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Western fauna

It is known that North America, whose animals are very diverse, is one of the continents, representing at all times a serious interest for zoological scientists. Wolverines, American sables, three-fingered woodpeckers, porcupines, dangerous grizzly bears, skunks, raccoons and other unique fauna species are found here!

Rogues in masks

Raccoons are the native animals of North America.animals of north americaTheir habitats are located near freshwater bodies. They are not lovers of swimming, but if necessary, they are simply excellent swimmers. The inhabitants of America have often seen how raccoons, before they begin to eat, diligently rinse some snail or cancer in the water. For this they were called “cleaners”. However, from the point of view of zoologists, the animal simply feels the prey, thus determining its size and external structure. After all, there is an opinion that when wetting the paws, the sense of raccoon becomes more acute. Hence the deceptive notion that they will rinse the prey as soon as they grab it.

Indians - the cause of the death of bison

One more animal of North America is bison.north america animalsFrom the middle of the XIX century began their merciless destruction by the Americans. Bison died not only for their skins and language, which was considered a delicacy of that time, but also for completely objective reasons. These animals prevented them from cultivating the fields, besides, because of them, the trains stood idle for days - huge herds of herds were crossing the rails in a continuous stream ... You shouldn't hide the fact that they killed them for the sake of interest, sometimes throwing dynamite pieces into their endless herds. But perhaps the main reason for their extinction is the Indians, for whom this cattle was the main source of food. Indians' dwellings were made from their skins, clothes and shoes were sewn, and weapons and various household utensils were made from bones.

Wolverine - northern demon!

Differentlywildlife of north americaThis animal is called a damn or skunk bear. This creature belongs to the family of the weasels, without exaggeration being the most ferocious hunter. Wolverine, like other animals in North America, has an ambiguous reputation. Despite its size (length - meter, weight - 17 kg), it is a rather strong animal that can easily kill a wolf or, for example, drive an adult lynx to a tree! They do not mind to hunt foxes, squirrels and hares.On wolverine, serious hunting was carried out and powerful traps were set up only because people considered these mammals very dangerous predators.

Terrible Grizzlies

Perhaps,dangerous grizzlyThe most dangerous animals of North America are grizzly bears. They live on the west coast of the United States, Alaska and Canada. Their weight sometimes exceeds 400 kilograms! Because of their lightly silvered coat, they are called grizzly (gray). These are very dangerous and formidable bears. True, they mostly try to avoid meeting with a person, but if they are in danger, they boldly attack. There is no point in running away from the grizzly. These bears at short distances can overtake even ... race horses!


Since the fauna of North America is truly rich and diverse, we simply cannot physically tell you about all its inhabitants. But we very much hope that the animals mentioned in this article made her (article) interesting for you - our readers!

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