Coffee "Lavatstsa": types, description, reviews. Lavazza coffee

Invigorating, aromatic, magical drink - this is how coffee can be characterized. Its taste and aroma attracts millions of fans around the world. There is a huge number of different varieties and brands of the drink, but Lavazza coffee, the types of which will be discussed in detail in the article, is worth knowing and tasted about!

Lavazza coffee types

"Lavazza" - a brand with a century-long reputation

This type of drink got its name from the name of the creator of the brand - grocer Luigi Lavazza. A talented Italian with a soul approached the sale of products. To attract customers, he decided to mix grains of different varieties in certain proportions. This has resulted in a drink that has a richer and more persistent aroma, as well as a pronounced taste. Types of coffee "Lavatstsa" and now depend on the proportion of the combination of grains of different varieties.

In order for the created product to retain its properties as long as possible and to delight customers with its fragrance, Luigi decided to pack it in parchment paper. Thus, the new variety began its journey to other cities, and later countries.

coffee lavazza cream thick

Today the history of the brand "Lavatstsa" has more than 110 years. The drink has glorified Italy as a country of experts and connoisseurs of luxury flavor. Even the most demanding gourmet will be able to satisfy their needs with one type of Lavazza coffee.

Arabica or Robusta?

Every connoisseur of coffee knows that today in the world the most common grains of two varieties: Arabica and Robusta. The first of them occupies a leading place in the global consumption, despite the relatively high price and complexity of growing trees of this particular variety. Arabica has a delicate taste and aroma, gives the drink sophistication and refinement.

Grains of the second type - robusta - are also quite common. This type of coffee contains a lot of caffeine and gives the drink a rich, thick taste. The price of such grains will be lower than arabica. Most often, Robusta is used in combination with other varieties.

coffee beans lavazza

Lavazza coffee beans can consist only of Arabica, or contain Robusta in various combinations, depending on the selected type.

How to choose your "Lavazza"?

Italian masters do not sit idle, constantly updating the line of Lavazza coffee, packaging and varietal ratio.In such a variety is easy to get lost. The best way to decide - is to make a tasting of all varieties and identify the most favorite drink in a practical way.

This method is pleasant, but it can be somewhat delayed. Therefore, we present a small overview of the types of Lavazza coffee, a description and main characteristics of the most popular varieties.

best lavazza coffee

Lovers of the classics

Those gourmets who will appreciate the rich taste of the drink, its strong aroma and vigor should pay attention to the following types of Lavazza coffee:

  • "Lavazza Espresso".This classic coffee taste, which consists of only Arabica grains. This look will be moderately strong, aroma is saturated, and taste will please with subtle shades of chocolate.
  • "Lavazza Oro". A very popular type of Italian coffee. Its distinctive feature is not only a rich aroma, but also a light floral and fruit veil, which is subtly felt during the preparation of coffee. "Oro" leaves an elusive honey taste and is quite strong.
  • "Lavazza Ross". The composition of this species includes varieties of Arabica and Robusta in the ratio of 70:30.The grains are not roasted too much, so the coffee has a rich, but not too strong taste. It can be described as a soft drink that has a light chocolate shade.

Lavazza Coffee Description

Connoisseurs of softness and aroma

Those who love coffee, but do not tolerate bitterness and a heavy aftertaste, should pay attention to species that have a soft, delicate, velvety taste and aroma. Be sure to try the following types:

  1. "Lavazza Bella Crema". Consists of 100% Arabica medium roast. This coffee has a mild flavor and pleasant hints of caramel, vanilla and chocolate. The drink is perfect when combined with cream.
  2. "Lavazza Crema Aroma".80% Arabic coffee. It has a fairly traditional taste: rich, thick, but without bitterness. The classic recipe involves adding cream or milk.
  3. "Lavazza Filtro Classico". Charms those coffee lovers who appreciate the floral, rich spicy aroma. It consists of one hundred percent Arabica.
  4. "Lavazza Crema Gusto". Coffee, which consists of 70% Robusta beans and only 30% Arabica. Thanks to this combination, Bella Crema is not very strong, has a creamy flavor and chocolate notes.

Lavazza coffee types

Without prejudice to health

Much has been said about the benefits and harms of caffeine. Among physicians you can meet lovers of this drink, talking about the benefits of grains, but, of course, in moderation. You can meet and ardent opponents, claiming that caffeine is harmful to health.

Anyway, there is a category of people who for health reasons are not recommended to drink coffee even in minimal doses, and such recommendations are reasonable. Usually these include people with problems in the cardiovascular system and the digestive tract.

But the aroma of coffee and lures, and many patients neglect the recommendations of doctors to the detriment of their health. How to be?

In this situation, Lavazza Decaffeinatto will be a real find. This type consists of a mixture of Arabica and Robusta grains in the ratio of 60:40, has a rich taste and aroma inherent in the classic black coffee. Only special technology of processing of grains allows to reduce the content of caffeine to zero values ​​without prejudice to taste and aroma.

Therefore, people who are forbidden by doctors to drink their usual drink should not despair! You just need to know what kind of Lavazza coffee is worth buying.

Lavazza Coffee Description

Grains, ground or other options?

The form of production of natural coffee "Lavazza" usually has two options: grains and ground. How do they differ, what kind should I choose? In fact, this is a matter of individual preferences.

When buying grains, you always provide yourself with a fresh, unique flavor for each cup you cook. Undoubtedly, this option is for true connoisseurs of real taste and aroma. However, many people with such a choice stops the fact that the preparation of coffee from the beans requires a large investment of time.

In this case, it is easier to buy already ground, choosing the degree of grinding at will. This option is not inferior to the grain, but only if the coffee is purchased in the original vacuum packaging and after opening it is properly stored.

Natural drink can be brewed in a Turk or a coffee maker. Modern coffee machines also prepare this capricious drink at a decent level. It is convenient and does not harm the taste characteristics. The Lavazza brand keeps up with the times: for coffee machines, the Italian manufacturer produces coffee in a convenient form of special capsules.

lavazza coffee packaging

Try, experiment,find a compromise between quality and effort, and you will definitely find the best Lavazza coffee for you!

Making the choice right!

At first glance, it may seem that buying coffee is a simple matter: go to the nearest supermarket and pick up a package from the shelf. But it is not so.

Unfortunately, on the shelves you can often find not the original Italian coffee, but a poor quality counterfeit. In order not to waste money, you should pay attention to the following aspects when buying:

  • Buying coffee is best done in a specialty store, even if prices are slightly higher there than in a supermarket.
  • Vacuum coffee packaging should be completely flat, without bends and creases.
  • Consider the packaging carefully: the date of manufacture must be on the side, and the country of origin of the coffee beans is indicated in the information.
  • On the package should be a special valve for the release of carbon dioxide. He must have a cut along the edges or in the middle.
  • Coffee grains should be approximately the same size, even shape, whole.

Lavazza coffee types

This drink brings unforgettable pleasure.Make your choice: Lavazza coffee beans or ground. In any case, this drink will delight you with its taste and aroma.

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