Lingerie for pregnant Bliss: types and description

Pregnancy is a particularly important period in the life of every woman. The future mother wants to feel beautiful and elegant, but due to the fact that her weight begins to grow inexorably, it can be quite difficult to achieve this. To solve the problem of the changed forms, a special underwear for pregnant women and nursing Bliss was created.

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A wide range of

The range of clothes for pregnant women Bliss is really very impressive. Here is everything that is so necessary during pregnancy:

  • underwear for the correction of the figure (allowed for use even during pregnancy);
  • various bandages (from small to large sizes);
  • comfortable cotton panties of different shapes;
  • panty hoses;
  • T-shirts;
  • tops;
  • pajamas and nightgowns.

There is a choice of clothes not only for pregnant women, but also for nursing moms. They will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of nursing bras, as well as a large selection of comfortable clothes for home and leisure.

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What materials are available?

During pregnancy, it is important to be sure that the fabric used for tailoring and linen is completely natural and safe.Bliss underwear is made from the highest quality organic cotton.

This fabric has no toxic impurities in the composition, therefore it does not cause allergies and rashes in a pregnant woman. Regardless of the time of year, wearing clothes from this line will be comfortable: during the summer heat, natural fabric absorbs moisture, does not soar and does not cause irritation, and does not attract cold in winter. Lingerie of the right size will emphasize the dignity of the figure, help to adjust the weighted chest, support the rounded belly, while not squeezing the baby.

Types of linen Bliss

Bras for pregnant women have a comfortable cup of medium hardness. Assemblies in the center have the ability to stretch with increasing breast pregnant. Behind the linen can be easily adjusted with a three-level buckle. With all this, the bodice keeps the chest well, thus avoiding the appearance of stretch marks on the skin.

Comfortable tops and T-shirts. These wardrobe items can completely replace bras. Their feature is the presence of cups and the absolute absence of seams. Many of the products have five levels of support that can be easily adjusted using the side clasp.

The supporting linen Bliss.In this category there are not only bandages that are necessary for pregnant women. Manufacturers have come up with a lot of products that provide comfortable maintenance of the tummy (corsets, T-shirts and body), which, with their excellent elasticity, do not overtighten the stomach. In addition, this linen very effectively helps to relieve the load from the back (spine and lower back). After all, many people know that in pregnant women this is a problem area that gives them considerable discomfort.

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Panties, providing comfort and convenience for pregnant women. Lingerie for pregnant Bliss includes two main models of pants: low waist and high. All models of panties, despite their convenience, are very beautiful and sexy. Here you can find not only primitive models, but also products with lace and original trim, openwork inserts. Separately, it should be noted very popular model of panties with a high waist. Their advantage is that they are able to support a heavy belly and lift the buttocks.

How to order a product?

Online store lingerie for pregnant Bliss offers its customers a wide selection of products. You can order the necessary positions via the Internet, making a home delivery.If you wish, you can make a pickup purchase. An additional advantage of the official store is that its courier service delivers the goods absolutely to any region of Moscow and the Moscow region.

In case of difficulties in choosing the size or model of clothes for pregnant Bliss, the store operators will be happy to help their customers.

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