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Choosing an educational institution for higher education is not an easy task. Many applicants prefer to consider universities in Moscow. Indeed, in the capital, there are many career opportunities. Demanded remains MPGU. Reviews of the university can be heard at most positive. It is no coincidence that the university is among the hundreds of the most sought-after educational institutions in the country.

Basic information

Moscow State Pedagogical University is a large educational institution including 11 institutes. Its history began in 1872, when the Moscow Higher Women's Courses were founded. They existed until 1918. At the same time, a new name appeared - Second Moscow State University. The modern name of the educational institution appeared in 1990.

Educational institution has important historical significance. It was here that the first courses for women with a university program appeared. Girls of the late 19th century received the opportunity to acquire quality education on a par with men.

mpgu reviewsEducational buildings were specially designed for the university.The construction of the main building was completed in 1913. In this form, the building has survived to this day. The second most important is the corps of humanitarian faculties. Its construction was completed in 1990.

The training of qualified teachers is the main activity of the MPGU. Reviews show that 60% of the teachers who work in Moscow schools were trained at this university.

Admission to the educational institution

How to get to study at MPGU? Student reviews show that there is a competition for most specialties. No problem can start training guys with gold medals. Their university takes first. Children from families with many children, as well as children of participants in hostilities can also do without a contest. Everyone has the opportunity to apply for several specialties at once. The admission committee starts its work from the beginning of spring and ends its activity at the end of summer.

MPGU student reviewsThe university has training courses for applicants in the chosen specialty. If you believe the reviews, the guys who are studying here have more chances to study at the university for free.


For non-resident students provides MPGU hostel.Reviews of accommodation in the provided apartments can be heard very different. Some students claim that insects live in the dormitories. Although this problem applies to most of these institutions. Repair work in the dormitories MPGU not been carried out for a long time.

To be able to stay on preferential terms, you must first fill out the appropriate application. For legal spouses separate apartments may be provided. The rest of the guys live in rooms for 3-4 people.

Moscow State Pedagogical University is a university where foreign students can study. For these guys are provided separate dormitories.

Institute of Biology and Chemistry

What does MPGU offer? Student reviews show that chemistry and biology faculties remain the least sought after. The competition here is almost always small. Almost everyone can start learning for free. The teaching and research unit of the MPU began its work in 2014. The management has united chemical and biological and chemical faculties. The first was created in 1900.Then at the Moscow Women's Courses a branch of natural science appeared. The Faculty of Chemistry began functioning in 1961.

Reviews show that the main activity of the institute is the training of teachers in biology and chemistry. Specialists in bioecologists are also trained here. The Department of Zoology is popular with some of the guys. Many graduates successfully get a job in private veterinary clinics.

magistracy mpgu reviewsThere is also a department of human anatomy and physiology at the institute. Students study the structure of the human body, the physiology of the sense organs. Graduates on favorable terms can enroll in medical schools.

Faculty of Mathematics

The main activity of the faculty is the training of qualified teachers in mathematics. In this area, the university began working in 1900. Over the years, various scholars, mathematicians, and educators worked at the university, transferring knowledge to their students. Today the matpak of MPGU is in great demand. Reviews show that getting to free education without good knowledge is almost impossible. First of all medalists are accepted.

matfak ipgu reviewsCurrently, scientists and professors of international renown are working at the Faculty of Mathematics of Moscow State Pedagogical University. Thanks to their work, really trained specialists are graduating from the university. Many do not stop at what has been accomplished, and continue their studies in the magistracy, defending doctoral dissertations

The faculty also cooperates with foreign universities. If desired, the children have the opportunity to continue their studies in Japan, the USA, and Germany.

Faculty of Deptology

This faculty is popular with students. After all, after training here you can successfully get a job in leading private schools or kindergartens. The Faculty of Deptology began its work during the Great Patriotic War. As part of the training unit has six departments. Great attention is paid to correctional preschool pedagogy.

The specialty that trains good teachers at Moscow State Pedagogical University is psychology. Reviews show that this area is closely related to defectology. The university prepares students for work with difficult children. Children are trained in oligophrenopedagogy, speech therapy, deaf-training, etc.There is an opportunity to gain knowledge of correspondence courses.

mpgu linguistics reviewsThe training unit is located in the building of humanitarian faculties, not far from the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station. Here are the hostels for students undergoing training in the described specialty.

MPGU. Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

Feedback on this training unit can be heard at most positive. Teachers combine old traditions and modern scientific achievements. Over the years, such famous scientists as Vitaly Slastenin, Andrey Verbitsky, Vsevolod Kashchenko, etc. worked at the faculty. The works of these people are known not only in Russia, but also far abroad.

At the faculty, each student can receive professional training in the field of psychology. Graduates can work in schools and medical facilities for children. In addition, university graduates may engage in activities related to personnel management. Reviews show that with the diploma of MPGU you can work in the media, the social sphere, creative teams, etc. But the main task of the university is to train qualified teachers.

University of the Foreign languages

This is one of the largest divisions of the educational institution. Great attention is paid in MPGU to foreign languages. Reviews - confirmation. The institute was established in 2016 on the basis of the faculty of foreign languages, which, in turn, began its activities in 1948. In the postwar years, special attention was paid to education. Actively opened linguistic faculties in various universities.

According to reviews, today the Institute of Foreign Languages ​​includes about 3,000 students and more than 300 teachers. Children have the opportunity to get an education of international level. Particular attention is paid to the study of the most popular languages. This is English, German, French.

The most popular specialty at the Faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical University is “Linguistics”. Reviews show that graduates can work in secondary special educational institutions of the country and abroad.

Institute of History and Politics

This is one of the oldest divisions of the educational institution. Here can go training specialists in the field of political and historical science. Reviews show that many graduates managed to go up the career ladder and occupy leadership positions in organizations of international importance.The faculty began its activity in 1900. For more than 100 years, thousands of students have been able to get a quality education. Today, about 1,300 students study at the institute. The guys are trained 80 full-time teachers. There is an opportunity to complete the magistracy MPGU Reviews show that after receiving a bachelor's degree, not all graduate. Some young people are left to teach in high school.

mcpu psychology reviewsQualified historians and jurists graduate from the educational institution. Training takes place in the building of humanitarian faculties, on the third floor of the building.

Institute of Art

The training unit is considered relatively young. It was created in August 2015. The management has united art graphic and musical faculties. The institute consists of ten different departments. Children can be trained in the following artistic specialties: drawing, history of artistic culture, decorative and applied art, computer graphics and design, methods of teaching fine art.

The Faculty of Music was founded in 1969. It trains qualified music and singing teachers.

It should be noted student project "Music Hall", which began to be implemented in January 2016. Here every student can try himself as an actor in musical theater. Many guys have already managed to reveal their talents. The guys put on interesting musicals and performances, which everyone can see.

Gives excellent opportunities for the creative development of MPGU. Reviews show that some of the guys after training here, seek to get additional education in acting universities.

Faculty of Geography

The teaching and research division of the Moscow Pedagogical University appeared in 1934. Today, children can study here full-time and part-time. The main direction is geography and biology. Graduates have the opportunity to teach in public and private schools in the country. Demand is also a specialty "Economic and social geography."

In the structure of the training unit operates six departments. More than 70% of teachers have academic degrees. Many of the teachers themselves were educated at Moscow State Pedagogical University in Moscow. Reviews show that some teachers head private science schools, write textbooks for secondary special education institutions.MPGU Moscow reviews

The faculty is actively conducting research activities. In addition, there are interesting events dedicated to the lives of students - greeting the freshmen, the last bell, the student spring, etc.

Institute of Journalism

This is a relatively new educational unit, which was based on the base of the Moscow Pedagogical University relatively recently. Teachers have not only an extensive store of theoretical knowledge, but also share practical skills with their students. From the first course, students have the opportunity to create articles that are subsequently printed in leading publications in the country. The guys get fundamental knowledge to work in the media.

Student life is also considered interesting at the institute. Confirmation of this - many positive reviews. Press centers, creative workshops, media expeditions are held on the basis of the training unit.

The university also hosts university Saturdays. Interactive seminars, as well as fascinating lectures can attend anyone.

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