Lilac dress. What to wear

What associations are the sensations of youth, a few notes of sensuality and the first days of spring. Perhaps that is why the dress is mainly chosen by girls. So how exactly does it fit perfectly with their naturalness and natural charm.

Surprisingly, one color combines pink, purple and purple hues. Know wherever you wear it, it will always be in the limelight. Its uniqueness is that the purple dress will be appropriate both at the party and in the working atmosphere.

How to choose

By itself, this color is a bit mysterious and difficult. It is chosen only by creative individuals, extraordinary natures, as well as people who have good taste and their own vision of the world.

Gentle-purple evening dress should be only from light fabrics. The best option for this is chiffon. This outfit will amazingly emphasize any type of female figure. Even the massive hips in this dress will look more feminine and sophisticated.

For busty beauties, always focusing on the neckline, you need to choose a purple long dress with a deep V-neck.You can also emphasize your natural charm figures with a ribbon or belt. Another plus of this dress is that it visually adds a couple of centimeters of height, and this is a bonus for short girls.

lilac dress

Such fragile and tiny girls should choose styles with high waist. The lilac dress with a loose, but not fluffy, draped skirt would be an ideal option for them.

Who would suit such an outfit

Although lilac and similar to violet, its advantage is that it is a rather non-capricious color. If the second is undesirable for girls with fiery hair, then the first one will ideally emphasize their bright appearance. A lilac dress, being considered an ideal option for pale skin, will look good against a dark skin.

lilac long dress

Girls wishing to draw attention to their bronze tan should prefer a white-lilac shade.

The perfect combination of colors, and what to choose shoes and jewelry

If you still decide to buy a purple dress for your wardrobe, you should know which combinations will look more harmonious. So, mint, lemon, gray, pink, white, black, peach, silver and, of course, blue and purple shades will be combined with this color.

Classic and neutral colors from the above list will be an excellent choice for shoe color. If you want something new, then the fashion world invites you to experiment with mint and pink. The classic of the genre is a handbag matched to the shoes.

purple evening dress

For those who do not like experiments and hold their imagination, it is better to wear a lilac dress of the same shade of shoes, but the clutch bag or bag should be taken in black or white. You can also consider and restrained in the colors of silver shade.

Go to the decorations. So, you are wearing an elegant dress, high-heeled shoes, but no gloss on your wrist or neck? No problem! The beauty of the dress emphasizes white gold, platinum, as well as silver jewelry. For lovers of precious stones, too, there are some tips. Alexandrite, amethyst, rock crystal, rose quartz and moonstone will look much better than others.


No girl will go to the event without makeup, even if it is day, but it must be in harmony with the image as a whole. Therefore, when choosing a make-up under a lavender dress, trust the mysterious and popular Smoky Ice.

Brown-eyed should choose plum and brown shadows. And when creating such make-up, remember its main rule: smooth feathering and no clear boundaries.

To make "Smokey ice" for gray eyes, you need to use 2 shades: one should be in tune with the color of the eyes, the other is white or mother of pearl.

Green-eyed beauties can safely use the purple shade. Do not be afraid and do not think that it will look bright and vulgar, only this shade is able to emphasize the beauty of your eyes.


The color itself is designed for evening events, parties and other celebrations.

Sheath Dress With him, the image will turn out to be gentle, elegant, but at the same time spectacular. For the summer event, you can pick up a short cocktail dress, complementing it with a bolero or a short milk-colored jacket.

Saturated lilac dress in the floor will look amazing at any social event or celebration. To create a luxurious look, complement it with diamond jewelery.

lilac dress

Winter time requires something warm and warming, and we are talking not only about fabrics. Lilac wool dress can warm not only your body, but also the soul.Such a gentle and light for perception shade is able to elevate mood, even when there is a blizzard outside the window.

Before purchasing a lilac dress, you need to clearly know and understand whether it fits you or not. If you decide that this is your color, then a few additions to the outfit will transform not only the appearance, but also present the admiring glances of others.

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