Motoblock "Belarus 09 N": price, specifications and reviews

Motoblock for some ownersagricultural land is an indispensable equipment. This device is quite expensive, so its choice should be approached seriously. On the market you can find products from different manufacturers, but the most profitable acquisition will be that produced in Russia, Ukraine orBelarus. As an example, we can consider a motoblock, which became known for the first time to the citizens of the last of the mentioned countries.

Among others in the modern market can be foundmotoblock "Belarus", which is offered in the variation "09N". Before acquiring this unit it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics and read the feedback, they should help you make the right choice.

Description of the equipment

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The above equipment is used forharrowing, plowing, cultivation of soil, transportation of goods, as well as inter-row processing. This device has a clutch, which is constantly closed and operates in an oil bath. The transmission is mechanical, which speaks for reliability.

As practice shows, the unit is quiteQualitatively assembled, and its manufacture began in 1992. Today, this model is presented in an improved version. The most popular technology used in 2009, it was then that the manufacturer produced about 15,000 copies of this device.

Distribution of the unit was received on the territory ofLithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Venezuela and the United States. The release of the model continues now. This motoblock "Belarus" is recommended to be used for processing territories, the area of ​​which varies from 1 to 4 hectares. Use the equipment can be year-round, in such works help blade and snowplow.


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The mass of the above motoblock is 176kg. You may also be interested in the nominal pulling force, which reaches a mark of 1 kN. You may also be interested in the number of transfers, their number is limited to four, which is true for the forward and two for the rear. Forward equipment can move at speeds up to 11.4 km / h. Back you can advance at a speed of up to 5.35 km / h.

Motoblock "Belarus" has agrotechnicallumen, which can be 450, 600 and 700 mm. The dimensions of the device are 1780 x 846 x 1070 mm. With this unit you can tow a trailer, but its mass is limited to 650 kg. The rated power is 6.6 kW or 9 liters. from. Specific fuel consumption is 319 g / kWh. Specialists are often interested in the frequency of rotation of the crankshaft, it is 3600 rpm. Motoblock "Belarus" uses fuel in the form of gasoline AI-92.

Reviews about the area of ​​use of the motoblock

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According to the buyers, the motoblock brand described for the treatment of light soils is described. With the help of technology you can:

  • cultivate the soil;
  • to process the soil between the rows of planting beets and potatoes;
  • work in the garden, garden and school areas.

According to the buyers, the motoblock "Belarus", MTZwhich produces, excellent for use in homestead and farming. You can use the equipment on livestock farms, as well as work in the garden, park, greenhouses and squares. The unit is equipped with a wide range of mounted small-sized equipment, which is very popular with customers. With the help of such additions, the operator will be able to perform communal and agricultural work.

Feedback on the main advantages

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Motoblock "Belarus", whose price is 108,000 rubles, according to customers, has many advantages, namely:

  • cast-iron case;
  • absence of cables;
  • cast-iron reducer;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • optimum weight.

However, this list can not be called complete. Consumers choose the described model also for the reason that the unit has pneumatic wheels, and the engine can be adjusted. Buyers especially note that the device does not make much noise during operation, and also provides the possibility of a reverse. As practice shows, the motoblock is reliable and easy to use. With its help, according to customers, you can save money and time by mechanizing agricultural work.

Reviews of fuel and engine consumption

motoblock belarus mtz 05

Motoblock «Belarus 09N», the price of which you alreadyknown, has an adjustable track, these parameters were discussed below. This, by the way, is one of the advantages of equipment. The model can be classed as 0.1 traction class cars. As users assure, 6 liters of fuel can be poured into the fuel tank, and specific consumption of gasoline for this model is 319 g / kWh, which is very economical.

The engine can be completed with gasolinePower plants that run on gasoline AI-95. They, as the buyers emphasize, are adapted to long and continuous work in tense conditions. In the design of motors for this use a cast-iron cylinder liner. Motoblock "Belarus 09N", the price of which, according to customers, is acceptable for this type of equipment, is equipped with a four-stroke single-cylinder Japanese engine of the brand Honda GX270. To carry out the work to be performed by the motor-block, this engine, as the owners of agricultural land claims, is quite enough.

Features motoblock "Belarus 05"

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Motoblock "Belarus MTZ 05" is aThe first model of the Minsk tractor plant. Production of this equipment started in 1978, and ended in 1992. This technique is a two-wheeled chassis with a reversible steering rod, power transmission and a single-cylinder engine. The unit has a wheel arrangement and is positioned as an agricultural machine.

Motoblock "Belarus", the price in Russia for whichwas mentioned above, has been upgraded many times. However, if we are talking about the model "05", it was positioned as a replacement for a mini-tractor. Such plants were built on the basis of a uniaxial chassis. Sometimes the motoblock was connected to the trolley, making a full-fledged vehicle.


If you want to choose a relatively inexpensivemotoblock, it is possible to prefer "Belarus 09H", which was described above. It can be equipped with Chinese units Lifan LF177 and Kipor KG280. These plants have similar power and characteristics, but differ less impressive value.

If you compare with the first models,which were equipped with engines UD-15 and UD-25, then the latest variations can be said that they are more difficult to constructively and more economical in operation. Among other things, new power plants are selected by consumers also for the reason that they are started well the first time.

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