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In the movie Meet Me Joe Black, the actor who played the main role had to enter a rather complex image. The lifetime of his hero on earth is a millennium multiplied by millions of years, raised to the power of eternity. Who is the main character in the movie "Meet Joe Black" (1998)? Actors, characters, plot and reviews of the film - all this can be found by reading the article.

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The picture tells about the relationship between man and death. Writers and filmmakers raised this topic more than once. The unique idea was used by Martin Brest - the director of the film “Meet: Joe Black” (1998). The actors, chosen perfectly, and a non-trivial scenario - this, perhaps, is the success of the film, which is popular almost twenty years after the premiere.

The protagonist is William Perrish. Once to him is Death in the guise of a young man, not so long ago tragically deceased. And concludes an agreement with Perrish.William must become a conductor of Death in the world of the living. Joe Black - namely, under this name, Death plans his stay on earth - will be accompanied by Perrish everywhere, to get acquainted with simple human joys.

The young man, in whose body Joe Black infects, shortly before his death, met the daughter of the protagonist. He made a strong impression on Susan Perrish, and therefore the girl is glad, but at the same time surprised to see him in his father’s house. So begins the story, which formed the basis of the film "Meet: Joe Black". The actors did not receive any awards for their roles in this film. Moreover, according to critics, this work is not the best in the filmography of each of them. The audience liked the film "Meet Joe Black".

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William Perrish played by Anthony Hopkins. In the image of the Angel of Death, Brad Pitt appeared before the audience. Claire Forlani played the main female role in the Martin Brest film. The magnificent duet Hopkins - Pitt was known to the audience until 1998. Namely, in the film "Legends of the Fall."

Claire Forlani performed the role of the daughter of the protagonist. Who else played in the movie Meet Joe Black? Actors Jake Weber and Marcia Gay Harden played Perrish family members.

Anthony Hopkins

The leading man in the movie "Meet Joe Black" - actor Anthony Hopkins - was born in 1937. In childhood, he suffered from dyslexia, and therefore spent more time alone, doing painting and music. It so happened that at the age of 15, Anthony met Hollywood star Richard Burton. And this meeting was fateful for the future actor.

Meet Joe Black is a film in which the actor starred at the age of 61. By the time they played in the movie were more than fifty roles. The image of the serial killer Lecturer became his most famous way in the cinema. Among the famous works in the Hopkins filmography are “Magic”, “The Lion in Winter”, “Dracula Bram Stoker”, “The Elephant Man”, “The Rest of the Day”, “The Mask of Zorro”, “Nixon”, “Amistad”, “Noah”.

Meet Joe Black 1998 Actors

Brad Pitt

The future actor and producer was born in 1963. He graduated from the University of Missouri, where he studied advertising and journalism. But as is known, he did not go to work by profession. After graduation, Pitt went to Hollywood.

But Hollywood did not meet the young man with open arms. First, he had to finish acting classes, to play in numerous episodes.At the same time, Brad Pitt earned himself a living as a barker in a famous network.

His career began 12 years before the premiere of the movie “Meet Joe Black,” the actor played in films “Growth Problems”, “Underworld”. The first serious work in the movie - the role in the film "The Dark Side of the Sun." After the premiere of the picture pit career went uphill. During the nineties, he created several bright negative characters. But perhaps the most famous roles he played after the release of the film, which is discussed in this article ("Eleven Ocean's Friends", "Troy", "Babylon", "Inglorious Basterds", "Tree of Life").

Claire Forlani

The actress was born in 1972 in London. Forlani’s career began in the early nineties. She starred in the series, played minor characters. In 1994, a young actress drew attention. Claire Forlani was invited to take part in the comedy "Police Academy" (7th part). The following years, she regularly received offers, but refused some because of personal circumstances. The release of the movie Meet Me Joe Black was a real triumph for her. Claire Forlani also played in the following films: Dangerous Truth, Medallion,"Shadows in the sun", "Hooligans", "Diplomat", etc.

Meet Joe Black Movie 1998 Actors

Mystical film "Meet: Joe Black" critics was perceived coldly. Feedback from the audience is mostly positive. But not all fans of the mystical genre are delighted with the game of famous actors. So, viewers in some reviews say that the hero Pitt lacks action. And therefore the actor played the role of Black is not convincing enough. The heroine Forlani also summoned amateur critics to compensate. However, there are few negative reviews. And even their authors can not argue with the fact that Anthony Hopkins, as always, turned out to be on top.

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