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Liquor "Beyliz" - one of the most famous liqueurs. It has a delicate and pleasant taste. The strength of this drink is only seventeen degrees. Liquor "Bailey Irish Cream" is made from Irish whiskey, cream, alcohol, made from grain, vanilla, sugar and cocoa. Production began in 1974. For thirty-nine years of its existence, “Beyliz” has gained a huge number of fans and has become the leader among the most popular alcoholic beverages. This liquor has fans all over the world. The annual sales of "Bajliz" are estimated in tens and hundreds of millions of bottles.

A bit of history

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An interesting story is the creation of the liqueur "Belize Irish Cream". The head of the company that manufactures alcoholic beverages, David Dend decided to expand the range of products. Attempts to create a new recipe began in 1970. The emphasis in the search for an alcoholic beverage for production was placed on the national heritage of Ireland. And since whiskey can rightfully be considered the hallmark of this country, this component was selected unconditionally.Above the search for the rest of the components of the company's employees had to break his head. As a result of long experiments and tastings, a solution was found. The second main component of steel cream. However, manufacturers faced a new challenge: how to make sure that these two components do not stratify in the bottle, and the product does not spoil for a long time. For help, the company turned to scientists. As a result of all the trials, a recipe for a wonderful drink was finally obtained, which is contained in the strictest secrecy. Liquor "Beyliz" produced without preservatives, its shelf life is eighteen months. For a long time, it was not popular with customers, but soon became in demand not only in Ireland, but also abroad.

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How to make liqueur "Beyliz" at home

This liqueur is very fond of our countrymen, especially women. But the price of this drink in the Russian market is not in its favor. So, for the bottle will have to pay about a thousand rubles. Therefore, many housewives have a question about how to make Beyliz liqueur at home. Vodka will be required for its preparation (if there is, then you can take whiskey, but with vodka more economically), condensed milk, cream, instant coffee, yolks and vanilla sugar.On one can of condensed milk take 300 milliliters of heavy cream, 4 tablespoons of vanilla sugar, 4 tablespoons of instant coffee and the yolks of two eggs. Vodka is taken in the amount of 200-600 milliliters, depending on the desired strength of the finished liqueur. All components are thoroughly mixed with a mixer, poured into prepared bottles and stored in a cool place. Served "Beyliz" in pure form or with ice. This drink will be the highlight of your holiday table, it will not go unnoticed and will be "destroyed" in just a few hours. The soft creamy taste of this liqueur with hints of vanilla and chocolate will enchant all of your guests, especially their female part.

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