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“Guest from the Future” is a film, the appearance of which on the television screens of the USSR has become a significant event in the childhood of the current 40-year-old generation. His main character, the big-eyed Alisa Selezneva, whose role was played by Natalia Guseva, immediately became the idol of millions of Soviet children. Then all around the girl was awaiting a loud film career. However, fate decreed otherwise.

Natalia Guseva

A family

Natalia Guseva was born in 1972 in Zvenigorod, in an ordinary Soviet family. Her dad was a worker, and her mother was a general practitioner. Soon the family moved to the capital, and in 1979 the girl went to the first class of secondary school N 692.

Early start

In 1983, when Natasha was barely 11 years old, an employee of the film studio them. M. Gorky, who sought children to participate in the filming of feature films. Among the lucky ones that he chose, was Natasha. She was brought to the tests, and she successfully passed them, having received the role of her peer in the children's short film “Dangerous trifles”. It was an educational film, which was filmed in order to familiarize children with traffic rules.

"Guest from the Future"

While working on the voice acting of the Dangerous Nonsense picture, Natasha was seen by an assistant director P. Arsenov. He had long been looking for a suitable candidate for the role of Alice Selezneva in the TV series The Guest from the Future.

He led the girl to Arsenov, and Natasha became so excited that when she was offered to name her year of birth, she said that she was born in 1872. Nevertheless, the photo of Natalia Guseva, made for the samples, clearly stood out against the photographs of other candidates for this role. Therefore, this girl was approved as Alice.

“Guest from the Future” was filmed in a fun way, as adult actors gladly participated in the pranks of their young colleagues. This is probably why the film turned out to be cheerful and very much enjoyed by the millions of people in the USSR.

photo by Natalia Guseva


After the premiere of "Guests from the Future," Natalia Guseva became extremely popular. They sent her bags of letters, pestered him on the street asking for an autograph. As it turned out, the screen Alice was brave and courageous, and Natasha was not at all such a firm character. On the contrary, the girl was not ready for the glory that fell on her. Natasha even had problems with her posture, so she went, hunched over and with her head lowered, in the hope that her fans would not recognize her like that.

"Race of the Century"

After “Guest from the Future”, everyone was sure that Natalia Guseva would have an excellent film career in the future. Almost immediately, she made several offers to participate in the shooting of paintings, including those intended for an adult audience. In 1986, Natalia Guseva played in the movie "Race of the Century." This psychological picture was filmed according to a script written by the political commentator of the Central Teaching Party, Vladimir Dunayev. In it, Natalia Guseva played the role of the daughter of the protagonist. Her partners on the set were Estonian actor Leonhard Merzin and Rostislav Yankovsky. In recognition of the critics, Natalya did an excellent job with all the tasks assigned to her, especially since according to the script she had the only positive role in this picture, where all the characters easily make a deal with their conscience.

Natalia Guseva movies

"Purple Ball"

Young viewers of the entire Soviet Union were eagerly awaiting the release of the picture “Guest from the Future” on the screens, especially since Kir Bulychev had already written the story “The Purple Ball”. Natalya Guseva was invited to film for the role of Alice, as was to be expected.

In cinematic terms, this film was of higher quality, but he did not receive the recognition that befell the previous film about the adventures of "the guest from the future."In addition, Alice grew up and lost her childish charm.

"The Will of the Universe"

In this film, Natalia Guseva played the role of a high school girl who is in love with the main character. The picture touched upon extremely relevant at that time in the history of the Soviet Union issues related to the craze for esoteric knowledge. Those who remember the period of perestroika still cannot believe that they once spent hours in front of the TV, on the screen of which uncles with serious faces, under sentimental melodies, waved their hands, “charging” banks with water.

In the film "The Will of the Universe", the main character is associated with one of these "gurus", who makes him a terrible prediction. Heroine Natalia Guseva manages to find evidence that he is a charlatan. However, she fails to inform her friend about this, and the young man has to go through many trials on her own.

Natalia Guseva actress

Film making career

In 1989, Natalia Guseva, whose films were expected to see millions of her fans, was invited to play a major role in the film Accident - Daughter of the Cop. The girl met with the script and refused to take part in the filming of this film, as it contained scenes of violence, but she did not want to destroy the positive image of Alice Selezneva.

Later, directors recalled Natalia Guseva several times. However, she refused, because she was offered roles in paintings that contained scenes, participation in which was incompatible with her moral principles.

Natalia Guseva guest from the future

Career change

Although in her childhood many people thought that Natalya Guseva was an actress and her future would be connected with the cinema, she herself never thought so. Her main hobby was biology, and she firmly decided to devote herself to science.

Unlike many of her other peers, Guseva did not dream of becoming an actress. She was fond of biology, and filming for the movie for her was a children's adventure. After receiving the certificate in 1989, she entered and graduated from the Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies named after MV Lomonosov at the Department of Biotechnology. After that, Natalia Guseva worked for more than 10 years as a researcher at a Moscow research institute. Today, she is one of the top managers in a company that produces immunofermental diagnostic test systems.

Personal life

Natalya Guseva (Alisa from the film “Guest from the Future”) met her future husband in 1987 in Minsk.She was then 15 years old, but she had long ago in absentia won the heart of Denis Murashkevich. In 1993, young people got married, and after 3 years they had a daughter, Alesya. The marriage lasted only 7 years. However, Natalya continues to bear the surname Murashkevich to this day.

Natalia Guseva Alice


In 2007, Natalia Murashkevich starred in the program “The main character” of the NTV channel, which was dedicated to the fate of the children who played in the film “Guest from the Future”.

In 2009, she was invited to voice one of the roles in the animated cartoon "Alice's Birthday", and later she played a very small role in the television series "Foundry".

Now you know who Natalia Guseva is. “Guest from the Future” is a film that has remained the most significant in her filmography. However, many venerable actors will never know the popularity that fell to the share of this woman in childhood.

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