Natalya Timakova: biography, personal life

Women of Russia at all times have argued that they can work for the good of their country, and rushed into the highest echelons of power. In this case, the ladies did not lose their feminine attractiveness and beauty, this was noted by foreign ambassadors during the reign of Elizabeth and Catherine.

The amazing combination of a sharp mind, charm and tremendous ability to work distinguishes our women from Europeans. Therefore, even women who are directly related to politics, cause a lot of sympathy among the population. We will talk about one of such representatives of the fair sex today. Natalya Timakova, press secretary to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, is a truly extraordinary young woman. And the path that she has taken to the current situation in the Kremlin can serve as an illustration of the notes about the heroes of our time.

Natalya Timakova

Natalia Timakova's childhood

Natalia was born on the twelfth of April 1975. At that time, no one could have imagined that the same Natalya Timakova was born in the city of Alma-Ata. The nationality of the girl is often discussed, although she is a native of Kazakhstan.

In the suburban town where the parents had moved after the birth of the daughter, the young Natasha felt quite calm. Mom and Dad girls were engineers and worked in a closed enterprise. From an early age, Natalya became accustomed to independence and often spent time taking care of her younger brother. At school, she did not differ in special talents and, until entering Moscow State University, could not decide on the choice of a future profession.

Years of study at the university and the first attempt at writing

Natalia Timakova entered the faculty of philosophy at Moscow State University, this science has long been attracted to the closed girl. As it turned out, the choice was made correctly, and in the first year of study she suddenly discovered in herself a writer's gift. At first, numerous articles, essays, and other works went "on the table," but in the third year she decided to try herself in the field of journalism and got a job as a freelance correspondent for the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets. The talent of the girl quickly opened her way to the world of politics. After a year of hard work, Natalia Timakova got into a group of journalists covering the election campaign of Boris Yeltsin.For a young girl it was just an incredible chance that she used one hundred percent.

From this moment it was difficult to separate from each other such concepts as politics and Natalia Timakova. The girl's biography could have been completely different, but a lucky chance or a providence opened to her the world of politics, which enabled the talented journalist to fully express herself.

In 1997, she left Moskovsky Komsomolets, moving to a more prestigious job.

Timakova Natalya Alexandrovna

Stages of career growth: the way to the Kremlin

In her last year at the university, a purposeful girl got a job as a political columnist at the Kommersant publishing house. In two years of work, she moved up the career ladder and became a senior correspondent. In parallel, in 1998 she graduated from Moscow State University and became a graduate. It was then that Natalya Timakova was noticed by Mikhail Komissar, who at that time was the head of the Interfax news agency. He saw in the young woman all the qualities that should be present in the born leaders, and became a real guardian angel, supporting her in all matters.

Literally after six months of work, in October 1999, Natalya Timakova received an incredible offer — she was recommended for the position of the press secretary of Prime Minister Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. In parallel, the girl was appointed deputy Andrei Krotkov, who is the director of the Department of Government Information. These were the first steps that Natalia Alexandrovna Timakova made on the way to consolidating her position among the Kremlin’s political elite of Russia.

Natalya Timakova biography

Career takeoff: 2000-2004

The two thousand year was a landmark for Timakova. She was invited to work in the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation for a leadership position. Such a chance a young and ambitious woman could not miss. In parallel, she was left as deputy head of the presidential press service of the Russian Federation. For two years of work, she remained in her position, regardless of the change of management. Natalia proved to be a high professional, and the promotion was not long in coming.

In 2002, Timakova Natalia Alexandrovna became the head of the presidential press service department and is the deputy press secretary of the president.One could only dream of such a career takeoff, so a lot of rumors began to circulate about a woman. She was accused of lack of talent, which she successfully replaces with big money, providing her a place in the Kremlin.

In fact, everyone who worked with Natalia noted her phenomenal performance and hard work. She was able to stay on her feet literally for days, while remaining in a great mood and physical condition. Far from all men can withstand such a pace, to say nothing of a fragile and tender woman.

But, oddly enough, Natalya Timakova coped with absolutely all the responsibilities. It seemed that it was not at all the fact that every day worries became more and more. She performed a lot of functions at the same time:

  • organized briefings;
  • watched the release of presidential decrees;
  • kept in touch with the media;
  • accredited journalists;
  • organized meetings;
  • watched the work of the website and the like.

Previously, it was believed that such work could only be carried out by a man, but after several years of working together, Vladimir Putin claimed that he was not at all mistaken with the choice of an ally.

Natalia Timakova press secretary

Press Secretary to the President of the Russian Federation: How History is Made

In 2007, rumors were leaked to the media that a Kremlin successor was being prepared in the Kremlin. And everyone claimed that it was Natalya Timakova who was involved in this hidden project in a company with several more people close to him. A year after these conversations, Dmitry Medvedev was chosen as the President of the Russian Federation, and Timakova became his press secretary. This news had the effect of a bombshell, because in the new history of Russia such appointments had never been made.

In this position, the woman worked for four years, but after the appointment of Dmitry Medvedev as the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, the woman remained his personal press secretary. At the same time, she is the deputy head of the Government Office. On this post Timakova is on the present day.

Natalia Timakova nationality

Terms of Reference for Natalia Timakova

It should be noted that the terms of reference of the spokesperson is extremely wide. It is easier to list what she does not do at her workplace. We can say that Timakova is fully responsible for the information field around Dmitry Medvedev.All information flows into her hands, and only she controls her quality and quantity at the output. More than once Natalya has been on the lists of the most influential women in Russia, she herself does not give comments to journalists about this.

Natalya Timakova personal life

Social activities Timakova

Surprisingly, this energetic woman leads an active social life and writes books. In 2000, she was one of the co-authors of the book about Vladimir Putin, which was a monograph based on an interview with Putin himself, the first lady, his friends and colleagues.

In addition, the young woman, along with many famous personalities, is present on the jury of the prestigious Big Book award and oversees the preparation of the Silver Archer awards.

Natalya Timakova: personal life

This topic Timakova in every way around in meetings with journalists. It is known that she very tightly controls the amount of information leaked in the media about her personal life. Little is known about her - Natalya Timakova is married to Alexander Budberg, who at one time also worked in the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper. Some sources claim that it was he who helped the girl to get a job as a journalist and later on helped her to move up the career ladder in every possible way.

In the future, Timakova's husband left journalism in the sphere of business and at the moment is a very successful entrepreneur. The family’s annual income amounts to tens of millions of rubles, which allows a couple to buy property abroad.

Natalia Alexandrovna Timakova children

Natalya Alexandrovna Timakova: children

Unfortunately, Natalya never pleased her husband with the birth of a child. She spends a lot of time away from home and cannot fully concentrate on her family. In one of the interviews, Natalya confessed that she and her husband often talk about the adoption of a baby. And the couple is ready to take from the orphanage a pretty adult child already - such people rarely get up for adoption. But so far neither Timakova nor Budberg are ready to take the final decision on this issue. He remains in the family open.

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