Mint Jam: cooking and reviews

Mint is widely used in cooking. It gives a pronounced aroma and delicate refreshing taste. Few people know that jam can be made from this unique plant. In winter, it is consumed with tea, added to ice cream, casseroles, souffles, and sponge cake soaked with it.

The benefits and composition of mint

Such a unique plant is not only tasty, but also healthy. Mint contains menthol. It is he who gives a specific and refreshing taste. Even mint contains such useful substances: ether, jasmon, piperton, flavonoids and tannins.

mint jam

Mint is a great pain killer. Thanks to it, the vessels are dilated, the rapid heartbeat decreases and the nervous system calms down. Therefore, menthol is often found in a variety of medications.

Many housewives are trying to make mint jam for the winter. After all, how nice to feel the summer freshness in the cold season and get additional vitamins.

Classic Peppermint Jam

This dessert, many housewives in demand.It is added both to tea, and to various pastries. Tasty, unusual and refreshing mint jam. The recipe is quite simple. To prepare it you will need ingredients:

  • Mint - 200 g
  • Sugar - 400 g
  • Water - 300 ml.
  • Citric acid - 2-3 g

Rinse each leaf and stalk of mint under running water. Dry and chop the plant.

strawberry jam with mint

Sugar (200 g) and citric acid prescription add to mint. Let the mixture infuse for about 5 hours in order for the plant to run the juice.

While the mixture is infused, it is necessary to boil the syrup from the rest of the sugar and water. Pour it into the mixture and leave for another 4 or 5 hours. After that, put the mixture on the fire and bring to a boil. Now it can be set aside for cooling.

When the mixture has cooled, remove the mint from the syrup and strain the liquid. Now you can bring to a boil over medium heat. Boil no more than 5 minutes and roll up.

Add basil

Classic mint jam can be varied with any ingredients. Try experimenting with basil. It adds a bitter taste, and sweetish.

Prepare the ingredients, as in the classic mint jam:

  • 400 grams of sugar.
  • 300 ml of water.
  • 200 g mint.
  • 80 g basil.
  • 3 g of citric acid.

Rinse and dry the mint. Add half the sugar to it to make the juice. While the mixture is (5 hours), boil the syrup from the remaining sugar and water. Pour it in mint and let it brew for another 5 hours. Now put the mixture on the fire, bring to a boil and add chopped basil. If you do not want to cut it, then after 5 minutes you need to get the leaves.

Then strain the jam, boil and roll. Now ready to mint jam. The recipe is simple and obscure. Especially since basil gives a specific taste to the amateur. Therefore, do not close a lot. First make a trial.

Mint jam with lemon

Few people know that you can make an unusual dessert of mint. It is not only tasty, but also healthy. In order to prepare jam mint with lemon, you will need products: sugar and water, 350 ml, mint - 150 g, lemon - 1 pc.

mint jam reviews

Each leaf of mint should be washed under running water and dry well. Now you can chop it very finely. Cut lemon into rings. If you want to jam with a pronounced acidity, then replace it with lime.

Put mint and lemon in a container, add water according to the recipe and put on a medium heat for boiling. Boil the mixture for another 15 minutes and leave to cool.Then cover the contents with a lid and put in a cold place. The mixture should stand for 12 hours. During this time, it will marinate and become more tart and sour.

Now you can strain the cold broth through a fine sieve or gauze (two layers). Pour liquid into aluminum container, add sugar and boil for about 5 minutes after boiling. Now you can roll up hot. It turns out very tasty classic mint jam. Reviews about it are only positive. After all, this dessert can replace a sedative.

Strawberry jam with mint

For the winter you need to stock up on vitamins. You can not only make jam of mint with lemon. Strawberry is no less useful. This is the very first berry that appears in spring. Therefore, conservation often begins with strawberries.

Strawberry jam with mint not only has a pleasant taste and aroma, it also replaces many medicines. For example, you can avoid viral infections, if you regularly take this dessert for prevention.

mint jam recipe

It also helps to cope with certain gastric diseases. There are a lot of useful minerals and vitamins in strawberries, which are necessary for every human body.

To make this dessert, you will need:

  • Strawberry - 1 kg.
  • Juice half a lemon.
  • Sugar - 1 kg 200 g
  • Mint - 150 g.

Strawberry bust, spoiled throw out. After all, from it can come not only unpleasant smell, but also taste. Rinse the rest under running water and dry so that there is no water left on the berry.

If the strawberry is large, it must be cut into two parts. Shallow is not necessary to touch. Put berries in the pan (avoid enamelled containers). In them add whole sprigs of mint. Cutting it is not necessary, because later you will need to remove them. Add sugar and lemon juice. Now let it infuse 10 hours. You can leave for the night.

In the morning we put on the middle fire. Let it boil. Now switch to a slow fire and cook for 15 minutes. Then you need to set aside the jam. When cool, remove the mint and repeat the procedure. Now hot pour into the banks and roll up. You will be pleasantly surprised how refreshing the taste is.

Strawberry, Mint and Rhubarb Jam

This dessert has a pleasant sweet-sour taste. It also gives the flavor of apples, strawberries, mint, lemon. The sour taste of jam is given by rhubarb.It grows simultaneously with strawberries.

mint jam with lemon

Many mistresses liked the mint, strawberry and rhubarb jam for the aroma and taste. For its preparation it is necessary to prepare the products:

  • Rhubarb - 250 g
  • Strawberry - 800 g
  • Sugar - 1 kg.
  • Mint - 80 g

Wash strawberries and knead to make mashed potatoes. Prepare the rhubarb. To do this, wash it well and remove the coarse fibers. Now cut it into slices and put in strawberries. Add sugar to the mixture and let it brew for 3-4 hours to extract the juice. Meanwhile, wash the mint, dry.

Put the berries with rhubarb on the hob and bring to a boil. Stir constantly as the jam may burn. When the mixture has boiled for 5 minutes, add the mint. Remove foam periodically. When you see that the mixture begins to thicken, roll up. In order not to lose, put a little mixture on the dish and look. If it does not spread, then it is ready for spinning.

Mint jam with the addition of raspberries and gooseberries

This dessert contains many nutrients. Therefore, it is mainly prepared for the prevention and treatment of viral diseases. For its preparation you will need:

  • Gooseberry - 0.5 kg.
  • Raspberries - 0.5 kg.
  • Sugar - 1 kg.
  • Mint - 50 g

Gooseberry, mint and raspberry bust. Rinse and dry well. Put the gooseberry in half of the sugar, slightly crush it, so that it will put some juice. Put on the hob and cook for 15 minutes. Then put the raspberries in the gooseberries and hold on the fire for another 5 minutes.

Then, when there is enough juice in the jam, add mint leaves and boil for another 3 minutes. The mixture will give a pronounced flavor. Now you can extract the mint and roll up the hot jam.

how to make mint jam

Leave some spoons for the sample. If you like, do more. After all, very useful jam from mint. The reviews of many housewives are positive. They believe that such a jam is well combined with a variety of pastries.

Useful tips

You already know how to make mint jam with the addition of various ingredients. However, you must choose the right dishes, because it depends on the taste of your dish. If you take the enameled container, be prepared for the fact that it will burn mint jam. The recipe is simple, but you need to know the technology of preparation. So try to take aluminum dishes. Thanks to her dessert will not change the taste and flavor.

Mint and Lemon Jam Recipe

To make the mint jam more sweet, you can add 200 grams of sugar more. Moreover, this product helps to preserve conservation for a long time.

The recipe for jam made from mint and lemon is more common. This dessert gives a strong aroma, refreshing and sour taste. For less sweet jam, add one more lemon. Housewives advise the first time to try cooking according to the recipe, and the second - to experiment.

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