Make a delicious boiled omelette in the package

The boiled omelette in the package will serve as an excellent dishfor breakfast or snack. You can do it differently. Someone adds tomatoes and greens to the omelet, and some make it only from such basic components as milk and eggs.boiled omelette in a package

But whatever ingredients you use, with all the requirements of the recipe, you will definitely get a delicious and nutritious breakfast, which can easily saturate all members of your family.

Cooked omelette in the package: recipe with photo

There is nothing difficult to prepare the dish in question. Therefore, even a teenager can make it. To do this, only the following components will be needed:

  • whole cow's milk - a full glass;
  • raw eggs large - two pcs .;
  • black pepper and iodized salt - add to the mass to taste;
  • fresh tomato - one piece;
  • Bulgarian pepper - ½ pc. (optional);
  • greens (for example, dill, onions, and parsley) - to taste;
  • butter - not less than ten grams.

Bag selection

To make a boiled omelette in a package, we may need not only the above ingredients, but also a pouch into which they will be placed.

Some housewives prefer to apply for thesepurposes conventional plastic bags. However, during heat treatment, they can release harmful chemicals. Therefore, we recommend using a culinary sleeve. We also need zavyazochki. As a rule, they are included in the kit.

Preparation of egg-milk mass

To make a boiled omelet in a package, you will need about half an hour of free time. It is enough to prepare the ingredients, and for their heat treatment.boiled omelette in the package reviews

First of all for preparation of the mentioneddishes treat vegetables. Tomato and a half of the Bulgarian pepper are washed, cleaned and shredded in small cubes. Also, fresh fresh herbs (dill, parsley and onions) are cut separately.

As for chicken eggs, they are spread in a bowl and beat well with a mixer. Then whole cow's milk is gradually added to them.

Continuously interfering components, achieve a homogeneous mass. After that, lay out previously shredded vegetables, as well as salt and pepper.

Again whipping the ingredients with a mixer, they start to form the dish.

How to form correctly?

The boiled omelette in the package looks very appetizing. But this is only if it is properly formed and subjected to heat treatment.

As mentioned above, the dish in question can be made in a conventional polyethylene bag. We decided not to take risks and use the culinary sleeve.

boiled omelet in the package recipe with photo

It is tied with strings on one side, andthen fill with milky-egg mass. Tightly tied the package on the other side, then follow that in it there were no punctures and unnecessary openings. If any, the contents of the bag may leak out during the heat treatment.

Cook the dish on the stove

To make a boiled omelette in a package (with a photo of the ready-made breakfast you can see in this article), use a deep saucepan. It is filled with ordinary cold water and put on a stove.

After bringing the liquid to a boil, the previously filled culinary sleeve is carefully lowered into it. Prepare a delicious vegetable omelet over medium heat for about 18-22 minutes. During this time, he must grasp well.

If the bag is heavily swollen during heat treatment, it is pierced with a needle. Do this is desirable only in the part of the package that is above the water.

Aright tasty dish for the family breakfast

Now you know how to cook a boiled omelette in a package. Comments from those who often make such a dish for their family members say that it is very nutritious and nutritious.

Ready breakfast should be served to the table only when hot. To do this, the bag is taken out of the bubbling liquid, and then cut and spread the dish on the plate.

boiled omelette in a package with a photo

After dividing the omelet into portions, it is distributed among the household members. If desired, served with slices of ham or sausage. Also this breakfast is perfectly combined with fried bacon or sausages.

Helpful Tips

As you can see, making an omelet in a bag is not verycomplicated. It should be specially noted that it is possible to prepare such a dish not only on the kitchen stove, but also using such devices as a multivark, a microwave oven and even a steamer.

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