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The modern industry of computer games has become incredibly developed - it has a huge number of developers who produce an incredible variety of projects. You can not hope that you will have time to play at all in your life, because every day there are at least one or two games, some of them require more than one dozen hours to complete. Accordingly, you need to choose those projects that deserve more attention than others. This is very difficult to do, so this article will become your little helper. Here will be highlighted several of the most popular computer genres, and among them will be selected the most famous and successful games to date. The full list of games on the computer is too huge to list absolutely all projects, so it’s better to start with something very popular, and then explore further the branches that you liked.

Action genre

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First of all, you should pay attention to the action genre, which is one of the most popular today. In most cases, games are not particularly complex, but they have incredible dynamics, respectively, allow you to relax and enjoy a lot of people, regardless of their preferences. The list of computer games related to this genre is incredibly large, and it includes truly outstanding projects. For example, you should pay attention to the Assassin's Creed series, as it gained incredible popularity and continues to grow. Here you will have to assume the role of an assassin in various time periods (the Middle Ages, the heyday of piracy, the American Civil War, and so on). These games are remembered not only by a bright plot, but also by an abundance of possibilities. If you are more inclined not to the past, but to the future, then you should pay attention to the Deux Ex series, and, of course, you should not forget about the classics of the genre - the GTA series. Naturally, the list of games on the computer relating to the action, you can continue, but still it is not universal, so you should take the time and other options.

Shooter genre

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Shooters are also extremely popular, especially given the fact that in most cases you can play with other gamers. The list of games on the computer that support multiplayer mode can be expanded in other genres, but at the moment it is worth noting projects in which you are given the opportunity to move through the levels with the constant shooting of opponents. Many may have noticed that in this genre there are very often projects that are related both to the Second World War and to other military conflicts. The most popular online shooter is Battlefield, and if you want to experience the atmosphere of war in a single player, then you are more suitable for Call of Duty. However, do not forget that the themes can be different - for example, you can try one of the best shooters in history, Half Life 2. Naturally, there are games free on the computer both in this genre and in others. But in most cases, if you want to get maximum pleasure, you have to pay.

Role-playing games

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One of the most popular genres today is the RPG. Role-playing games allow you to develop your own character from a complete zero to a true master, while choosing a unique path, exploring vast spaces,performing a variety of quests, finding rare things and so on. There are also free games on the computer, but in most cases these are multi-user projects that lack the plot component - it is compensated by the ability to play simultaneously with hundreds of other gamers from different parts of the world. The MMORPG genre has become incredibly popular lately, but solo role-playing games remain great and in demand. Most likely, everyone has already heard about Skyrim - even those who do not consider themselves to be gamers. This game can be called the best in this genre today. Also worth mentioning is the Mass Effect trilogy, which brought the RPG into space. Well, Dragon Age is another series that continues to amaze and delight with new features. However, the genres of computer games do not end there, it is worth paying attention to others.


As you could understand, the genres of computer games are numerous and varied. Often they can include subgenres, which makes the variety even more impressive. For example, strategies can be both real-time and step-by-step.In addition, they can be tactical, global, economic, and so on. In any case, you should pay attention to the wonderful masterpiece of Starcraft - this is a cult real-time strategy game in which you have to conduct space battles on behalf of one of three races. Recently, the release of the continuation in three parts for each of the races began - two parts have already been published.

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If we talk about global strategies, Civilization can be distinguished here - the fifth part beats all sales and popularity records. Here you have to choose any of the existing nations and hold it from prehistoric times to world domination in the space age. And if you are interested in turn-based strategies, then it is best to turn to the classics, namely, to “Heroes of Might and Magic 3”. Sometimes the best computer games do not belong to modern ones - they have no ingenious graphics or amazing physics, but still they remain on top.


Simulators are a very extensive genre that includes all sorts of simulations of various processes. It is rather difficult to explain it with words, so it is worthwhile to go straight to examples and consider the best computer games in this genre.For example, you can take the game Sims - here you need to create your own character, which will, strictly speaking, live. You need to find him a job, communicate with his neighbors, make repairs in the house, buy appliances, furniture and other items, train your hero and so on.

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However, simulators are not limited to the simulation of life - there are also, for example, urban simulators, in which you will need to build a full-fledged metropolis. Sports simulators are also very popular, for example, FIFA - the most popular football simulator. There are also children's computer games that can be attributed to this genre, that is, it is extremely extensive.


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If we talk about children's computer games, then most of them will be, most likely, in the genre of adventure. Here the emphasis is on movement around the world, solving various riddles, overcoming obstacles. Most often, the adventures are combined with the genre of the puzzle - the ideal example is the Portal game, known throughout the world. But this is not the only example. So, we can note Fahrenheit - a sensational project in its time, which provided an incredible interaction with the outside world, the need for a choice that really influences what will happen next, and much more.And recently, the star of Telltale, which began to produce interactive adventures, has risen. They focus on the storyline, and you practically do not need to do anything - just solve riddles and make decisions at every step. Naturally, these are not developing computer games for children, but these particular projects became a real sensation.

Racing simulators

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If you like speed, then you should definitely pay attention to racing simulators. Here you can get behind the wheel of a fast car and compete with other riders on the road. Naturally, the most popular series today is Need for Speed, but you can also pay attention to Burnout motorcycle races. We should also consider realistic simulators, such as Colin McRae.

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