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Despite economic instability, the financial industry continues to flourish. But in the current conditions, not all banks can function normally. Those companies that offer really popular services at an attractive price can keep afloat. One of these institutions is the "Mail Bank". Feedback about him can be heard at most positive.

Basic information about the financial institution

"Mail Bank" has a fairly short history. The company began its development only in 2012. Despite this, in a short time managed to win the trust of customers. The financial institution was established on the basis of “Summer Bank”, which was part of the VTB financial group. The main task was to create an organization that could offer “easy” express loans, for which a minimum set of documents was required. Thus, the idea of ​​opening "Mail Bank" came.Customer reviews show that with its opening, the process of processing credit contracts at retail outlets has really become easier.

mail bank reviewsAlready in 2012, the financial institution issued more than 12 thousand loans totaling more than 700 million rubles. The financial institution began to develop rapidly. An official website appeared, thanks to which customers could not only find out the information of interest, but also apply for a loan.

Why is it called Mail Bank? Reviews of specialists show that the idea of ​​creating such an institution appeared due to the need to modernize post offices. Now you can not only receive a parcel or send a letter, but also solve financial issues in the shortest possible time, with a minimum package of documents. Immediately it was planned to open 15 thousand representative offices of the bank throughout Russia. Now the institution operates not only in megacities, but also in many provincial cities.

What is the "Mail Bank"? Reviews show that today a financial institution focuses on serving not only the mass segment, but also retirees, students, owners of small and medium businesses. Feedback on the bank "Mail Bank" to a greater extent can be heard positive.The manual focuses on the needs of people, simplifies the conditions for loyal customers.

Customer credit

The widest financial segment today is consumer lending. The salary of many citizens, unfortunately, does not always allow you to purchase the right product. You have to save for a few months. To resolve the issue more quickly, you can get a loan from the Post Bank. Reviews show that the process of registration of the transaction takes no more than half an hour. At the same time, the financial institution practically does not refuse customers with a good credit history.

You can make a deal directly in one of the offices. Documents will be processed more quickly if the client pre-submits an application on the site of the institution. You can hear good reviews about the "Mail Bank" loans. The transaction is concluded in the amount of 50 thousand to 1 million rubles under a classic contract. It is also possible to issue a soft loan. In this case, the amount will be from 3 to 600 thousand rubles. The contract rate will depend on the volume of the transaction. The higher the amount, the lower the percentage. Monthly customers will have to overpay from 8.5 to 12.9%.

It is no coincidence that you can hear at most positive reviews about the "Mail Bank". Cash loans - not the only demanded service. The financial institution also offers to draw up a refinancing agreement. All existing loans can be transferred to the "Mail Bank" and will receive very favorable conditions. The amount of the contract can be from 50 thousand to 1 million rubles. The maximum term of the transaction is 5 years. It is possible to combine up to four credits into one. The rate for such a transaction - 14.9% per annum.

The following documents are required for any transaction: passport and SNILS number. If a loan is issued for a large amount, the bank may require that you also provide an income statement.

Credit cards

A plastic card (key to a bank account) makes life a lot easier. No need to carry large amounts of money in your wallet. There is a terminal in almost any outlet or organization that provides certain services. A huge number of advantages has a credit card "Mail Bank". Terms of feedback are mostly positive. You can use the money of a financial institution almost without interest.This can be done thanks to a grace period of 120 days. Each client has the opportunity for a month to withdraw money from the card and return them completely without overpayment. But such an opportunity is offered at registration of not all cards. It is worth paying attention to the product called "Element 120". The maximum credit limit under the contract is 500 thousand rubles.

mail bank customer reviewsPopularity is also a product called "Postal Express". What gives such a card "Mail Bank"? Reviews show that you can use money absolutely free with timely repayment of debt. The client must return the amount taken within a month. You will have to pay only for issuing a card. For 300 rubles, you can get a limit of 5 thousand rubles. For 600 rubles a card in the amount of 15 thousand rubles will already be issued.

For those who want not only to use the services of a financial institution, but also to do really good things, the product “Green World” has been invented. What's the point? For every 3,000 rubles spent from the credit limit, the bank undertakes to plant one tree. Moreover, the client receives a notification with the coordinates of the seedling.

What offers the conditions of lending "Mail Bank"? Reviews show that the first two months of financial institution money can be used for free. Then the loan rate will be 19.9% ​​per annum. The maximum amount is 500 thousand rubles.

Education loans

Quality education is an indispensable component of modern life. But getting good knowledge is getting harder. Today it is almost impossible to learn from a qualified specialist for free. Mail Bank will come to the rescue again. Cooperating with a financial institution is very beneficial. Everyone has the opportunity to get a loan of up to 2 million rubles. You can pay the debt in parts. Moreover, it is possible to pay only interest during training. The principal amount can be repaid when the student acquires a specialty and can earn himself.

How is the whole process going? A prospective student chooses an educational institution where he plans to gain knowledge. Next, you need to take the invoice for the university services. All will be able to pay "Mail Bank". Employee reviews show that such a service today is very popular, especially in large cities.

card mail bank reviewsThe rate on such a loan is 14.9% per annum.On the official website of the bank, you can make a preliminary calculation of how much you will have to overpay for the entire period of study.

Services for pensioners

As already mentioned, "Mail Bank" focuses not only on the mass segment. Attention is also paid to people who are less financially protected. These are, first of all, clients of retirement age. People who have already gone on a well-deserved vacation, can get their money out of turn, and also earn 7% per annum. All that is needed is to issue a retirement account in the “Mail” bank. Service charges are not charged. The pensioner can take the money at the nearest post office.

Offers "Mail Bank" and cash loans. Terms of feedback are mostly positive. Each client of retirement age can borrow up to 200 thousand rubles at 14.9% per annum. The maximum loan term is 3 years. The decision is made on the day of treatment. If a client pre-submits an application on the website of a financial institution, the transaction is even faster. Any pension loan is insured. If the client is injured or hospitalized, the insurance company must pay the loan.

bank reviews mail bankCan a “Post Bank” credit card be issued by a pensioner? Employee reviews show that there is such an opportunity. However, the economists of the institution look at the level of income of the client (the size of the pension). Credit limit may be small.

Favorable conditions for pensioners are also offered on deposits. Deposit - a reliable way to increase funds. Pochta Bank is a member of the deposit guarantee fund. It is no coincidence that many pensioners trust their money to this particular institution. Any retirement account already gives 7% per annum. If you make a deposit agreement, you can get another 2.5% plus. Popular is also the contribution of "Capital". The amount of the transaction can not be less than 50 thousand rubles. The rate is 8% per annum. The contract can be executed for 6, 12 or 18 months.

savings account

Keeping money at home is not always safe. A great option is to open a savings account at a trusted financial institution. Reviews on the bank "Mail Bank" show that it is really convenient to store funds here. After the conclusion of the transaction, the client is issued a plastic card operating under the international financial system.You can withdraw money from your account at any ATM, at any convenient time. The financial institution does not charge an additional fee for issuing a card.

credit conditions mail bank reviewsWhat is the benefit of a savings account? Such a product allows not only to protect existing funds from intruders, but also to multiply them. The most popular is the tariff "Basic". If the account is up to 50 thousand rubles, this amount is charged 3.5% per annum. If more money, the client receives an additional 6% per annum.

Special conditions are offered for pensioners. For the sum over 50 thousand rubles 7% are charged. If there is less money, the client receives 4.5%. The plus is that the interest earned is paid monthly, capitalized on the account.

Deposits for individuals

Deposit is another opportunity not only to secure your funds, but also to earn some money. In addition, bank deposits can protect money from inflation. Why choose “Mail Bank”? Reviews of specialists show that a financial institution is a member of the VTB group with a high reliability indicator. In addition, customers are attracted by the availability of the institution. You can make a deal or withdraw your money in almost any post office.

mail bank loan cash terms reviewsAccording to the reviews, the “Capital” deposit is the most popular.Make a deal can any citizen of the Russian Federation at the age of 18 years. Mandatory documents - passport and SNILS number. A financial institution only works with the national currency. Make a deal in dollars or euros will not succeed. What does Mail Bank offer under the terms of this product? The amount of the deposit must be at least 50 thousand rubles. The rate will depend on the deposit term (6, 12 or 18 months), as well as the amount of the deposit. The maximum client can earn 7.7% per annum. The minimum rate under the contract will be 7.2% per annum.

Popular is also a contribution called "Profitable." You can make a deal in the amount of 500 thousand rubles. The term of placement is the same for all clients - 12 months. In addition, the client can receive a savings account free of charge, to which the accrued interest will be credited. Deposit rate depends on the amount. If the client enters into a contract for 1.5 million rubles, the bank will pay 7.35 per annum. With a smaller amount, the rate will be 7.2%.

For people who do not have large amounts of savings, the “Cumulative” deposit is offered. The contract can be concluded already at the sum of 5 thousand rubles. The minimum rate is 6.85% per annum, the maximum is 7.15%. Plus the fact that the interest is not lost in the early termination of the contract.In addition, it provides for a monthly capitalization.

Corporate loans

A lot of profitable products offered by "Mail Bank". Customer reviews on loans show that services for partner organizations are very popular. Employees of such companies can receive from 50 thousand to 1 million rubles at 16.9% per annum. The minimum loan term is 1 year, the maximum is 5 years. The contract is concluded with a small set of documents. We need a client passport, SNILS number, and also the TIN of the organization to which the employee belongs.

Quite good reviews can also be heard about the “Guaranteed Rate” product. What should be done? It is necessary to pay off the debt in at least 12 calendar months in equal installments. The loan will be recalculated at the rate of 14.9% per annum. The difference will be returned to the customer in a savings account.

What conditions should be followed when applying for a cash loan at the Post Bank? Credit conditions, reviews of the financial institution, the necessary documents - all this should be clarified before the conclusion of the transaction. Any citizen of the Russian Federation over 18 can take out a loan.Having a passport with permanent registration in Russia is a must. At the conclusion of the transaction will also have to specify a personal mobile phone number, as well as a landline worker.

Salary projects

"Mail Bank" greatly facilitates the work of organizations with which it cooperates. Employee reviews show that salary projects of a financial institution are very popular. The bank assumes the transfer of funds to the account of employees, remote service, issuance of plastic cards for employees of a particular organization. The advantage is that employees are serviced throughout Russia; there is no reference to a specific region. Most post offices operate client centers. Here, payroll card holders can ask questions, arrange a loan on loyal conditions. Making the card itself takes no more than 30 minutes.

bank mail take credit reviewsWhat gives a salary project? First of all, this is a reduction in the workload of the personnel department of a particular organization. The enrollment of wages is made in semi-automatic mode. If an employee leaves, no need to notify the bank.Money simply ceases to be credited to his card. In this case, the client can continue to use the account for making payments until the expiration of the plastic. In case of loss of a card, it can be easily restored at any representative office of a financial institution. Through a salary account, each client can pay for utility services, make purchases in online stores. You can withdraw cash without interest at any ATM belonging to the VTB group.

To use the services of the bank, the head of a particular organization should leave a request on the site. Bank employee will contact soon. It is necessary to indicate the name, as well as the TIN of the organization, full name and position of the applicant. The number of employees for which salary cards will be issued also matters.

Target loans

In addition to cash, "Mail Bank" also offers to issue a loan for specific purposes. Every adult citizen of the Russian Federation can purchase goods on installments on favorable terms. What is needed for this? Select the desired item and take the invoice in the store. The contract can be concluded for up to 36 months. Possible early repayment of the loan.There are no penalties for this. The maximum amount of the transaction - 300 thousand rubles. The advantage is the fact that a loan can be issued without a down payment.

Why do many people choose "Mail Bank"? Customer reviews show that it’s truly convenient to cooperate with this financial institution. The decision to issue a loan is made in just 20-30 minutes. The risk of failure is minimized. In order to conclude a deal, it is necessary to provide only the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, as well as the number of SNILS.

Convenient is the service "Auto repayment". Bind to the loan agreement can be a card of any bank. The required amount will be debited automatically on the selected date. In addition, each client can independently choose the time of repayment of the loan. The date is selected in the range from 4 to 28 of each month. Once you can reduce the size of the minimum payment. It should be borne in mind that the contract will increase.

You can easily repay the loan through the terminals of the Post Bank. In this case, the repayment amount is credited to the account on the day of deposit According to the available details you can also pay the loan in any other financial institution.But you already have to pay a commission.

Customer reviews about the work of "Mail Bank"

Those who had to cooperate with a financial institution, often speak well of him. To attract more customers, the bank has canceled a commission when paying utility bills. From September 15, you can pay for utility services at any post office almost without a queue. This is good news.

Delight customers and favorable conditions for loans. Reviews show that credit cards remain more in demand. The product of Pochta Bank can be used not only in Russia, but also abroad, anywhere in the world. At the same time, for several months, the interest for using credit funds will not have to be paid.

Any information on existing accounts can be found in real time. With the help of the Internet Bank, you can also carry out most financial transactions: pay for utility services, buy products in online stores, deposit money into the accounts of other banks. All you need to do is create your own account. Log in to your personal account using a fictional password.Confirm the action is necessary via SMS. An outsider will not be able to enter.

Reviews show that Pochta Bank is a financial institution that is developing rapidly. It is possible that soon the company will be able to oust its main competitors from the market.

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