League of Legends: Gnar Guide

The Gnar Champion from League of Legends is also known to users as the Missing Link. He is able to change his own form, turning from Mini-Gnar to Mega-Gnar. The first version is better to keep in a safe place, away from the main battle, but the second one can be safely sent to the thick of things. Each form has its own unique set of skills that can be alternated. An experienced player in one match has time to test most of all available abilities, switching from one form to another. Guides on Gnar season 7 (and 8) help users get to know this champion better.


The character was born in the guise of an ordinary jordla several thousand years ago. This seemingly cute and playful creature is capable of taking a completely different form. The fact is that with a sudden outburst of anger, Gnar becomes a huge and frantic monster that can destroy any obstacle in its path.

Hyde on Gnara

Once upon a time the champion was trapped in True Ice, having spent a century in prison. As a result, Gnar managed to escape to freedom, only the world to which he returned was already far from the previous one.The variety of new and unusual places caused admiration in the hero and ignited curiosity. Now the champion travels the world in search of new adventures. He is not afraid of danger, on the contrary - inside Gnar the fire is kindled, and he boldly rushes to meet any challenge.

Skills: gene, boomerang, hurry

  • Gene Rage - during the battle, the character accumulates a supply of rage. Once the scale is full, Gnar reincarnates into his mega form. As a result, the champion gains increased survival and a modified set of abilities.
  • Boomerang / Boulder - Gnar throws a boomerang or boulder at any noted enemy. In addition to the damage, the projectile has the effect of slowing down, after which it returns to the sender’s hands. If you catch it, you can reduce recharge. Boomerang is available for mini forms, and boulder for mega. The boulder remains lying on the spot where he fell after the throw. If the champion wants to raise it, then this action will reduce the time spent on reloading.
  • Skip / Boom - according to the guides on Gnar, the first skill gives all active auto attacks extra damage. In addition, the character becomes more rapid and accurate."Boom" is a skill for mega forms, since the increased weight of the champion does not allow him to use "Toropyzhka".
Hyde on Gnara season 7

Skills: Jump and Gnaaar!

  • Jump / crash - Mini-Gnar makes one jump along a predetermined trajectory, while gaining extra speed for his subsequent attack. If he managed to land on a fighter, then he can jump again (the trajectory does not change). If the fighter was an enemy, then Gnar hits him and slows him down. The skill "Kryas" fits the mega form of a champion His large form does not allow him to make an extra jump, so after the first one he falls to the ground and causes a destructive wave.
  • Gnaaaar! - The champion attacks all opponents that are close to him. Enemies fly off in different directions, previously specified by the player. The skill does not only damage, but also slow. In the event that an enemy has fallen into an obstacle, he is not stunted, but stunned. The bonus is increased damage.

Even more commentary on champion skills can be found in the official League of Legends guide to Gnar.

Tips for allies

League of Legends: Gnar Guide

Playing for Gnar, it is important to learn how to control the level of rage.In each form, the champion spends a certain amount of time, so the player must follow the time of each transformation. It is necessary to do this in order for Gnar to use the skills of both forms.

According to the guides on Gnar, the most advantageous position is the location near the obstacles. In this case, the hero can easily lure the enemy closer and stun him with his absolute skill.

Passing through Gnar requires great attention from the user to his strengths. Each form is good in its own way. For example, the Mini-Gnar is fast, brittle and causes permanent high damage. As for Mega-Gnar, this form is rather slow and unusually strong. In a short period of time, it is capable of inflicting tremendous damage on any opponent.

Tips for enemies

During the transition from the mega form to the mini, Gnar stops accumulating the scale of rage for fifteen seconds. This gap is the most convenient time to organize an attack on his team.

Hyde on Gnara 8 season

Shortly before the transformations with Gnar there are some changes. Usually they relate to animation and scale of rage.It is in these moments you can try to strike back.

With the help of an absolute skill (ultimatum) Gnar can discard, slow down and stun any opponent who will be in his way. A stun occurs after a character smashes into an obstacle nearby. Guides to Gnar are advised to pay attention to such details so as not to receive additional damage.

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