Long sputum cough: treatment

Cough is a fairly common occurrence. And if he doesn’t worry much, many do not attach much importance to him and are treated with improvised means, or even refuse treatment at all, believing that “he will pass.” But this is a misconception. A rather alarming symptom is a persistent cough with sputum for a long time, treatment in this case is extremely necessary, as this may indicate serious diseases. Coughing is not a disease. This is a protective reaction of the body. With its help, foreign particles are removed from the body and sputum formed in the inflammatory process in the throat. Treatment can only be effective if the true cause of the cough is found.cough sputum treatment

Causes of prolonged cough

  1. The most likely cause of prolonged cough is tuberculosis.

  2. People of certain professions (builder, automaster) may experience a so-called “professional cough”.

  3. Very often a prolonged cough can talk about developing bronchitis in smokers. As a rule, the disease is chronic and quite difficult to cure.

  4. Not only an infectious process or bronchial asthma, but also lung cancer can be the cause, as a result of which incessant cough with sputum develops. Treatment in this case, in the first place, involves the speedy radiography.

In any case, the sooner you see a doctor, the better the outcome will be.

Cough with sputum: treatmentsputum treatment

Excessive sputum can make breathing difficult. Respiratory tract infections, smoking, dust and dirt in the inhaled air can cause excessive sputum to build up in large quantities. Treatment in this situation must be carried out with the help of effective expectorant and thinning agents. This will help to remove sputum from the respiratory tract. If the cause of cough is irritation of the upper respiratory tract, then enveloping means will help, which include a variety of plant extracts, honey, glycerin and other components. Such drugs create a protective layer for the mucous membranes, which greatly facilitates breathing. Cough, which arose against the background of bronchospasm, is eliminated with the help of anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic drugs.

Cough with sputum: treatment of folk remediessputum throat treatment

To make sputum less thick and to speed up its discharge will help warm milk with honey, tea with lemon, a variety of compotes and fruit drinks in the form of heat and other fortified drinks. Also effective may be a diet. A special menu is drawn up for the patient, which includes liquid oatmeal, mashed potatoes, diluted with a large amount of milk, and ground radish with two tablespoons of sour cream and one tablespoon of vegetable oil. Badger fat also has a good effect, they should rub the chest and back every day before going to bed. The result will be noticeable after two or three procedures. Useful when coughing inhalation with essential oils. This method has an expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect.

When coughing with sputum worries, treatment with traditional methods is often no less effective than drugs. However, before using this or that method, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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