Makarov Andrei Mikhailovich - lawyer, broadcaster, politician: biography, personal life

In this article we will acquaint the reader with a famous Russian state leader. This is Andrei Makarov. Imagine a biography of a politician, lawyer, chess player, his dossier, career history, facts from his personal life.


Andrei Mikhailovich Makarov - Soviet, Russian lawyer, statesman of the Russian Federation. Deputy of the Russian State Duma in 1993-1999, as well as from 2003 to the present. In the Russian parliament represents the party "United Russia". Another field of activity is a TV presenter. He is one of the authors of the first part of the Russian Tax Code.

Let's present the important facts about Andrei Makarov:

  • Date of birth: 07.22.1954. Today, Andrei Mikhailovich is 64 years old.
  • Place of birth: USSR, Moscow.
  • Citizenship: the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.
  • Marital status: Married.
  • Occupation: politician, lawyer, television presenter.
  • Education: Law (Law Faculty of Moscow State University).
  • Academic degree: Candidate of Law.
  • Party affiliation: "United Russia".
  • Awards: Order of Honor (received in 2014), Medal of the second degree named after Stolypin (received in 2017), Certificate of honor from the Russian President (received in 2013).

We now turn directly to the biography of Andrei Makarov.

Andrey Makarov Moscow

Childhood and youth

Andrei Mikhailovich was born on July 22 in 1954. The place of his birth is the city of Moscow. Andrei Makarov's childhood passed in the capital of the USSR. His life path was largely predetermined - the boy was born in a family of hereditary lawyers. His mother, for example, worked for many years as a people's judge. And she finished her career in the honorary position of the chairman of the Moscow Regional Court. Fathers (Konstantin Apraksin) chaired the metropolitan city bar association.

Andrei Makarov did not hesitate in choosing his future profession. After graduating from high school, he entered the Moscow State University, the law faculty. Andrei Mikhailovich completed his education there in 1976.

Four years after graduation, he defended his thesis at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It was devoted to the use of technical and scientific means in criminal investigations. The defense of the thesis made Andrei Mikhailovich Makarov Candidate of Law.

Carier start

Andrei Mikhailovich briefly taught at the law faculty of this metropolitan university. After the reduction, he continued his career at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Here he was considered the unofficial acting speechwriter Y. Churbanov.

As a lawyer, Andrei Makarov became known fairly quickly. This contributed to his participation in high-profile cases. He was the protector in the "cotton case" against the same Yuri Churbanov. He acted as a public prosecutor in the case of the leader of the society "Memory" Smirnova-Ostashvili.

Andrey Makarov Moscow

Career advancement

At the age of 38, Andrei Makarov in Moscow acted as an accuser for the CPSU Case in the Russian Constitutional Court. In the nineties, he began to work in the Soros Foundation. He devoted two years to this organization, including heading it.

It so happened that the political activity of Andrei Makarov was inextricably linked with the activities of the legal.In 1993 he was invited to work on the draft Constitution of the new Russian state. Andrei Mikhailovich accepted this invitation.

Also in the spring of 1993, Andrei Makarov took the post of head of the Directorate for the Support of the Interdepartmental Commission of the Russian Security Council on Combating Corruption and Organized Crime. However, he later left this high position on his own decision - because of the desire to run for the State Duma.

A year after leaving a high post, Andrei Mikhailovich becomes a member of the International Affairs Committees, as well as judicial and legal reform and legislation.

But this is not all the achievements of Andrei Makarov. From 40 years old, he headed the Russian Chess Federation for three years. He received the title of international master. It happened after the tables of two chess tournaments, conducted by Andrei Mikhailovich in the country, were presented in FID. True, controversial information appeared in the media about this event later. In particular, the journalists wrote that the games played by Andrei Makarov were simply copied from the great players of the past.

Andrey Makarov lawyer

State Duma and public office

1995 was a significant year for Andrei Mikhailovich because of his significant advancement along the career ladder. He became a member of the State Duma, as well as a member of the Committee on Finance, Taxes, Budget, and Banks. Three years later, in 1998, Andrei Makarov was appointed a member of the Board of the Russian State Tax Service.

A year later, he began to hold the same position, but only in the Ministry of the Russian Federation for duties and taxes. In the spring of 2000, Andrei Makarov became Chairman of the Council of Experts on Tax Legislation of the Russian Federation.

At 49, Andrei Mikhailovich was appointed advisor to Aman Tuleyev, who was at that time head of the Kemerovo region. Already a few months after this appointment, Makarov became vice-governor of the same region.

Since 2003, Andrei Makarov - State Duma deputy, who then becomes a member of the famous faction "United Russia". After four years, he will be re-elected deputy, but from this party. Andrei Makarov "United Russia" chose his party. Thus, he becomes deputy chairman of the Committee on Budget and Taxes.In the Duma of the sixth convocation, he was already appointed the head of this Committee.

Together with his partner, the lawyer politician opens his own law office. It is called "Andrei Makarov and Alexander Toback."


Andrei Makarov is a truly versatile person. He managed to try his hand even in the acting field. You can see him in the rather popular Russian film "The Circus burned out, the clowns ran away." The experience of participation in the television process of Andrei Mikhailovich does not end there.

Andrei Makarov family

TV activity

In 2010, the lawyer politician was also a TV presenter on the Justice project. The program was on the channel REN-TV. Alas, but because of changes in the leadership of the channel, it ceased to exist.

Andrei Mikhailovich himself told reporters that the television program was one of the attempts to honestly talk to the viewer about the problems that arise daily in our lives. The project was devoted to the discussion of acute topics that arose in the social sphere of society.

But his story on TV is not over. Three years later, already on Channel One, an updated version of the program was released. It was called "Freedom and Justice."Andrei Makarov again acted as a TV presenter. However, the project was completed even faster - literally two months after its launch.

Personal life

Now about the family of Andrei Makarov. It is known that he is officially married. Moreover, the family of Andrei Mikhailovich can even be called having many children - he and his wife have three daughters. There is information that professionally they followed in the footsteps of their father - they also build a career in jurisprudence.

Andrei Makarov United Russia

Personal condition

According to the 2011 declaration on the personal status of Andrei Mikhailovich, we can say the following:

  • His own revenues - 7.5 million rubles.
  • The income of the spouse - about 75.3 million rubles.
  • Income of children - 92.4 thousand rubles.
  • He and his family members are the owners of two land plots intended for auxiliary farming. Their area is 0.25 hectares each.
  • Andrei Makarov and his family own a land plot intended for a country house with an area of ​​0.18 hectares.
  • Politician, TV host and lawyer Makarov, along with his family, also own a pair of land plots intended for individual housing construction. The area of ​​each plot is 0.14 ha.
  • The Makarov family owns a residential building located in Spain. Its area is 318 square meters.
  • The family also has an individual home in Russia. Living space - 746 m2.
  • Also in the property of the Makarov family are two apartments - 53 and 190 m2.


And now let's turn to the present day. Today, Andrei Mikhailovich Makarov - Chairman of the Tax and Budget Committee of the Russian State Duma.

In particular, in March 2017, a bill of authorship of Andrei Mikhailovich was adopted. According to him, a person who is under a number of foreign sanctions may not recognize the tax resident of the Russian Federation. It is worth noting that the law is retroactive. Only the faction "United Russia" voted for. The rest of the deputies were against this bill.

Andrei Mikhailovich Makarov

Changes in appearance

In the late nineties, many media outlets were full of news "Andrei Makarov lost weight!" Why are information sources so agitated by the change in the figure not of a media person, but of a politician, a lawyer? A person whose appearance is not central to his work?

The point here is that Andrei Mikhailovich has long suffered from overweight.And that was really a problem for him - he weighed almost 170 kilograms.

In the late 90s he managed to complete a difficult task - to lose 73 pounds. As a result, the man’s weight was 94 kg. Andrei Makarov does not name any special secret. According to him, only two factors helped him to return to normal weight: regular walks (he specially walked specified distances, counting them out with the help of a pedometer) and a healthy diet.

Today, according to Andrei Mikhailovich, it is difficult to say that he once had problems with being overweight. The man himself cites information that his real weight is 78 kg with height of 176 cm.

Last news

Let's dwell on today's activities of Andrei Makarov. Let's see the latest news with his participation:

  • In August 2018, Andrei Makarov made a statement that the government intends to harshly suppress employer-related discrimination against applicants. He supports the proposal of President Vladimir Putin to impose strict punishment (up to criminal) for employers who refuse to applicants because of their pre-retirement age.Of course, a single violation will face an administrative fine. But the abuse is criminal prosecution.
  • News of June 2018: Andrei Makarov remains in the post of Chairman of the State Duma in the commission of the Cabinet of Ministers on budget projects. This applies to the planning period and the current fiscal year.
  • In March 2018, Andrei Mikhailovich said that all changes relating to tax projects should be adopted for the spring session of the State Duma. The basis of the legislative activities of the Russian parliament during this period raised questions about cash registers. Andrei Makarov is confident that it is this technique that will simplify tax reporting, as well as minimize the expenses of small businesses.
  • News of February 2018: Andrei Mikhailovich told reporters that the amnesty of capital legalizes those funds and companies that are outside the Russian Federation. At the same time, Russia has already passed the first term of capital amnesty. But the business turned to the Russian President with a request to extend its period. In response to this proposal, the deputies of the national parliament prepared three bills.Amnesty should pass from the beginning of March 2018 to 01/03/2019. Since today Russian business is under unprecedented pressure abroad, the introduction of such a measure will be a salvation for many companies and entrepreneurs.
    Andrey Makarov

Andrei Makarov is a truly versatile person who succeeds in many areas. This is a politician, lawyer, broadcaster. He managed to play in a movie, playing chess professionally. Today, Andrei Mikhailovich is most concentrated on his activities as a deputy of the State Duma of Russia.

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