Liquid crystals for hair: reviews. How to use liquid crystals for hair

Beautiful hair is the dream and pride of any woman. From time immemorial, there has been a tradition of honoring luxurious braids and shiny strands. Unfortunately, along with the cult of thick curls, the problem of split ends, weak roots and thin hair has always existed, which is not easy to solve. For a long time, humanity has accumulated vast experience in eliminating such troubles: oils and serums, liquid hair crystals and masks, specialized shampoos and powders, special types of haircuts and styling.

hair oil liquid crystals

Folk methods

Popular wisdom in relation to strengthening hair is truly inexhaustible. For example, to speed up their growth, women have been using masks with mustard powder for several centuries in a row, which warms the scalp, causing blood flow to the hair follicles.Eggs have long been considered another means of improving the quality of curls. The abundance of nutrients contained in them nourishes the roots and scalp with vitamins, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the hair itself. The same functions are performed by masks with honey, oil and wine.

Chemical Hair Strengthening

First of all, it is various conditioners, conditioners, masks and conditioners. Contrary to popular belief, they protect against a section or exhaustion not so well, but their use provides easy combing, due to which hair does not tear or break during this procedure.

In this regard, various indelible serums and sprays that seal hair, nourish problem tips and soften hair are very effective.
Separately in this case it should be noted the growing popularity of liquid crystals for the hair. Some time ago, women did not even suspect the existence of such a method for improving the quality of hair. Today, the majority of hairdressers use the tool, and women of fashion actively buy the product in stores specializing in the sale of professional cosmetics.

liquid hair crystals

What is liquid crystals

In fact, liquid crystals for hair is a means to improve their structure. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The basis of this firming agent are oils, plant extracts and minerals in liquid form, which are quickly absorbed into the hair. While this tool is mainly used in a professional environment.

Properties of liquid crystals for hair

First of all, fluid for hair "liquid crystals", as it is called in common people, has a pronounced nourishing effect. Due to the high content of oils and vitamins in it, the treated hair instantly becomes more lively and well-groomed.

Due to its structure, the tool forms a protective film on the surface of the hair, which not only makes it thicker, but also provides high-quality protection against bad weather conditions, high temperatures and other negative influences. Liquid crystals for the tips of the hair have a very positive effect. The texture of this caregiver and prophylactic agent is such that the problem areas of women's locks instantly take on a healthy appearance.In particular, the cut ends due to liquid crystals stick together, which greatly contributes to the neatness of the hairstyle. Of course, this effect cannot be called permanent, since the fluid is not a persistent agent and is washed off when it is first washed or in the rain.liquid crystals for hair tips

Of course, like any other hair care product, liquid crystals have a smoothing, scratching effect. As a result, the hair does not tear or break. Contributes to this wonderful tool and preserve the color after dyeing.

Slightly more about the composition

Let's find out, thanks to which liquid hair crystals cause continuous delight among professional hairdressers. First of all, the basis of this tool should be noted a high content of oils. The most commonly used oil is argan, burdock, coconut or linseed oil. A large percentage of its content provides damaged, dried hair with obtaining the required amount of nutrients and vitamins.

The presence of oils, however, does not explain the effect of smoothing and slight weighting of weak hair. In this case, silicone comes to the rescue.In the composition indicated on the label, a different name may be indicated (dimethicone, phenyl trimethicone, cicomethicone, polyoxide-10, etc.). It is thanks to the silicone resin that the miraculous effect of incredibly smooth, docile, healthy and shiny hair occurs. For the most part, this result gives the filling of hollow spaces in the hair structure with silicone derivatives and the creation of a film on its surface.

fluid liquid crystals for hairIn addition, ceramides are often included in the fluid. In their properties, they are quite close to silicone and mainly provide a protective barrier on the surface of the hair and skin. Protection from high temperatures and adverse weather conditions is enhanced several times.

Finally, despite the basic hair oil, liquid crystals are additionally enriched with vitamins. Mostly these are vitamins of groups B, A, D and E, but others are not excluded.

What companies produce fluids for hair?

Despite the fact that the tool is currently only gaining popularity, it is represented on the world market by a number of manufacturers. Such companies as BAREX, CONSTANT, PARISIENNE have already included liquid crystals in their product lists for a long time.But the most popular manufacturer of miraculous means, which has an instant effect, is considered to be the firm BRELIL. Absolutely all hairdressers are familiar with this brand, it is this name that first comes to mind when mentioning liquid crystals.

liquid hair crystals reviews

What they say about this tool

Representatives of the fair sex on the liquid crystals for hair reviews write extremely active due to the relative novelty of the product on the cosmetic market. In addition, for this type of cosmetic products there is a sufficiently large number of video reviews, from which you can learn not only about the quality of the tool, but also to see firsthand its consistency and methods of use.

Mostly reviews for this product are positive. Almost the only drawback is the weighting of the hair or giving it oily shine, but this largely depends on the amount of sebum produced by the scalp and the characteristics of applying the cosmetic.

Composition of fluids from Brelil

As mentioned earlier, this manufacturer is one of the leading in the market of cosmetic products for strengthening.Liquid crystals for hair “brelil” contain exactly flax seed oil, known to the whole world for its beneficial properties and a rich spectrum of vitamins and active substances. The company also uses argan oil as a basic component of the product. By the way, it is argan oil that is recognized as the most easily absorbed hair.

liquid hair crystals

Naturally, in addition to the basic component, silicones, vitamin supplements and ceramides are used.

Kinds of crystals from Brelil

The main advantage of this manufacturer can be called a fairly wide range of fluids. Liquid crystals for Breil hair can be single phase or calculated for two phases of action. Options means differ in composition, formula and method of action. Two-phase liquid crystals at the same time have a lower density and cause less weighting of the hair. Single-phase also provide a more active impact on the damaged ends.

For these liquid crystals for hair reviews from women who use them, there are very different. The product has both its supporters and categorical opponents. In general, if you look at the statistics, most lovers of hair care are satisfied with the product, which indicates the need for personal product testing.Perhaps it is this tool that is necessary for your hair.

In conclusion, it should be said that any cosmetic product should be selected individually. A great advantage with respect to liquid crystals is their harmlessness - even if the product does not suit you, it will not cause any harm to the locks.liquid crystals for hairIn the best case, you will become the owner of gorgeous thick hair, causing delight and envy.

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