Niebler - what it is, features, types and reviews

Manufacturers of products for kids never cease to amaze young parents with original novelties. Many of them refer to those and nibler, although this is not entirely correct. Despite the fact that today this device has acquired new forms, it has become colorful and attractive, the principle of its operation was known to our great-grandmothers.

A long time ago, they successfully used an analogue of a modern nibler for children: they wrapped various products (vegetables, fruits) intended for the first feeding in a piece of clean gauze. Carrots, crackers, apples - these are products that the baby is allowed to give after six months, but their fragile structure does not exclude the risk that the child will bite off too large a piece and choke on them.nibler what is it

This possibility was partially excluded by the same grandmother's gauze. The piece placed in it was not in a very strong, but in a protective sheath. The baby sucked it, chewed it, rubbed on the gums, and at the same time received a healthy and tasty product in small portions.

What is a nibler

History is silent about who decided to restore the old device, giving it an attractive appearance and making it more convenient for the baby and mother. Probably, many young parents already know that a nibbler is such a small device that looks like a pacifier. The rubber “pear” at its end was replaced by a bag of nylon mesh with small holes or made of silicone, into which pieces of fruit and vegetables can be laid.Silicone nibler

We add that the nibbler is such an accessory that is very convenient when introducing the first baby foods. Its main advantage is safety for the child.

Types of nibblers

Today, the domestic market has a huge range of niblers for children. Their design is identical, but different companies beat its design in their own way, using different materials. Adaptations differ in the form of the holder and not only.

Naturally, every mother wants to get the safest, attractive, convenient, best nibler for her own little bit. How to do this, what to look for when buying, we will describe below.nibler for children

A pen

The shape of the handle can be anything - it depends only on the imagination of the specialists of the company that developed the model. The most common classical form - the ring.It is convenient to hold the child, usually the ringlet has a relief or rubberized surface. At the same time, a straight handle (such models are also represented on the market) contributes to the development of a grasping reflex in a baby.

Why do I need a cap

When choosing a nibler, pay attention to this detail. It is an indisputable advantage of the device that protects the mesh and, of course, the product in it from contamination.

Niebler with mesh

Net container for such models made of high quality nylon. The nets of this material darken and wear out pretty quickly, but they can be easily replaced: some models are equipped with spare containers, and they can also be purchased separately. The mesh is very strong, so the kid with his sharp teeth is unlikely to be able to bite through it. The handle and ring are made of impact resistant plastic. niebler reviews

Description of the nibler silicone: reviews

Many parents prefer such models. Why? Silicone is a hypoallergenic material that has no taste or smell, so it will not cause any harm to the baby. Silicone nibler perfectly retains its shape - it does not need to be maintained. It is easy to clean and more hygienic.It can be washed thoroughly and even boiled, which cannot be said about nylon nets, which can simply “boil” and change shape.

According to parents, a silicone nibbler is more pleasant for children, because it resembles a nipple they are used to. Such devices do not change color under the influence of vegetable and fruit juices. At the same time, a silicone nibler has one drawback - when a nozzle fails, it is almost impossible to buy a spare one. And yet, parents give the palm to these models.nibler from what age

I must say that both types of niblerov absolutely safe for kids. But when buying, we should not forget that the product should appeal to the baby. Otherwise, he simply would not take it in handles.

When can i use a nibbler

This is a very important question, which undoubtedly interests all parents. At what age does a nibbler not only interest the baby, but also be useful to him? As follows from the foregoing, such an adaptation will be needed by the time of the first feeding, that is, by six months of age. For the smallest size of the mesh (container) is smaller, and the holes in it are smaller.Accordingly, for older children, these parameters increase.

All characteristics are indicated on the nibbler's packaging: from what age you can give the child what material is used. If you do not find such information, contact your dealer for assistance. It should show you the size of the grid. If it is small and oblong in shape (regardless of material), then the nibler is designed for babies up to 8 months. best nibler

Selection rules

Choosing a nibbler, first of all take care of the safety of your child. Look at the fastener: it should not open too easily. There must be a protective cap on the feeder. In this case, you can close it and take the device for a walk or on the road. Nibler has nozzles of various sizes, which should also be considered when buying. Small - for six-seven months babies. Medium - for babies of seven or eight months or large babies. Large - for children older than eight months. Some manufacturers advise not to abandon the use of niblerov after a year, but most often the need for them by then disappears.

Knowing that a nibbler is such a necessary device for a baby, be attentive to his choice. Do not be tempted by the low price of products of unfamiliar companies: sometimes the health of a child may depend on it. And in order to make it easier for you to navigate a large assortment, we will introduce you to some well-known brands.

Nuby (United States)

World-famous brand that specializes in the production of products for kids. It should be noted that this company was the first in the Russian market to introduce a nibler, which looks like a rattle. The handle is made of rubberized plastic, painted in a bright color. In the models of the brand both net and silicone containers are used, where products of different shape and volume can easily fit.niebler with mesh

Products of this company are widely represented in the pharmacy chain. According to reviews, a famous brand niebler has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of such products parents include:

  • the opportunity to purchase in any city;
  • original and colorful design that kids like;
  • Two color options - pink and blue, which allows you to choose a product that matches the floor of the child.


  • cost is higher than other analogs (from 400 rubles);
  • so bright and comfortable handle niblera that sometimes it attracts the attention of the child even more than the contents of the container.

And at the same time, parents believe that the company's products deserve attention.

"World of childhood" (Russia)

Nimbler for children from Russian manufacturers in quality is not inferior to foreign counterparts, and its cost is much lower (from 220 rubles). Products are equipped with nylon bags. how to use a nibler

In retail chains, they are called "a feeding net." These devices have some design features. Handle rounded shape, convenient for the baby. The advantages of niblera "World of Childhood" mothers include:

  • low cost;
  • the presence of interchangeable nozzles;
  • convenient design in which the baby is interested in the contents of the container.


  • problematic to buy in small towns;
  • the contents of the nylon mesh sometimes flows not only into the child's mouth, but also to the sides.

MamaSense (UK)

Products of the English brand, entering the Russian market under the name of Frutteyker. Available only in silicone version. The container holds its shape perfectly, and numerous small holes allow the crumbs to “get” the supplements.

A rounded pen resembles a model from TM "World of Childhood." In addition, the device can be fixed on the highchair so that it does not occasionally end up on the floor.nibler silicone reviews


  • the denser structure of the container does not allow the contents to splatter on the sides;
  • gums are better massaged;
  • The size of the net is small: it is great for babies up to eight months.


  • the price of the fixture is higher than from Russian manufacturers (from 350 rubles);
  • Replaceable nozzles are not provided.

And once again returning to the question "which nibbler is better," it should be said that only a child can give an answer to it. On this account there is no consensus, therefore, most likely, you will have to try and net, and silicone model.


The overwhelming majority of moms believe that a nibbler is a device that is easy and convenient to handle. When purchasing a product, open the package, wash all parts in a soapy solution, rinse several times under running water. Nylon containers should not be treated with boiling water, as they can be deformed. It remains to put a treat in the container and tighten the device.

Do not leave a child alone with a nibbler, especially if it is a question of a product of a little-known manufacturer in the Russian market. It should be borne in mind that an insistent kid can bite through the mesh or shove the device into the mouth too deep. After use, remove any food residue from the container and wash it thoroughly with soap and water.nibler what is it

Over time, the tank of nylon mesh begins to darken. Do not be afraid of this: the material is colored with natural dyes, so its use can be continued. Replacement is necessary only in the case when you notice microdamages on the mesh.

Customer Reviews

Most parents believe that the nibler helps during the introduction of complementary foods. The advantages of the feeder are in ease of use and its versatility. The devices of well-known manufacturers are safe and allow you to give children food with a solid texture. Niebler helps the baby in a very difficult period when teeth erupt. Kids at this time like to chew on embossed hard objects, as this reduces the soreness of the gums.

Moms who already know how to use a sibler are advised not to save on this device, because the quality and well-being of your baby depends on how well it is made, what materials are used in its manufacture.

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