple and relatively short-lived plastic. Business laptops are locatedin the upper price segment and are able to raise the standards of high-quality metal alloys and other high-tech materials. Regarding the stability of no complaints. Even localized pressure does not cause any significant bends. Only the grille above the keyboard is slightly soft and easily deformed. The display lid can be significantly bent, but the aluminum surface prevents possible damage to the display. Pressure resistance is good. The lid is securely held in place with two massive hinges, although there is a very small gap. Despite the appearance, the mounts are not completely metallic. Plastic is hidden under the panel.

In the lower part of the body, useful changes were made. Through the service panel, held by two screws under the battery, all internal space is available. According to the information on the HP website, the maximum amount of RAM that can be set is 8 GB for two slots. 2.5-inch hard drive is in front, replace it with a faster work will not be.

hp probook 4530s

Input Devices

Due to its wide body, the laptop boasts an extensive keyboard withdigital block on the right. Its black keys are slightly concave, pressed gently, have a deep stroke and comfortable feedback. However, instead of the button with the right arrow, the finger often hits zero.

The large touchpad of the ProBook 4530s, 93x53 mm in size, provides a good balance of friction and sliding. Synaptics is correctly located under the G and H keys and supports multi-touch gestures such as three-finger swipe, pinch-zoom, and object rotation. Scrolling is sometimes uneven, but its sensitivity cannot be adjusted. Users like discrete left and right buttons, which are pressed convincingly and without undue rigidity.

Display and audio

The HP ProBook 4530s matrix has a LED backlight, a size of 15.6 ”diagonal, a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, a brightness of 200 nits and a matte surface without glare. As with other laptops, such as the Toschiba Tecra R850, the horizontal angle deviation worsens brightness and color reproduction. According to user feedback, the display lacks contrast and a deeper black level. For example, the space plots of the classic movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” are not as dark as they should be.

hp probook 4530s laptop

Speakers ProBook 4530, located above the keyboard, according to the owners, give an impressive volume, which is enough to fill the average-sized room.Audio is enhanced by processing SRS Labs Premium Sound with pre-set equalizer settings for movies and music. Nevertheless, the tracks lack bass. External speakers or headphones can be connected via a 3.5mm stereo jack or via the HDMI output. Both ports provide excellent sound, but the final quality depends on the equipment used.

Ports and webcam

The laptop is equipped with four USB ports, two on the left and the right. One of them is high-speed USB 3.0. There is also an Ethernet port, HDMI output, VGA, power connector, a slot for a smart card and a Kensington lock. The front panel contains a universal card reader and an interface for headphones and a microphone. On the right is the SuperMulti Drive DVD drive.

Video lovers will appreciate the webcam, exciting video in 720p format. Although it is not certified for use with Skype, in 640x480 resolution the image is sufficiently clear. You can also record 720p video using ArcSoft, and it looks sharp and smooth during playback.

hp probook 4530s specifications

Noise and heat

As the users say, the fan rotates constantly, without stopping even when the laptop is idle. In a quiet place, the device produces a maximum of 34.9 dB. The cooler is noisy louder than an amazingly quiet hard drive.Under load at a distance of 15 cm, a hum is heard, reaching 41.1 dB. A positive example in this regard is the Samsung 200B5B with a similar configuration.

The HP ProBook 4530s notebook stays cool. Playing video for 15 minutes raises the temperature to 33 ° C in the area of ​​the touchpad, to 30 ° C in the center of the keyboard and to 28 ° C from the bottom. It is not too hot and below the heating temperatures of a typical laptop.


At the heart of the HP ProBook 4530s is the i5-2410M Intel Core, running at 2.3 GHz with 4 GB of RAM. The PCmark Vantage test with 6220 points is almost 800 points above the average. However, a similar configuration ThinkPad Edge E420s was able to score 6290 points.

hp probook 4530s i5

Equipped with a large 500-GB hard disk operating at 7200 rpm, the HP ProBook 4530s runs Windows 7 Professional in 58 seconds, which is 8 seconds faster than the average 15-inch laptop. Copying 5 GB of mixed media files takes 3 min 2 s, which corresponds to a data transfer rate of 38 Mbps, well above the average of 26.3 Mbps.

The HP ProBook 4530s converts a 114 MB MP4 file to AVI format in 48 seconds. It usually takes 1 minute and 12 seconds. Toshiba Tecra R850 performs this task in 41 seconds, and the Edge E420s is behind all others (55 seconds).

Graphic arts

The HP ProBook 4530s graphics card is represented by integrated graphics Intel HD 3000. In the test 3Dmark06 laptop shows a score of 3633 points.This is 300 points below the average for cars of this class, which include many laptops with discrete graphics cards, but corresponds to the Edge E420s (3627). Equipped with a more reliable Radeon HD 6450M card, the Tecra R850 laptop scores 1,000 points more.

Warcraft in native resolution with effects set to Good goes at a speed of 28 fps. This is not bad for a laptop with integrated graphics and corresponds to the performance of the ThinkPad Edge E420s (30 fps).

hp probook 4530s specifications

HP ProBook 4530s: Battery and Wireless Features

A six-cell laptop battery in the test of continuous Internet surfing over a WiFi network provides 4 hours and 53 minutes of battery life. This is an hour and a half longer than the average, but the Tecra R850 (6:34) and ThinkPad Edge (6:41) work much longer. True, the last laptop is equipped with a 14-inch screen. An advanced 9-cell battery for the 4530s costs $ 59.

Wireless access is provided by the Atheros AR9285 network card. It allows you to reach speeds of 36 Mbit / s at a distance of 5 m from the router and 21.5 Mbit / s at 15 m, which is almost identical to the average value (36.2 and 21.7 Mbit / s). The 4530s supports Bluetooth 3.0 standard for headset and speaker communications.

Small business and security

According to user feedback, one of the main advantages of the model is its security system.The laptop comes with HP protection tools, such as the Windows Password Setup Wizard and Web Services. The laptop supports several authentication methods, including face recognition, fingerprint recognition and smart card reading. After installing the system, you can easily enter the laptop with the touch of a finger or a face.

hp probook 4530s windows 7

Another security tool is disk encryption, which makes them unreadable if the device is lost or stolen. Those who are worried about loss or theft can activate Computrace, which allows you to remotely erase data and track the system. A premium package with this functionality costs $ 42.89 per year. Finally, to provide additional security for the HP ProBook 4530s, BIOS can be password protected.

Model configurations

HP ProBook 4530s cost $ 729 one step below the top configuration with a 2.3 GHz Intel Core І5-2410M processor, 4 GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard disk (7200 rpm). The cheapest ProBook 4530s ($ 579) runs on a slower 2.1-GHz Intel Core i3-2310M processor, 4 GB of RAM and 320 GB of HDD with a rotational speed of 7200 rpm. The most expensive 949-dollar HP ProBook 4530s specifications are due to the discrete graphics card Radeon HD 6490M with 1 GB of graphics memory.Consumers can create their own configurations of the 4530s, although it will be much more expensive.

hp probook 4530s bios

Software and warranty

Like other HP laptops, the ProBook 4530s comes with a large software package. It includes ArcSoft Total Media Suite, which allows owners to create, copy and view all types of digital video and audio files and burn them to DVD or CD. The 4530s also has a webcam application for taking photos and videos in 720p format. HP Power Assistant helps manage power consumption and reports to IT managers. If a problem occurs, the application scans the laptop and makes a diagnosis or helps to contact HP support. To withstand shocks and falls, 3D DriveGuard will park an optical drive or hard drive when it detects a sudden movement.

QuickWeb 3.0 runs a simple but very functional interface for online access without the help of the operating system. It is activated by pressing a special key above the digital block and gives you the opportunity to get information about the weather, time, stock prices, news and call a calculator. This is useful for travelers who need to quickly obtain the required information.

The only office application is Microsoft Office Starter 2010.To protect against viruses offered a 60-day trial version of Norton Internet Security.

HP provides the ProBook 4530s with a standard one-year warranty on parts and labor, as well as free 24/7 technical support.


ProBook 4530s found its niche. At $ 729, it offers a durable and elegant matte aluminum construction, high security and the power of a Core i5 processor. Those who wish to have discrete graphics will have to pay more. But in general, business users who need a stylish and powerful laptop, after becoming acquainted with this model, will not want to continue searching.

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