Manual juicer. Useful device for home

Bright colorful packaging with the words "Juice" contain a mixture of flavors, preservatives, dyes, diluted with water. This drink is no match for freshly squeezed homemade vitamin juice. To obtain it you will need a manual juicer.

Types of juicers

The device will help you prepare your own drink, which increases vitality and saturates the body with vitamins and minerals. Juices, especially from citrus, quickly lose their nutritional value. Vitamin C is destroyed the fastest - after 10 minutes already. Therefore, they need to be cooked and consumed in a short period of time. There are three main types of juicers - a citrus juicer is a manual, auger and universal model with a separator. Depending on the device, juicing devices can be electric, manual or mechanical.At the place of use electrical appliances can be household, professional and industrial.Manual Juicer

Types of manual juicers

Manual juicer is so called because a certain amount of effort should be made for successful work. This is the easiest way to extract the juice, for example, from oranges. Earlier in everyday life they were called crush. It was an aluminum cup with a press attached to it on special hinges.

Manual screw fixture, in fact, the same grinder. It is attached to the table and the handle rotates the shaft. Often used to produce juice puree of juicy berries - raspberries, currants or grapes. The manual juice extractor for tomatoes will help to process soft and juicy vegetables. Their rational use is possible when receiving a small amount of fruits and vegetables. On the backyard, it is more expedient to produce home-made preparations in large volumes using electrical appliances.

Manual citrus juicer

Principle of operation

Manual citrus juicer has a fairly simple design. The half of fruit is imposed on a ridge conic nozzle. Under pressure, the juice is poured into a special container.Modern models are equipped with a clamping device - a special mechanical lever. Some models have a small motor that rotates the nozzle, which greatly facilitates the work.

Manual mechanical juicer works without electricity. Easily cope with fruits, hard vegetables and greens. Juicers of this type can be horizontal and vertical, and also have one or two augers. The main working part is the auger. Rotating, it crushes the product and squeezes out the juice that flows into the bowl. The pressed cake moves forward and enters another dish through a special hole. Devices can grind spices, coffee, nuts, make dough and pasta.

Manual Juicer for Tomatoes

Features of handheld devices

Modern citrus presses have a pulp control function. This is achieved by changing the size of the holes of the nozzle. In models with an electric drive there is a reverse rotation mode. The kit may include two nozzles of different sizes. The body can be plastic, aluminum or stainless steel.

A screw-type squeezer is also a press system to some extent.The devices are reliable and simple, but with large volumes they require considerable physical strength. The harder the processed products, the more transparent the juice. If raspberry or over-ripe peaches are processed, the juice will be obtained with pulp. In this regard, a hand-held juicer for tomatoes is very convenient. In the process of processing is obtained tomato puree, and the fine-mesh mesh does not let the skin and seeds of tomatoes. The power and speed of such units depends entirely on the amount of applied force.

Manual Manual Juicer

Manual juice extractor "Motor Sich"

Currently, prices for manual screw juicers are quite affordable. And to buy a meat grinder with a nozzle "juicer" is twice as profitable. You can stay on the budget version of the brand "Motor Sich". It is designed for quick juice with pulp from fruits, berries and vegetables. It can be made of both aluminum and cast iron. Cast iron is heavier, more expensive, but safe and durable. Aluminum oxide film is destroyed by the action of acids and falls into the juice. The main cutting and pressing part is the auger. The shaft is hidden in a casing with openings through which the juice with pulp flows.The manual juicer in the kit has a loading bowl, a juice transportation tray, and rubber gaskets to ensure a secure fit to the table. There is a regulator of the intensity of the extraction of juice. Efficiency when pressing apples - 55%, grapes - 70%, tomatoes - 80%. The weight of the model of cast iron - 3.7 kg, aluminum - 2 kg.

Manual motor sich juicer

Which device is better for choosing at home

Considering the selection criteria, first of all you should focus on the benefit of the device. Citrus lovers can get a lever press. For those who prefer berry puree, auger manual juicer is best. For harder fruits, vegetables or nuts, a twin screw juice extractor is more suitable. In the professional sphere, devices with higher technical indicators are used, as they are focused on fast customer service. In cafes and restaurants there are more powerful devices with a bright, beautiful design. In the industrial sector, the capacity of the units is directed to the processing of a huge amount of fruits and vegetables. Hand-held devices for the home can be picked up at home appliances stores. And although it is necessary to apply physical strength for work, the demand for them is not weakening.The device will be useful both for juice lovers and for those who like home canning.

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