Group "Mirage": composition and history

“Music tied us up”, “Sunny summer”, “Night comes” - these compositions in 80-90s came from almost every window. And their group "Mirage" performed. The composition, the history of the creation of the team and the stages of creative development today are of interest to many Russians. All the necessary information you will find in the article.

The first composition of the group mirage

History of creation

In 1985, composer Andrei Lityagin organized an amateur group with the original name “Activity Zone”. He invited guitarist Proklov Sergey and two vocalists (Mikhail Kirsanov and Sukhankin Margarita). Soon the guys recorded the first song "Information from the newspapers" in the style of new wave.

In February 1986, the team was renamed. So on the Soviet stage appeared the group "Mirage". The composition remained the same. But the musicians decided to reject the new wave genre. In a short time A. Lityagin composed 12 songs in the style of Eurodisco. Earlier, Kirsanov Mikhail was the main soloist, then in the updated project he had to give way to Rita Suhankina.The singer participated in the recording of such compositions as “This Night”, “Video” and “Stars are Waiting for Us”.

The first composition of the Mirage group did not last long. Kirsanov left first. Then Sukhankina decided to build a career as an opera singer. Litagin did not persuade the guys to stay.

First changes

The producer spent a lot of time looking for a pretty and talented girl who could replace Sukhankina in the Mirage project. The composition of the group (old) was a duet. Litagin played keyboards, Sergei Proklov - on guitar.

Soon the producer found a new soloist in one of the Moscow DCs. We are talking about Natasha Gulkina. She performed vocals for 5 tracks, including “I don't want”, “Sunny summer” and “Magic world”.

In March 1987, the musical project "Mirage" was marked by the release of the debut album "Stars are waiting for us." A whole team of professionals took part in the recording of the record: Alexey Ryaschin, Konstantin Bragin, sound producer Andrey Lukinov.

Group mirage composition

Six months later, the Mirage group set off on a tour of Russian cities. The composition of the group (photo above) by that time was replenished with new members - soloist Svetlana Razina,drummer Sergey Solopov and keyboard player Roman Zhukov (he replaced Lityagin). In the month, the guys gave 80-90 concerts.

The composition of the group "Mirage": 1988

The compositions “This Night”, “I Don't Want” and “Sunny Summer” sounded in all urban and rural discos of the country. The public accepted the live performances of musicians perfectly. The idol of the majority of representatives of the Soviet youth was the group "Mirage", the composition of which in 1988 changed again. Natasha Gulkina created her own musical project "Stars". And Razin Svetlana moved to the group "Fairy".

Nataliya Vetlitskaya became a new soloist of “Mirage”, but she stayed in the team not for long (in early 1989 she started a solo career).

It was Vetlitskaya that the fans of the group saw in the first video clip. Slender beauty performed a potpourri of three songs - “Music tied us up,” “This night,” and “I don't want.” In 1988, Inna Smirnova was also involved in the Mirage project. Then she went to the group "Fairy".

In the summer of 1988, the recording of the second album “Mirage” took place. He got the name "Together Again." Litagin again offered cooperation to Sukhankina Margarita. There was no talk about her return to the group.Just Rita recorded vocals.

Guitarist Alexey Gorbashov also participated in the creation of the second record. Andrei Litagin was responsible for the arrangement. He also acted as a keyboard player. The composition of the group "Mirage", names, photos of participants - all this interested a huge number of people. In those days, the Internet did not exist. Therefore, the only source of information was printed publications (magazines, newspapers).

Young and beautiful vocalists

In 1989, the band went on a big tour. On stage were two young and attractive soloists who joined the Mirage group. The names and their names are well known to all of you. After all, this is Irina Saltykova and Tanya Ovsienko. The girls simply opened their mouths under the plus phonogram with the voices of M. Sukhankina and N. Gulkina.

The composition of the group mirage 1988

Irina Saltykova worked only a few concerts. After her departure, Ovsienko Tatiana became the “face” of the group. In 1989, she played herself in the musical-comedy tape “Our Man in San Remo”.Group mirage composition group photo

The blonde performed the famous composition from the repertoire of "Mirage" - "I no longer ask." Meanwhile, A. Gorbashov and A. Litagin were preparing for the recording of the album “Not for the first time”.

Period E.Boldysheva: 1990-1999

The producer decided to stop working with Ovsienko. This happened in 1990. Tatyana's place was taken by the dark-haired beauty Katya Boldysheva. Even before her arrival in the group, a third album was recorded, in which M. Sukhankina’s voice resounded. However, the release of the plate had to be postponed. And all because of the difficult economic situation in the country. At the same time, the concert activity of the popular group continued. Unlike other soloists (Irina Saltykova, Tanya Ovsienko and so on), Boldyreva performed all songs live.The composition of the group mirage surnames photo

In the period 1999-2004. The Russian group has successfully toured the countries of Western Europe.

New formulations

In the late 1990s, A. Litagin accepted three young female singers into the group. Unfortunately, their names are not disclosed. But it was they who participated in the recording of the albums “Version 2000”, “Drop” and “Back to the Future”.

In 2004, representatives of the publishing house “Jem” contacted by telephone Lytyagin and suggested that he complete the work on the third album, which was never released in the 1990s. The producer agreed. He immediately changed the composition of the group, saying goodbye to three vocalists. Soon, 4 girls appeared in the team: Kharcheva Masha, Lena Stepanyuk, Morozova Zhenya and Nicole Ambrazaitis.

Also in 2004, the Mirage group celebrated its 18th anniversary.The big concert, held within the walls of the Olympic Stadium, was attended by former and current members of the group (Ira Saltykova, Rita Suhankina, Razina Svetlana, Gorbashov Alexey and others).

Golden voices

In 2004, two bright and talented singers (ex-soloists of “Mirage”) united in a duet. We are talking about Natasha Gulkina and Rita Sukhankina. Their creative union was called "Solo for Two". Then the singers published the single "Mirage of Love" under their own names. And in 2005, their joint album, called “Just a Mirage”, came on sale.The composition of the group mirage surnames

Litagin was originally against the formed duet Gulkin-Sukhankin. Between former colleagues (producer and wards) there has been a confrontation. And only in 2006 they managed to improve relations. Margarita and Natalia began to cooperate with Lytyagin again. The producer even came up with a name for their duet - “Golden Voices of Mirage”. They released three concert collections that included recordings from performances in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Conflict situations

In 2008, the publishing house "Jem" completed work on the creation of the album "Not the first time." Boldysheva Katya sang vocals, and Sergey Gorbashov - guitar.However, Andrei Lityagin didn’t like the prepared musical material. He expected that all vocal parts, as in previous albums, would be sung by Rita Suhankina.

Mirage group old

In order to defend his position, the producer appealed to the Khamovnichesky Court (Moscow). But his claim to the publishing house "Jem" was rejected. The album "Not the first time" still came out. According to the results of sales, he achieved the status of "golden disc".

In 2009, the next album, “Thousand Stars”, was presented to the audience. This record was unsuccessful. Russian radio stations showed no interest in new songs from this album.

Rita Sukhankina and Gulkina Natasha are constantly in conflict with each other. And by the end of 2010, their confrontation reached its peak. As a result, their duet fell apart. In January 2011, Natalia left the team. Now she performs solo. At the same time, it is prohibited for her to perform the compositions of “Mirage”, the author of which is A. Lityagin.

Gulkina was replaced by another well-known soloist, Svetlana Razina, who performed in the group in the 1980s. She is the author of such songs as “Where I Am,” “New Hero,” and “I'm Not Joking.”

In December 2011, Sveta announced her departure from Mirage. The singer decided to return to a solo career.

Group "Mirage": the current composition

Not everyone knows that the musical group, which was megapopular in the 1980-1990s, still exists. And the producer is the same.

In September 2016, Andrei Litagin transferred to the publishing house “Jem” the rights to publicly perform Mirage songs, as well as the use of the group’s trademark. Such actions by the producer made it possible to end the long-standing conflicts and disputes among the project participants. From now on, Sukhankina Margarita performs with her own team. She is allowed to perform the songs of "Mirage", in the recording of which she participated.

Below are the current members of the legendary group:

  • Krylov Sergey - keyboard player.
  • Gorbashov Alexey - guitarist.
  • Grishin Andrei - drummer.
  • Boldysheva Catherine - vocalist.

In February 2017, Valery Sokolov reminded about himself, the author of many hits of “Mirage”. He warned the new members of the band against playing songs without his consent. Written permission from him received only two former soloists - Razin and Margarita. March 1, 2017 expired license issued by Margarita.Today, she also can not perform songs written by V. Sokolov.


Now you know what the first line-up of the Mirage group was like. The names and surnames of subsequent members of the team, we also voiced. Of course, to return the former glory of the team is unlikely to succeed. But “Mirage” is still one of the musical symbols of the 1980-1990s.

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