Mushroom sauce - nutritious and tasty

Indispensable mushroom sauce

Mushroom sauce is notable for its richness, rich taste, and the mushrooms themselves are rich in minerals and vitamins. Especially dried mushrooms can give an unforgettable flavor. That is why they are so often used in culinary needs. For cooking soups, sauces, ordinary roasting. Mushroom sauces have always been in demand. Their popularity is easily explained by a specific aroma that is unlike anything else. The taste is spicy, and the general availability and ease of preparation make the product simply indispensable. With the help of this sauce, you can revive and add a drop of nobleness to the most ordinary and ordinary dish. Mushroom sauce can turn any dish into a celebration. The food immediately turns into a memorable and tasty. Cream, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes can be added to mushroom sauces. Flour is used as a thickener. Mushroom sauce is perfect for fish, meat, vegetables, potato patties, casseroles.

What you need to prepare the sauce

mushroom sauceHow to cook mushroom sauce? In order for it to be thick enough, you need to add flour. Before sending it to the liquid, for the best bundle it is necessary to bake it. To do this, just fry it in a dry frying pan. Using additional roasting flour will help give the sauce a pleasant walnut flavor. Crude flour will give more likely paste.

Pluses of mushrooms

At any time, buy mushrooms in the store will not be a problem. However, these mushrooms, which were grown artificially, are not recognized as true mushroom pickers. They can not be compared in flavor and taste with the real works of forests. Therefore, it is best to make some stock so that a small bundle of wild mushrooms lies in the closet. With their help, you can always prepare a hearty sauce with garlic and sour cream. It can be added to meat, chicken and simple boiled potatoes. Pasta with mushroom sauce also goes well.


pasta with mushroom sauceFor cooking, you need 20 grams of dried mushrooms 0.3 liters of mushroom broth, a little parsley, one tablespoon of flour, 100 grams of sour cream, 2 cloves of garlic, salt, pepper.

Mushroom preparation

Mushrooms should be pre-washed and pour boiling water overnight. In a saucepan in which they will be soaked, you need to add a little more water and boil. Water must be drained, but not poured. It will be needed for further preparation.

Cooking method

how to cook mushroom sauceNext, the mushroom sauce is prepared according to this scheme. It is necessary to thoroughly calcine the dry pan and pour flour on it. To fry it is necessary until such time as it begins to change color. You must wait for a slightly creamy shade. Next, the resulting mushroom broth is poured into the flour, it is necessary to stir intensively so as not to form lumps. The sauce should have a uniform consistency. In order to achieve the desired density, you need to pour a little more liquid. As soon as the sauce thickens, add mushrooms, a little sour cream, salt and pepper. On a low heat, the mushroom sauce is cooked literally five minutes. At the end, add some finely chopped herbs and garlic and let the whole mixture stand for a couple of minutes. Bon Appetit!

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