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A prominent entrepreneur in the field of construction, Molchanov Andrey Yuryevich, whose biography is interesting to the general public because of his considerable income, started his business from scratch and today is among the TOP richest people in the country. How did his path evolve? We will tell the details of the biography of Andrei Molchanov, and also present information about his principles and personal life.

Childhood and family

Andrey Molchanov was born on September 24, 1971 in Leningrad. His mother, Natalya Borisovna, broke up with Andrey's father and married for the second time. She insisted that her son, when receiving a passport at the age of 16, change his father’s last name Morozov to the stepfather’s last name Molchanov. Natalya Borisovna’s second marriage also ended in divorce in 2003. In this alliance, Andrew's sister was born.

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Yuri Molchanov, the boy's stepfather, from 1987 to 1995 worked as vice-rector for international relations at Leningrad University, and in 1990 his assistant was the future president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. It was Molchanov who introduced Putin to Sobchak and gave him a good recommendation.From 2003 to 2012, he was the vice-governor in the government of St. Petersburg, and then moved to the management of VTB Bank.

Andrei's childhood was quite prosperous and secured. He had the opportunity to study in a good school, and he was given a good start. After the divorce of his mother and stepfather, Andrew stopped confirming the relationship with the Vice-Governor and said that he not only did not help him in business, but his name even hindered. However, the beginning of life's journey was not without the support of Molchanov Sr., and it is pointless to deny it.


After graduating from school, Andrei Molchanov easily entered the prestigious economics department of St. Petersburg University. In 1993, he successfully graduated from high school. In 1998, Andrew received another degree in higher education, this time at the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation with a degree in State and Municipal Management.

Andrew Y.

In 2001, he defended his thesis on the organizational structure of innovative enterprises, and in 2003, and his doctoral thesis in economics on the topic “Quality Management in the Building Complex”.

First steps in business

Back in his student years, Andrei Molchanov began to engage in business activities. At first he tried himself in the trade - he sold jeans, tights, but quickly realized that this was not his scale. Together with fellow students, he created an investment check fund, which conducted various operations on privatization. However, the experience turned out to be unsuccessful in terms of establishing relations, then Molchanov realized that it was better to conduct business alone, since it is not always possible to find a compromise with partners. Although the fund from a commercial point of view was quite successful, but then Andrey recognized the taste of big money.

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A little later, an enterprising young man decided to create his own construction company. He was advised to go to construction by a university lecturer who said at the lecture that it is this area that is the basis for economic growth.

Building bussiness

In 1993, Andrei Molchanov created his own company, Revival of St. Petersburg, which began building. In 1994-1995, the company’s executive director was Sergei Mironov, a close friend of his stepfather Andrei. Molchanov also buys a cement plant to provide their construction with the necessary material.In 1994, he registers Lenstroyrekonstruktsiya Joint-Stock Company, which later became the base for the entire LSR Group. In the following years, with short breaks, Molchanov successfully led the company and contributed to its development.

Today, LSR Group includes 30 manufacturing enterprises, including several brick factories, a river port, house-building factories, and much more. The company is the country's leader in the production of bricks. The group's real estate portfolio is more than 10 million square meters. In 2007, Molchanov began to realize that his company was becoming crowded in St. Petersburg, and went to Yekaterinburg. Today there LSR - the largest developer. Later Molchanov decided to "wipe" on Moscow.

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One of the last ambitious projects of Molchanov is the development of the industrial zone on the site of the former ZiL plant. Together with the mayor Sobyanin, they conceived to build a large residential area, a sports cluster, to elevate the embankment, to create squares. Several world-class architects are involved in the project, including Hani Rashid, Jerry van Eyck, Mihil Ridijk, as well as the best Russian urban planners.The project promises to be a grand event in the life of the capital. Molchanov regards it as an opportunity to leave his mark on history.

In recent years, despite the crisis, the group headed by Andrei Yuryevich LSR shows record profits. And further, according to A. Molchanov, it will only get better.

Political activity

In 1994, Andrei Molchanov decided to go into politics, he twice ran for the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg from the party "Democratic Choice", but both times unsuccessfully. In 2007, Molchanov entered government circles, he was appointed to the post of Assistant Minister of Health and Social Development. But six months later he left this place.

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In 2008, he was elected to the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly from the Leningrad Region. A year later, he became chairman of the CIS Affairs Committee on the Federation Council. In 2011, Andrei Yuryevich again becomes a senator, this time he headed the economic policy committee. In 2013, Molchanov Andrey Yuryevich, at his own request, left the Federation Council ahead of schedule and focused his attention on the leadership of the LSR group.

Charity and social activities

Andrei Molchanov, children for whom a special, sensitive topic, spends a lot of effort and money on charity projects. His focus is on orphans and people with disabilities who leave orphanages. He launched a program to build housing for this category of population, creates a special structure to help these people so that they can integrate into adulthood. Molchanov's other pain is the adoption of children. He created a program to help adoptive parents who are experiencing serious difficulties, including psychological ones, after they take the child. According to Molchanov, 25% of adopted children are returning to orphanages. They, like things that did not fit, are brought back. Andrei Y. wants to solve this problem and does a lot for it.

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Also a lot of time Molchanov gives social activities. He is the chairman of the National Association of Builders, a member of the board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Leningrad Region, a member of the Public Council of the northern capital.


Since the 2000s, Andrey Molchanov has regularly appeared among the richest entrepreneurs in the country.“Forbes” annually includes it in the so-called “golden hundred”. In 2017, according to estimates of the journal, his fortune is $ 1300 million, this is the 73rd place in the list of the richest businessmen in the country. The capitalization of LSR Group is more than $ 800 million.

Personal life and hobbies

The entrepreneur is happily married for a long time. She and his wife Lisa are raising six children. Andrei Yuryevich Molchanov, his wife for whom is both an associate, and a like-minded person, and best friend, says that the family is the most important thing in his life. The businessman notes that he and his wife are believers and see their destiny in the proper upbringing of children. Molchanov says he is happy thanks to Lisa. In any of his offices always stood and will stand a portrait of his wife. This, by the way, is not the first marriage of Andrei Yuryevich, but for the first time, according to him, everything was an absolute mistake.

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The Molchanovs on the edge of the Leningrad region, in the Podporozhsky district, have a house. Here once lived great-grandfather of Andrew, and he himself as a child came here for the holidays. Now here is the Molchanov family estate: a big house, a collection of Russian antique furniture, a stove, a traditional way of life.Despite the lack of free time, Andrei Yurevich still manages to engage in collecting. Not so long ago, he became interested in picking up paintings and even wants to set up a private museum on ZiLe.

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