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Marina Popovich - test pilot. The biography of this amazing woman will be told to the reader in the article. So, let's begin.

Daughter "letchitsy"

This story happened in the late 20s of the last century in one of the villages of the Smolensk region. Spring, everything is blooming and smelling, in young blood is boiling. That's why guys and girls probably argued: “Who will jump from a greater height?”.

The most risky was one of the girls, Ksenya. Nobody believed it, but she really, having built something like a parachute, jumped from the middle platform of the 15-meter tower. Everything turned out relatively well, only stripped her hands, and dislocated her leg. Since then, Xenia and nicknamed the pilot.

A few years later, the matchmakers came to this village, Samusenko. Ksenia Shcherbakova married Lavrenty Vasilyeva. Not so much time passed, the harvesting season was going on, when the father rushed to his son in the field, driving his horse. Hugged and congratulated on the first child.

Ksenia and Lavrenty Vasilyevs had a daughter. They called her Marina, and then no one could have imagined that she would become a class 1 test pilot, one of the first women to master the control of a supersonic aircraft.But before that it was necessary to still experience many trials. The first and most terrible of them was the Great Patriotic War.

Marina Popovich

First death

Biography of Marina Popovich was very difficult. What is the loss of a loved one, she learned early. Her elder sister, Zoe, drowned in the river. Marina became the eldest. Of course, she will have other sisters, a brother, but Marina Lavrentievna will remember that grave she went to that summer with her friends forever.

After the death of her sister, she became especially close to her father. It was he who took her with music. He himself played, and not on an accordion or a guitar, but on a violin. A daughter gave dulcimer, with whom she first appeared in the village club. I compared the sensations to those I experienced at my first parachute jump.

Scary years of war

That day, he and his father were going to speak before the draftees. Marina Lavrentievna Popovich was the first to hear the announcement of the beginning of the war on the radio. Father almost immediately went to the front. She, ten, became the only assistant to a pregnant mother. Vale, the youngest, was the fourth year.

The Germans broke into their village in the early morning, and immediately began the hunt for pigs, ducks and chickens farmers.Soon it was rumored that many local men were seen in a concentration camp 50 kilometers from the village. Mother and neighbors set off, and returned with a Red Army man who had fled from captivity. He was discovered and the village burned. Fortunately, not with the residents. They still managed to evacuate. All that remains is the neck from the father’s violin.

In November 1941, they were in the city of Oyash, Novosibirsk region. With Ksenia Loginovna there were five children, three of them and two of them - sisters. Survived thanks to alms, which were collected in the surrounding villages. And after wintering, they moved to the village of Pushkarevka.

Had to work around the clock. Marina, too. Polola flax, nursed cattle, herded calves and sheep. I went to school to study, where I had to walk five kilometers. And it is in a forty-degree frost.

Popovich Marina Lavrentyevna

Start the dream

Even then, Marina's dream of the sky began to glow. Favorite heroine, the portrait of which she always carried with her, became the famous aviator Marina Raskova. In 1947, without waiting for the demobilization of his father, who visited them in Pushkarevka, she enters the Novosibirsk Aviation Technical College. But the specialties that they were taught there were connected with the creation of aircraft.About flights it was not.

Persistent student is seeking admission to the local flying club. Took on the parachute compartment. They jumped from an old software-2. We had to get on his wing, and then trust the parachute. But she was not enough.

Began to bother about admission to the flight department. The main obstacle was her small stature. Lacked three centimeters. Grueling training continued for three months. And she still got her way. The teachers, Nikolai Nikolaevich Kungurov, remembered for a lifetime, like the first flight on Ut-2.

The time has come, and she took off on her own, without an instructor. She mastered aerobatics. After the final exams, Marina was left at the flying club an avionist-athlete. And at the graduation party there was their first meeting with the military cadet Pavel Popovich.

Marina Popovich pilot

Despite the smiles

Working as a design engineer at the plant, Marina Popovich continued to dream of a big aircraft. The sky was already conquered by the first jets. In the summer of 1952, her "walking on the hell" began. The desire of the girl, besides looking so fragile, to get into the big aircraft, caused smiles, misunderstanding.

In an effort to achieve her goal, she went to Moscow, to receive K.E. Voroshilov. The next stage is the flight school in Saransk, the capital of Mordovia. The cadet “meter with a cap,” as she was called behind her eyes, stood out among all, became a foreman of the group.

Most often I had to fly on YAK-18 aircraft. But she showed character here, got permission to transfer to the Yak-11 fighter type. She was subsequently left at the flight school as an instructor.

Marina Popovich Pilot Test biography

Cosmonaut's wife

In 1954, Marina Lavrentievna arrived on vacation in the village of Barsuki, near the Great Onions. Her parents lived there, and Pavel Popovich came to visit the bride. Three days later they went to the registry office. Two years lived a thousand kilometers apart: he is in the Arctic, she is in Saransk. And in April 1956 they had a daughter, Natasha. The main thing that oppressed her mother during her life in the north was uncertainty. Will she fly? And when the husband was transferred to the Moscow region, she immediately went to the Central Aeroclub named after Chkalov. Everything was decided very quickly. In 1958, M. L. Popovich enrolled in the main part of the parade calculation. She became a pilot in flight, commanded by the famous Anna Ivanovna Bodryagina.

Began daily, and often night flights at the Tushino airfield. In the same year, their group was invited to the Kremlin for a speech at an air show. Two years later, a new stage began in the life of their family. Pavel Popovich was enrolled in the first detachment of Soviet cosmonauts. And his wife continued to fly while studying at the Academy of Civil Aviation.

Marina Popovich biography

Legendary records

In 1964, she set her world speed record. The first jet in the life of M.L. Popovich was Czechoslovak: L-29 ("Dolphin"). It was necessary to squeeze out of the engine everything possible, maintaining speed throughout the route, subject to many other conditions. All this at an altitude of 5 kilometers.

The first two attempts were unsuccessful, and during the third the previous world record was exceeded by almost 100 kilometers per hour. She received the title of master of sports. But most importantly, the path was opened to the most cherished dream: to become a test pilot. To do this, Senior Lieutenant Popovich again had to go through many instances, right up to the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force. But she again achieved her. After an emergency landing during the first flight, the commander of the unit congratulated her on her second birth.And how many were ahead of them ...

The record set on the "Dolphin", it seemed now a childish prank. Test pilot Marina Popovich wanted to break the world record for height on a supersonic plane. And it was installed.

At the same time she remained a wife and mother. In October 1968, the Popovich family was replenished with daughter Oksana.

Marina Popovich test pilot

At the helm "Anthea"

Marina Lavrentyevna Popovich set 13 international world records! In total, she has established more than 100 achievements. The International Aviation Federation awarded it one of the highest awards. It was a diploma named after Paul Tissandier.

At the same time she studied at the faculty of aerodynamics, became a candidate of sciences. And soon the first woman in the world to sit behind the wheel of the legendary super-heavy AN-22 (“Antey”).

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