Milk green tea. How to brew tea

Tea is one of the most fragrant and tasty drinks that people ever drank. Millions of his fans will confirm this. In addition to great taste, it also has a health effect, which makes it even more attractive. There are many varieties of this drink, one of the most famous is milk green tea, or oolong tea.

Milk Green Tea

General information

Translated from the Chinese word "Oolong" means "dark dragon", sometimes it is also called tsing cha, that is, "turquoise tea." Milk green tea refers to semi-fermented teas. Chinese gourmets gave him an intermediate place in the classification between black and green. The ideal degree of fermentation is 50%. It is carried out in a special way - not the entire leaf is completely oxidized, but only a small part of its surface and edge. This allows you to maintain the structure of the inner fibers of the sheet, which leads to a combination of green flavor and taste of black tea.There are two subspecies that depend on fluctuations in the degree of fermentation in one direction or another. Green tea milk Chinese has a long history, which has more than 300 years. It is used in a special ceremony of "higher tea craftsmanship."

Description of the species

There are three main places of growth of the desired tea leaves: the first is the island of Taiwan, the second is the province of Guangdong, the third is the south and the north of Fujian. Taiwan and the south of Fujian specialize in the production of oolongs with weak fermentation (less than 50%), and Guangdong and north of Fujiani with strong fermentation (more than 50%).

It is widely believed that fermented fermented milk green tea appeared earlier. Varieties that are high in the mountains are considered the best. The most famous mountains on which this tea grows are the Phoenix Mountains and the Ui Mountains. If the leaf was collected from the "mother bush", that is, from the one from which the original tea came, then this is the tea of ​​the highest quality. The leaf itself must be fleshy and without any flaws. Ouluns with weak fermentation are also collected from special bushes high in the mountains. For this drink, the leaf must be fully matured and developed.

Green tea, milk Chinese, in addition to these two types, also has a third. This is a flavored oolong.Flavoring additives are added to the leaf, which add spice to the smell. It can be ginseng, rose petals, fragrant osmanthus flowers. The main place for the manufacture of such tea is the island of Taiwan. For 40 years, manufacturers have been experimenting with combinations of flavors, but the finished product is most often exported abroad, because the Chinese are more likely to drink tea without additives, which, in their opinion, spoil the drink. The leaf from the bush is going to fall, because at this time the taste and aroma reveal itself completely.

Milk Chinese green tea

Making oolong

The best for this tea are fully ripe leaves of bushes that have reached the middle age. After harvesting, the harvest is sun-dried for half an hour, then collected in baskets, pushing it tightly, and placed in the shade for oxidation. Every hour such a collection knead and mix, but very carefully, without causing injury to the sheet. This gives uneven fermentation, which depends on the duration of the process. For oolongs, it is 40-50%. When this oxidation state is reached, it is interrupted. This is done by heat treatment of the sheet, that is, it is heated to 300 degrees and dried.This procedure is carried out in 2 stages: the first is drying for a couple of minutes, the second is twisting and continuing drying. This allows you to remove all excess moisture and completely stop fermentation. Real milk green tea is not sold to ground, broken leaves and dust are not allowed. When brewing, you can watch a beautiful solid piece, a little darkened around the edges.

Tea properties

Green tea milk (oolong) can boast of many interesting qualities. Its useful properties are very wide. It actively affects both physical and mental health. The drink contains many essential oils, and if it is a highly oxidized subspecies, then there will be plenty of caffeine in it. If a person drinks such tea, he will receive over four hundred types of chemicals that are simply needed by the body. These include calcium, caffeine, polyphenol compounds, vitamins of various groups, phosphorus, iodine, and many more beneficial microelements. Such a rich set will help fight diseases such as cancer, thrombophlebitis, obesity. In addition, it speeds up the metabolism in the skin cells, which leads to rejuvenation, that is, wrinkles are noticeably reduced.

Green milk tea from Thailand

Oulun weak fermentation

Green milk tea of ​​the weakest oxidation state has a light green color, the leaves are slightly twisted, elongated, among them you can find the upper parts of the shoots of the bush. The shape of the tea leaves is usually spherical, and when brewing, you can observe 3 leaves connected by a sprig, but the leaves do not have any defects. If the oolong is high-quality, then the edges of the sheet will be red and it is easy to distinguish them from the green center. The smell of these drinks is very bright, floral, and when dry, it resembles the aroma of green tea. The color of the drink itself may be yellow with variations of green and pink shades. The taste can be honey, flower, fruit or cream. Green milk tea from Thailand will not differ in quality, since China is considered the main place of its growth.

Milk Green Tea Black Dragon

Oulun fermentation

If the tea has the highest degree of oxidation, the leaves will be brown or dark brown, in the brew you can find the buds, which are covered with a pile of white. Unlike the previous version, the tea leaves will be more elongated and bulky. The smell of dry leaves is very strong, sweet, with hints of spices.The infusion is obtained in dark yellow or amber color. The taste is not confused: it is very bright, full, there are honey and chocolate notes. Steamed sheet can easily be considered. If this is the highest grade of tea, then it will have distinct veins, its edges are reddish, and the middle one will be green. One of the most famous manufacturers who supply milk green tea to our country is “Black Dragon”. Its products can be found both in stores and on the Internet.

Milk oolong green tea useful properties

Ouluns with flavored additives

The basis of this tea are poorly fermented fees. They are classified as medium quality drinks, as the manufacturer can hide almost all the shortcomings behind the flavoring. But the quality of the supplement itself often wants the best. It is for this reason that China does not recognize such tea, it is simply imported into other countries. In terms of taste, this drink is close to Indian teas and does not change at all during tea drinking. This lowers its popularity among the Chinese, since good tea should be revealed with every sip.

How to brew milk green tea

Brewing and storage

The method of brewing is selected depending on how oxidized the tea.If we talk about how to brew milk green tea of ​​a small degree of fermentation, then first of all you need to say about the water temperature. It should not exceed 80 degrees, but should not be less than 60. After 3 minutes of infusion, the tea is ready. If this is a more fermented collection, then it can be brewed at a temperature of 90 degrees, but will have to wait a little longer. The best dishes for this process will be a special kettle made from Yixing clay. It is designed specifically for this drink. The thick walls of the vessel allow you to create a temperature environment that fully reveals the properties of tea. The kettle is small. Tea leaves should be poured no more than one third of the vessel. The same leaves can be used up to 7 times. But the usual porcelain teapot will also fit to create such an infusion. For storing the collection, it is better to choose hermetic glassware or ceramic dishes. Neither light nor moisture should penetrate inside.

Green tea milk oolong price

Ooluna varieties

There are no more than 30 types of green milk tea, and each of them is produced in China. They have a division into categories. The highest belongs to the finest tea, the lowest - the ordinary.Oolong tea is designed for enjoying tea, a careful study of its flavors. The most common are such varieties: Tie Guan Yin, Da Hong Pao, Peng Feng, Gui Hua. Each of them has a unique taste and smell.

Thus, one of the most exquisite varieties is green milk tea (Oolong). The price for such a treasure is not the lowest (300-1000 rubles per 100 grams), but if a person wants to taste the taste of a real oolong, then he should understand that high-quality products are not cheap.

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