"Lexus NH 200": reviews of the owners, specifications, configuration. Lexus NX 200

The Lexus NH 200 is a premium premium Japanese compact crossover. This car is commercially available from the year 2014. The car is officially sold in Russia. Lexus NH 200 is a competitor for crossovers such as the BMW HZ, the Audi Ku-5 and the Infiniti EX. The car is offered with both full and front-wheel drive. What is the Lexus HX 200? For reviews of owners, equipment, prices, specifications and more, see our today's article.


Japanese crossover has a bright appearance. Aggressive and bold image clearly attracts attention. In front there is a powerful trapezoidal grille and “squinted” head optics. At the bottom are compact foglights, and on the sides - vertical sections of the air intake.Sideways, the car looks sporty and energetic. Particular attention is drawn to the wide wheel arches and a pronounced side line. What do they say about the appearance of the Lexus NH 200 crossover? The design of the car is quite bright, so it will definitely attract the attention of people for a long time.Lexus nx 200 owner reviewsThe quality of the paintwork is on a good level. However, chips may form on the bumper. Because of this, it is necessary to protect it with a transparent polyurethane film. But rust on the body, as a rule, does not appear.

Clearance, sizes

"Lexus NH 200" - one of the most compact representatives of SUV-SUVs. Thus, the length of the body is 4.63 meters, width - 1.84 meters, height - 1.65 meters. Clearance at the Lexus NX 200 - 18.5 centimeters crossover. Ground clearance is considerable, but talking about traveling on the roads is not necessary. Because of the huge bumper, the angles of arrival are very limited - so say the reviews of the owners. "Lexus NH 200" immediately clings to the fog and grille. The main element of this car is the city.


The interior design is arranged with regard to ergonomics. For the driver, a convenient three-spoke multifunction steering wheel and informative dashboard.From the center console leaves a digital multimedia display. On the console there are also an analog clock, a climate control unit and a radio tape recorder. The latter, unfortunately, does not read DVDs. The interior uses leather trim, and plastic aluminum inserts are added as decorations. The seats have good lateral support, but not everyone can comfortably accommodate them. Plump people will feel uncomfortable in these "podportivlennyh" seats. As for the free space, it is enough with a margin (despite the fact that this is a compact crossover). However, many users speak negatively about plastic finishing - it is badly scratched.lexus nx 200Reviews of the owners of the Lexus HX 200 note a good level of equipment. Already in the basic configuration there is heated front seats, electric mirrors and power windows. However, the adjustment of the seats “in the base” is still mechanical. Although the seat can be customized both in length and height.

The luggage compartment is designed for 500 liters of luggage. This volume can be expanded by folding the back of the back sofa. The latter forms a flat cargo area, which is very convenient.Also, reviews of the owners of the Lexus HX 200 emit a wide trunk opening. Loading and unloading things quite convenient.


The Lexus NH 200 is the youngest model in the NH line. So, this crossover is completed with a gasoline in-line engine for 1986 cubic centimeters. This engine develops power of 150 horsepower and meets the environmental standard "Euro-5". The manufacturer equipped this engine with the Valvematic valve timing system, which made it possible to increase traction on the “bottoms”. The torque of the unit - 193 Nm at 3.8 thousand revolutions.dimensions of Lexus nx 200For this motor, an infinitely variable Multidrive transmission is provided. With it, the car accelerates to 100 kilometers in 12.3 seconds. The maximum speed is 180 kilometers per hour (and it is limited by software). The dynamics of the Lexus NX 200 is not the best - so say the reviews. This car easily overtakes "Audi" and "BMW HZ" with the most "vegetable" engines. But what really pleases the Lexus is the fuel consumption. As shown by the test drive, the Lexus NH 200 consumes only 7.2 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle.

Modification 200T

This version of the Lexus is also equipped with a two-liter gasoline engine. But unlike the previous modification, the 200T is a turbocharged crossover.With an engine size of 1998 cubic centimeters, the engineers were able to increase power to 238 horsepower. This power unit is equipped with a Twinscroll compressor, a GDI system (direct fuel injection) and a dual timing shift mechanism. The torque of this unit is 350 Nm in the range from one and a half to four thousand revolutions.

test drive Lexus nx 200This unit is completed with an automatic transmission on six steps. Acceleration to 100 kilometers from the Lexus 200T takes only 7.2 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 200 kilometers per hour. Fuel consumption increased insignificantly. So, for 100 kilometers in a mixed mode, the Lexus 200T crossover consumes 8.8 liters of 95th gasoline.


The car was built on a common platform with Toyota Rav-4. The body is carrying, but it is quite strong. According to the manufacturer, for the Lexus, it was made of aluminum and high-strength steel grades. A simple MacPherson spring strut suspension is used at the front. Behind there is a multi-link design with anti-roll bar.Brakes - disc on each wheel, supplemented with ABS sensors. Steering - rail with electric amplifier. Steering force varies depending on the current speed. The turbocharged version is completed with a sports suspension with shock absorbers that change stiffness.cost Lexus nx 200How does the Lexus HX 200 cross over? On a flat asphalt, the car is controlled perfectly - so say reviews of the owners. Banks are minimal, despite the high ground clearance. But on the bumps suspension stiff. This is partly the fault of the old front suspension scheme. At the same time, stiffness is felt both on the conventional and turbo versions of the Lexus 200.

Drive unit

Depending on the configuration, the drive is carried out on the front or on all four wheels. In the latter case, the intellectual system "Dinemik Torg" is used. The electronic unit allows you to distribute the torque between the axles in different proportions, depending on the traffic situation. The rear axle is equipped with a multi-plate clutch. It is also possible to force its blocking at speeds up to 39 kilometers per hour.technical characteristics Lexus nx 200Despite the presence of all-wheel drive, the machine is difficult to cope with bad roads.Low overhangs - the main drawback of the Japanese crossover.

Prices and configuration

The Lexus NH 200 is officially sold in Russia and is available in several trim levels:

  • "Comfort";
  • "Progressive";
  • Laksheri.

The initial cost of the car is 2 million 157 thousand rubles. It will be a front wheel drive crossover with a variable box and a 150-horsepower engine. The list of basic options includes:

  • LED optics;
  • running lights;
  • rear parking sensors;
  • multimedia system with a seven-inch display;
  • power windows all doors;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • 17-inch alloy wheels;
  • PTF with the possibility of rotary lighting;
  • front and side airbags.

The cost of the Lexus NH 200 in the Progress package consists of 2 million 382 thousand rubles. This will be a version with all-wheel drive and 18-inch alloy wheels. Among other options, it is worth noting the light sensor, rain, stability control and help when starting to climb.

Maximum grade "Luxury" is available for 2 million 612 thousand rubles. The following is added to the basic list of options:

  • keyless entry system;
  • front parking sensors;
  • premium audio system on ten speakers;
  • navigation system;
  • electric seat adjustment in eight directions;
  • leather trim;
  • start of the engine from the button;
  • auto-dimming mirrors.

For a fee, the car can be equipped with:

  • panoramic roof;
  • music with 14 speakers;
  • all-round camera.

complete Lexus nx 200As for the sports version of the 200T, its value starts from 2 million 557 thousand rubles. Maximum grade costs 3 million 159 thousand rubles. The equipment level of the 200T version is no different from the usual model, except for the presence of all-wheel drive "in the base" and a more powerful motor.


So, we found out what the Lexus 200T crossover represents. This car has an attractive design and has a comfortable lounge. According to reviews, this car will not get bored for a long time and will please the owner every day with its appearance and acceptable acceleration dynamics (if we talk about the 200T version).

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