Mounting gun - tips on choosing and operating

The fact that the required results of labor, the overall efficiency and quality of work, and the accuracy of applying the sealant depend on the correct selection of the mounting gun will be determined. Nothing better confirms the ease of operation of this means of sealing, as a comparison of the result of work with and without the use of a mounting gun.

Benefits of using a mounting gun

mounting gun

Mounting gun allows you to significantly reduce the consumption of sealant, which contributes to cost savings. In certain cases, skilled craftsmen achieve a twofold decrease in the amount of foam that is used to fill the gaps.

If we talk about the quality and degree of uniformity of packing sealant, the gun for mounting foam copes with the task much more efficiently than the hands of masters without using this device.In the end, less time is spent on the freezing of foam, laid with a specialized gun.

Types of mounting guns

To date, there are the following types of guns for styling foam:

  1. Household- distributed complete with special tubes that are attached to the outlet. Do not need additional tools. However, they differ by quite impressive consumption of sealant as a result of the lack of funds to control the incoming foam.
  2. Professional- characterized by an increased volume of cylinders with sealant. Need to use special nozzles, the presence of which contributes to the effective consumption of foam in the performance of certain works.

The design and principle of operation of the device

A standard mounting gun consists of the following elements:

  • a discharge tube for entering the foam with several valves;
  • trigger mechanism;
  • handles to hold the gun;
  • cylinder and fasteners to connect with the gun.foam gun

The gun for the mounting foam delivers the sealant through the ball valve to the exhaust pipe.As a result of pressing the trigger, the valves of the device open, which are located on the tube. Due to this, under the influence of the pressure force, the foam flows outside, filling the seams and covering the required surfaces.

The other end of the tube contains a mechanism for adjusting the amount of flow sealant. The adjustment of the mechanism for supplying foam allows the rotation of a special nut.

Features of operation

In fact, use a mounting gun is extremely simple. At first, the device is charged. To do this, the ring holding the balloon, lift up to the stop up the thread. Next, unscrew the balloon and return the ring to its original position. After performing these operations, you can begin work by directing the outlet of the gun to the right place.

mounting gun

Initially, the mounting gun can release the sealer with thin streams. To increase the flow of foam, it is enough to unscrew the nut located at the end of the gun. Performing a smooth, unhurried adjustment, you can choose the mode for the most economical consumption of sealant.

A good gun for foam prevents it from drying inside the components. If the foam is still frozen, you can cope with the problem by washing the tool with a solvent.

Valve check

It is recommended to check the operability of the valves of the installation gun before starting work. To do this, you must connect the gun assembly with a canister filled with washing liquid, and then several times pull the trigger.

gas gun

Next, you should unscrew the cylinder with a pistol, putting it aside for a couple of days. After the passage of this period, you must perform the next click on the trigger. If at the same time the flushing fluid that remains in the barrel goes outside through the outlet, this will indicate that the valves are working. In the absence of the expected result, it is better to return the gun to the seller. Otherwise, you will have to periodically flush the gun during the work.

Highlights when choosing a mounting gun

good foam gun

To find a good, efficient gas gas gun, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Preference is recommended to give pistols with metal parts. Currently, consumers are offered an abundance of less expensive products with plastic components. However, it is impossible to call them durable and reliable.
  2. Get better folding model. Only in this case, the gun can be cleaned by disassembling the components as needed. Moreover, collapsible mounting guns are amenable to repair.
  3. Before buying, it is necessary to discuss with the seller the points regarding the operability of the installation gun and the possibility of its return. At the same time, it must be remembered that the law will always be on the side of the consumer. On this basis, it is worth keeping the sales receipt, which will become the main means of returning the product when a defect is detected.
  4. You need to understand that high-quality products can not have a low cost. The funds spent on the acquisition of a good durable device, will pay off after the use of several cylinders with sealant.

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